how to become a dog groomer in australia

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Animal grooming involves caring for the appearance and hygiene of pets. Read on to determine if a career as a dog or animal groomer is right for you, and what type of training you might need to obtain such a job.

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Best Dog Grooming Class Online Free or Paid | 2021 -

how to become a dog groomer in Australia

There are no licensing requirements for Dog Groomers in Australia, however, you can complete a Certified Master Groomer course or International Master Groomer and apply to become a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia.

best online dog grooming course

Best Online Dog Grooming Schools of 2022

  • Best Overall: QC Pet Studies.
  • Most Affordable: Master Groomers Academy.
  • Best for Beginners: Holly and Hugo.
  • Best for Job Placement: Paragon.
  • Best for Continuing Education: Animal Behavior College.
  • Best Money-Back Guarantee: Penn Foster.

Dog Groomer: Salary and Career Facts

Lean about the customer service and grooming responsibilities of a dog groomer. Find out what type of training you’ll need to enter the field, information about voluntary certifications and how much you can earn in hourly wages or salary.View Schools

What Is a Dog Groomer?

As a dog groomer, it will be your responsibility to improve and maintain a dog’s appearance. You’ll perform a variety of grooming tasks, such as hair brushing, hair cutting, nail cutting, bathing and styling. Depending on the breed, you’ll need to master different grooming techniques; for example, a variety of shears, scissors and electric trimmers may be employed for different styles, hair types or hair lengths. It is essential that you’re comfortable working closely with dogs.

You’ll also need to have strong customer service skills, because a significant component of your job includes working with dog owners. This includes identifying their goals for their dogs, learning about their dogs’ temperaments and gathering data on the dogs’ well-being. Particularly with high-end clientele, you may perform house calls in order to provide better service to owners with demanding schedules. You may work in your own dog grooming shop, a pet salon, kennel, shelter, pet store or veterinary office. Below is important information on how to become a dog groomer.

Degree RequiredHigh school or GED
Key DutiesPet grooming and animal care
Job Growth (2020-2030)34%* (all nonfarm animal caretakers)
Median Salary (2020)$26,080* (‘all nonfarm animal caretakers)

Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Learn professional Dog Grooming in this free online diploma course

What Can I Expect as a Salary?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, dog groomers and other nonfarm animal caretakers earned a median hourly wage of $12.54 in May 2020 ( The median annual salary at that time was $26,080. Other workers included in this group were those caring for circus animals, zoo animals and pets, such as cats, mice and fish.

As of 2020, you could find the best paying dog groomer jobs in District of Columbia, followed by the Hawaii, California, Washington, and Alaska. The metropolitan area of San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA, had the highest hourly mean wage, which was $19.89. The highest concentration of these types of jobs among all workers in a state could be found in Colorado, followed by Kansas, Missouri, Idaho, and New Hampshire.

What Types of Training Programs are Available?

You can train as a dog groomer via a few different methods. In many cases, you can learn dog grooming by working as an apprentice under a veteran groomer. If you follow this track, you may begin by observing, then slowly assuming responsibilities while being closely supervised.

As an alternative, you can attend a dog grooming school. These schools are plentiful, and you may be able to find a school that has been licensed by its state. State licensing ensures that a school will train you in accordance with any applicable laws or regulations. Dog grooming training programs vary in length from two weeks to several months. Most programs will train you in grooming skills, tool usage, sanitation and advanced grooming design.

Shih tzu dog grooming with comb and scissors.

Is Dog Grooming a Good Career in Australia?

According to the latest statistics, approximately 40% of all households in Australia include at least one canine member (1). Dogs are by far the most common pets in all of Australia, and most pet parents do try to give them the best possible treatment, including feeding, care, and grooming.

“If the amount of money spent is any indication of the value Australian households place on their pets, then they could well be considered priceless. We are now estimated to be spending over $13 billion per year to keep our pets fed, healthy and well-accessorised – with food and veterinary services continuing to account for half of all on-going expenditure.”  – AMA “Pets in Australia” report

Considering that many dogs need regular grooming, and that not all pet parents have the time, energy, desire, or skill to clip their pet’s coats themselves, the prospects of a budding dog groomer are not bad at all.

How Can I Become a Professional Dog Groomer?

When thinking about getting into professional dog grooming, most people usually wonder – do I need a licence or a diploma in order to start working?

There is no certificate required to work as a dog groomer. So, if you were just to start doing it, you wouldn’t be breaking any laws. And sure, it’s definitely possible to start practicing on your own dog and eventually get good by doing. But think about it, would you feel comfortable offering grooming services without proper background knowledge? And as a customer, would you trust someone who didn’t attend any kind of course?

