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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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What Is BitLife?

BitLife is basically a life simulation game wherein you are required to make life choices like what you would want to study, what profession would you like to make a career in, who would you like to be friends with? Who would you like to marry? Who would you like to dance with? And many other such real-life choices. You basically get to live your life all over again In the game. You get to marry an imaginary spouse and spend dwindling, glimmering joyous years of your life with her. The game was originally developed by Candywriter LLC in the year 2019 and since then became a grand success. At present, the game has over 10000000+ downloads which show how successful the game was after being launched.

In the game, you are required to have a minimum happiness level and many other aspects to explore! The game starts with you being born and then can head in any way possible according to the choices made by you. You determine whether you die a happy man or not.

Why did the game become so famous?

Often, we desire to become like someone in life but are stuck up with our careers and academics. As children, many of us would have dreamt of becoming a cricketer or a footballer. Some of us would have dreamt of becoming a prospering actor with the spotlight always being on us. Someone would have dreamt of being an astronaut or maybe a chef. Many times these dreams only remain dreams. We never really get a chance of fulfilling these dreams of ours. This game was received so warmly because it gave a real-life experience and at least in the game you can probably fulfill your dream. For those of you who ever dreamt of becoming an actor, you’re at the right place! Today we shall be giving you tips on how to become a famous actor or superstar in bit life.

Becoming an actor in bitlife is not as easy as it may seem. You would need to plan out your character from an early age to become a famous actor later on in your virtual life. You need to make the appropriate life choices to become a successful actor in the game.

What to do to become a famous actor in BitLife

➤To become a movie star in bitlife, firstly you would need to choose a character with high stats in looks. The stats in the ” looks field” must be as high as around 70-80.

➤After your age considerably, make sure you maintain the health of your character. Head to the gym regularly, go for a walk and keep the body of your character fit.

➤After you graduate from high school, you will have choices of either studying further or looking for a job.

➤To become an actor in the game you must drop out of schooling and look for a suitable job.

➤To become an actor, you should preferably choose the job of a voice-over actor. However, if the job of a voice-over actor is not available, you are required to close the game totally and reopen it all over again. Doing this will give you a new batch of job options to choose from.

➤In real life, social media plays a key role in bringing fame to a person. Similarly, even in the game, you can join various social media platforms to reach out to your fans. This would help in becoming a famous actor.

➤Hard work and perseverance give success in real life. Bitlife is no different from real life and even in the game, hard work is necessary. To get promoted from a voice-over actor to an actor, you must work with total dedication. If you work for around 6 years as a dedicated voice-over actor then you will definitely get promoted to become an actor.

➤Meanwhile, you must not let your “looks stats” drop down even a little. Having good looks is very important to become a famous and successful actor. You must keep brushing up your looks and maintain your fitness and health level otherwise you will not be able to become a famous actor.

➤Now that you are promoted to an actor, the next step would be being promoted to a lead actor, for this, you must continue to work very hard and simultaneously increase your presence on social media and build a strong fan base for yourself.

➤After continuously working with complete dedication as an actor for around 5 years, you will be promoted to being a lead actor.

➤After becoming a lead actor, you should continue to work hard and simultaneously maintain your looks. As a lead actor, you should strive hard to get the fame bar, if you get the fame bar then you will definitely become a renowned movie star!

➤After you get the fame bar you should concentrate on increasing your fame levels. Upon getting the fame bar, you can get access to magazines, you can write books, you could sign up for commercials and earn money. You can also take part in tv shows or give interviews to increase your fame. Generally having a fame score of above 70 is advisable. After your fame levels start increasing you will get many more chances to make public appearances! Do make sure to constantly maintain your fame level by posting on Instagram and other social media platforms. Never disappoint your fan base!

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