This means enrolling in a dog grooming course is a must. Dog grooming courses don’t only teach you how to clip a dog’s coat. If you choose a good course, it will start with the basics, you will learn about dog anatomy, different types of coats, and what are the proper ways of cleaning and caring for the coats of different dog breeds. You’ll also get to learn about dog behaviour, handling dogs, as well as the basics of business and dealing with clients.

Most grooming schools will offer an introductory bather/brusher course. These kinds of courses only introduce you to grooming, and there is much space to grow. You get to learn all the basics of bathing and essential hygiene for dogs so you can keep learning with confidence. With this kind of course you can also get a job at a grooming salon and pick up more skills as you work.

Now, although they are not necessary, there are a couple of nationally recognized certifications in Australia related to dog grooming. Various grooming schools will offer you the opportunity to get a Certificate II in Animal Studies, Certificate III in Dog Grooming, or Certificate III in Companion Animal Services. Getting some of those is definitely a good idea, because they will give you confidence and credibility that you know what you are doing.

What Can I Do After Completing a Dog Grooming Course?

Once you complete a dog grooming course, you will be ready to start out on your own – either as a bather/brusher or as a grooming professional. It depends on what kind of course you choose. In any case, you have many options after this point. The key to being a good groomer is experience, so if you don’t think you have enough, you might consider getting a job at a salon or even volunteering at shelters.

Dog groomers have many options for setting up their business. You could work from home or create a mobile dog grooming business (especially popular for dog shows). Then, you could also consider running your own salon where you could offer either just bathing or full grooming services.

Best Dog Grooming Courses in Australia 2021 Reviewed

Not all courses are created equal. We’ve done the research found these quality dog grooming courses in various parts of Australia:

#1: Best Dog Grooming Course Overall: Vibe Learning Dog Grooming Diploma

What sets this product apart from the rest?

  • Lifetime access to online materials
  • Study at your own pace
  • Mix of practical and online learning
  • Extensive curriculum taught by a pro
  • Lots of positive reviews and success stories from previous students
  • Covers grooming, starting your own business & marketing.  


This course from Vibe Learning is an online dog grooming course and it might just be the best and the easiest way to get down all the basics of dog grooming.

And to be honest, this course is not just about the basics – it pretty much covers everything you need in order to start your own dog grooming business, and you will lifetime access to the material meaning it’s a good idea to purchase even if doing a face to face course.

Through 12 different modules, this course from Vibe Learning covers everything. It starts from getting familiar with a grooming kit and the basics of grooming, then you will move onto all the specifics of grooming and styling specific coats of different breeds including bathing, trimming and scissoring, to behaviour handling and first aid.

The last 3 modules are dedicated to the basics of starting your own business, customer skills, and marketing and includes free templates and resources to use in your business. In short, it’s everything you need to stand on your own 2 feet as a newly educated dog groomer.

Once you have finished this course, you’ll be ready to start working from home, set up your own salon or a mobile grooming business, or maybe start by finding a job in an existing salon. This is not a nationally recognized diploma, though, but that’s also not something you would need to run a grooming business: what matters is the skill you have.

Now, the main thing that gets prospective students worried about online grooming courses is the lack of practical training. However, we think that the guys at Vibe Learning have handled this issue quite well. First of all, you will always get one-on-one support from an expert mentor. Then there are videos and interactive lessons, and finally, there are also practical tasks. These are not compulsory, but a great way to gain experience.

Here is how it works: You find your own dog models – your own dog, your friend’s dog, or volunteering for local shelters is a great option. You practice grooming while getting advice and feedback from your course mentor. Another popular way to get experience is to advertise for models in your local area, those models then often become paying clients in your new business.

Studying online also comes with some advantages. You can enroll anytime and complete this course at your own pace, so you’ll never get held up by others like in a traditional classroom course. The creators say it usually takes 6 to 8 months, but it’s completely your decision. At the same time, you’ll be able to communicate and share the experience with other students enrolled via a private Facebook group.

Finally, they offer flexible payment plans and a 5-day money back guarantee in case you decide this course is not for you for whatever reason.

Lifetime access to online materialsThe diploma is not nationally recognized, although the skills you get are real
Study at your own paceNo hands-on training
Mix of practical and online learning
Great curriculum

#2: Best Dog Grooming Course Melbourne: Australian Dog Grooming School

  • Taught by some of the best Australian groomers
  • Lots of hands-on grooming
  • Choose your own path and intensity of courses
  • In-depth knowledge


The Australian Dog Grooming School offers dog grooming and clipping courses in Melbourne. The courses are taught by two ladies who are qualified teachers and Australian grooming superstars: Nicky Renwood and Kimberley Azzopardi.

What we especially liked about the courses at the Australian Dog Grooming School is that you can choose how fast you want to go. The first level is the Bather Brusher Course, where you learn about safety, dog anatomy, and how to handle different dogs and different coat types. You also learn everything about bathing and drying, cleaning ears, feet, and nails, some basics of dog health and skin disorders… in short – you get the base for practical grooming. The next level is the Intermediate Grooming Course, where you start to learn about clipping and styling. However, if you want, you can actually take these two courses at the same time – it’s called the Intense Combined Course.

Once you are done with these two courses (either separately or at the same time), there are two more you can attend. The Advance Grooming Course will let you fine-tune your skills at your own salon and the Grooming Business 101 lets you learn about all the details of running your own business so you are ready for everything from day 1.

Finally, as part of the training at the Australian Dog Grooming School in Melbourne, you can also acquire a grooming certification (GCIPG). The certificate is granted through International Professional Groomers Inc. (IPG), and it will require taking a couple of exams. But once you are done, you will have the most commonly recognized dog grooming certificate, and you (and everyone else) will know you have the skills necessary to succeed in the business.

Taught by some of the best Australian groomersA bit expensive if you want to go through all of the modules
Lots of hands-on grooming
Choose your own path and intensity of courses
In-depth knowledge

#3: Best Dog Grooming Course Sydney: Sydney Dog Grooming School

  • Quality courses with lots of hands-on practice
  • Experienced teacher
  • Private tuition available
  • Teaching in small groups


The Sydney Dog Grooming School covers all things related to dog grooming training in Sydney. They offer everything aspiring groomers need including courses, seminars, and private tuition. Hannah, the head teacher at the school has a degree in zoology and qualifications in canine behaviour and nutrition in addition to being an experienced and successful groomer who has practised here art all over the world. So, there is no doubt – you are in good hands here.

What we are most interested in today are the standard grooming courses. There are three courses you can take. Each of them lasts 8 days, but there is no doubt these days are used to the maximum. In addition to theory and written parts of the course, you get lots of hands-on experience too (they say all courses are 90% hands on).

Similar to most other dog grooming schools, you have two options to choose from: starting with the Bather Brusher Course and moving on to Moderate Course or take the Intense Combined Course where you cover everything in a short period of time. In any case, once you are dome you’ll have all the necessary knowledge to start grooming on your own (although there is always room to improve). For example, you’ll now how to handle any dog, the techniques to use for different coats and how to choose the correct length and style for any breed.

Quality courses with lots of hands-on practiceCourses are held only at specific times during the year
Experienced teacher
Private tuition available
Teaching in small groups

#4: Best Dog Grooming Course Brisbane: Dentos Pet Stylist Academy Courses

  • Self-paced theoretical modules
  • Practical sessions at the Academy
  • Nationally Recognized Training offered
  • Combine studying with a Gold Coast holiday


The best grooming course in Brisbane is actually at Gold Coast! And why not, considering you get to enjoy free accommodation at a nice location at the Gold Coast when you attend some of the courses offered by Dentos Pet Stylist Academy. Since the courses are quite intensive, we’ve actually found it is quite helpful to get immersed in the dog grooming community at the Gold Coast – plus you get to enjoy the location when you are not studying.

One thing we like about the Dentos Pet Stylist academy is that they offer a variety of shorter and longer dog grooming courses so you can get exactly the education that you need. For example, if you just want to dip your toes in the world of grooming and see if it is for you, the Bather Brusher short course is the perfect place to start. Just like most of their courses, this course has a theoretical module that you can cover at your own pace.

You get to learn about different dog breeds and dog types, basics of dog anatomy and health, basics of dog behaviour and how to handle different dogs. Finally, of course, you learn everything about bathing and drying. And when you’re done with the theory, you get to come to the academy and enjoy practical training for a week.

Once you have completed the Bather/Brusher course, you can get a job at a grooming salon as a Bather Brusher or an assistant, or you can even have your own business dealing with bathing and brushing. Moreover, if you decide you want to learn more, you have actually already completed a part of the Pet Grooming Certificate course of study – you just need to keep going.

Self-paced theoretical modulesRequires more of a time commitment than some other courses
Practical sessions at the Academy
Nationally Recognized Training offered
Combine studying with a Gold Coast holiday

#5: Best Dog Grooming Course Perth: WA Dog Grooming & Clipping Academy

  • Real-life classes in Perth
  • Groom Your Own Pet course offered
  • Certifications offered upon completing a course


Located in Kelmscott, the WA Dog Grooming & Clipping Academy is the perfect place to get your grooming skills and certificates if you are living in Perth. The owner and director of this school is Kim Dean, a professional groomer with over 20 years of experience in the industry who also runs her own salon.

The courses at the WA Academy are practical and designed to get you working on your own as soon as possible. The most popular is probably the Dog Grooming Course. This course lasts 12 days, and during these days you will learn everything you need to give any dog a complete grooming session. That’s actually what you will need to do as a final assessment: groom a dog on your own. All of the workdays at the WA Academy are full days: they start at 8 AM and last until 4.30 PM. It’s a busy schedule, but you will be learning a lot and you’ll know you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you want to get the best possible education from this academy, you can also choose to attend the Pet Stylist Grooming Course. This one lasts for 20 days – or 4 weeks (5 days a week), and you get to learn all the tips and tricks of becoming a successful stylist.

Finally, at this school you can also learn only what you need to. If you are just looking to learn how to groom your own dog, getting a full-fledged grooming course might seem like a bit too much. Well, at the WA Dog Grooming Academy, you can attend a half-day course to learn how to give your canine companion the perfect grooming session – from bathing to clipping and styling.

Real-life classes in PerthClasses during the whole day
Groom Your Own Pet course offered
Certifications offered upon completing a course

#6: Best Dog Grooming Course Adelaide: TAFE SA Basic Dog Grooming Course

  • Short and effective
  • Good value for money
  • Thought by a professional dog groomer
  • Includes a Grooming Essentials Kit to take home


If you are looking for any kind of training in South Australia, chances are you’ve probably heard of TAFE. The acronym stands for Technical and Further Education and they are one of the biggest providers of vocational and training education. They offer a variety of courses in different fields, but today we want to talk about their Basic Dog Grooming course.

This course lasts only one day during which you will get exactly 6.5 hours of class time. When you pay for this course, you also get everything you will need to complete the course. This means you will receive a kit with essentials, including a slicker brush, nail trimmers, and various product samples.

If you attend the Basic Dog Grooming course, you will learn a lot about different types of coats and their maintenance, everything you need to know about bathing and brushing as well as trimming the nails and performing the basic health checks. You will also touch on the basics of clipping and trimming. To be realistic, you will not learn all the tricks of the trade in one day, but you will learn a lot and enough to get started on your own. This course is held at the TEFA Gilles Plains campus.

Short and effectiveTeaches only the basics
Good value for money
Thought by a professional dog groomer
Includes a Grooming Essentials Kit to take home

#7: Best Dog Grooming Course Gold Coast: 

  • Study the theoretical part at our own pace
  • A variety of courses offered so you can learn exactly what you need
  • Nationally Recognized Training offered
  • Free accommodation included with courses


If you are looking for a dog grooming course at the Gold Coast, the Dentos Pet Stylist Academy is definitely the place to be. Besides the fact that the Dentos Academy offers free accommodation to all students and lets you get yourself immersed in the life of the Gold Coast; you also get top-notch dog styling education.

Their courses are designed so everyone can find something to fit their needs. For example, they offer a Bather Brushers Skills short course which involves only practical learning for a week. That’s perfect for those who just want to get the hang of the basics and find out if they will like dog grooming as a job. However, if you already know you are serious about it, you can get full nationally recognized certifications. You can choose to get the Companion Animal Services certification or the Pet Grooming Certification or learn both at the same time and finish with a dual qualification.

In any case, all of the courses start with a theoretical part that you can do online at your own pace followed by a couple of weeks at the academy (usually 4). Once you are done, you will have a complete knowledge about dog grooming and styling and be ready to start practicing on your own!

Study the theoretical part at our own paceTime-consuming
A variety of courses offered so you can learn exactly what you needEnrollment possible only on specific dates
Nationally Recognized Training offered
Free accommodation included with courses

Final Verdict

If you want to become a dog groomer, you actually have a lot of options. These days, there are many online courses offered and some of them are quite good, like the Vibe Learning Dog Grooming Course. Combined with some practice you do on your own, it should set you well on track to becoming a professional dog groomer.

However, most people find it easier to learn in real life. In that case, your choice will depend on where you live and what you want to learn. You can take an introductory Bather Brusher course if you just want the basics or get a full course that gives you a certificate and all the tips and tricks of styling different breeds. It all depends on your plans and your strategy!

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