How Much Does a PhD Cost in USA

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There are many parts to the question how much does a PhD cost in USA.We can understand this question in two main parts.The cost of obtaining a PhD, which is directly proportional to the increase of your income and the value of your output or research. The cost of getting admitted into a PhD program, which depends on your background, motivations, accomplishments and others…

Affordable tuition fees at private and state universities on the American territory ensure that a PhD degree is affordable even for those who have limited financial means. In addition, there is also a possibility of getting financial grants from the government as well as from some non-government foundations which exist to provide financial assistance to those interested in doctoral studies.

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How much does a PhD cost in USA ? Well, let us first try to get through the root of it. Official tuition fees are the same for everybody . However, life is never that simple. I can give a real-life example from my college days as a chemical engineering student.

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How much does it cost to do a PhD in USA 

First things first, how much does a PhD cost? Here, the answer varies considerably by country. In the UK, being a self-funded PhD student can be an expensive undertaking, with an annual tuition bill of approximately £3,000 to £6,000 (about US$3,800-7,670) for domestic students and up to £18,000 ($23,000) for international students for the first three years.

In the US, the price tag for a PhD is even higher, ranging from US$28,000 to US$40,000 per year. In Germany, on the other hand, PhD students face no tuition fees at all, aside from a nominal semester contribution of €250 (~US$320).

Before some of these high figures deter you, be reassured that there are many PhD funding opportunities available; few PhD students are self-funded.

PhD funding from national research councils

In the UK, PhD funding is provided via seven research councils, each covering a specific academic sector. Across Europe, such funding is offered by the European Research Council. Both the US and Canada have the equivalent in their National Research Councils, which give financial support to students either individually, via scholarships, or for funded research projects, via a research group or department.

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fully funded PhD programs in USA for international students

Most universities provide substantial scholarships, studentships and other PhD funding opportunities. These schemes typically cover the cost for a good proportion of the annual tuition fees, if not more. Universities often also provide some funding for doctoral students to cover the costs of field trips and conference attendance.

A further means to fund a PhD is by obtaining a PhD position, sometimes also called PhD studentships or assistantships. These are essentially jobs tied to the PhD program, involving work in teaching, research or both. This is an ideal way to support your research, while being involved in a larger, often team-based, funded research project and gaining work experience.

The latest report on the cost of a PhD in USA indicates the price of a Doctorate was $85,000 as of early 2018. This price only covers tuition and expenditure for three years, many students require more time to finish their degree. The above figure also does not include living costs, and is based upon on-campus tuition at universities.

Living costs and opportunity costs

Other costs to be considered when calculating PhD funding are living costs and opportunity costs. Living expenses will of course vary significantly by country and city. Studying in Paris (France) or Oslo (Norway) will likely incur a substantially higher annual cost than completing a PhD in Bangkok (Thailand), for example.

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In addition, opportunity costs can be high. Unlike a master’s degree, which usually takes just one or two years full-time, a PhD demands a markedly higher time investment – most programs require an absolute minimum of three years, and some require five to six, depending on the country.

During this time, full-time employment is possible only if it is in relation to the PhD program itself. Some may opt to continue working and attempt to complete a PhD part-time – but this has proven to be exceptionally challenging; some studies suggest that drop-out rates for part-time PhDs are as high as 66 percent.

Career prospects with a PhD 

But while this might all sound daunting, there are considerable benefits and advantages to getting a PhD. In other words: the prospects for careers with a PhD are good. While entry-level salaries may not be considerably higher compared to those for master’s graduates, those with a PhD do have better long-term prospects for faster career- and pay-scale advancements. And a growing number of PhD students consider a post-doc life outside of academia.

There has been a clear trend in non-academic employers (such as consultancies, think tanks, media and others) increasingly valuing not only the specialist knowledge of PhD graduates but also their maturity and soft skills. Attributes valued by PhD employers across a wide range of industries include diligence, research abilities, focus, discipline, presentation skills and the demonstrated ability to work under pressure and to a deadline.

For all those aspiring doctoral students who aim to have a quick return on their investment, a word of caution: the benefits of a PhD are not to be had in the fast lane. The value of a PhD qualification is to be found in the long-term benefits it brings, financially, professionally and intellectually. It is a labor of love, and, as we know there is always some madness in love, but for those with realistic expectations and the discipline and tenacity to complete this highest of academic degrees, it is a tremendously rewarding experience, in more ways than one.

How much does a Doctorate Degree cost

The average cost of tuition and fees for one year at a public institution is $11,120, while at a private university, the average is $44,020. Some online programs offer doctoral tuition at rates below $6,000 per year, and the most expensive doctoral programs charge around $90,000 for out-of-state students.

There are many types of doctoral degrees, and students may seek a doctorate to enter or advance a professional career, begin residency in the medical field, continue with scientific research or enter academia when they finish. 

PhD cost varies among the US universities. An aspiring student can start to check the costs by choosing a college. The application fee for PhD is from $45 to $150, while the tuition fee is from $550 to $25,000. For example the tuition fee for a PhD programme at Duke University and Northwestern University ranges from about $19,000 per year for a Jewish student and up to $34,000 per year for international students. Students in the USA pay approximately $8-10 per credit which means that you will be studying on average 15 credits every semester.

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how much a PhD cost in USA

The cost of a doctorate degree depends on the type of degree that is being pursued and may require a significant investment or be fully funded. Let’s discuss the possible costs, financial aid options, and future salary prospects that should be considered prior to making a decision.

What is most important to consider before embarking on a course of study towards a doctorate is whether the candidate is sufficiently dedicated and motivated to persevere as well as does he possess the ability and skill to study at the level expected of her. Secondly, when choosing the right program, considerations such as the reputation of the program and the validity of the degree within its discipline count for much more than future income potential. For doctoral programs, one should not have to pay, but secure significant scholarships and teaching stipends.

The U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) provides current costs for all graduate students. For the 2016-2017 school year, the average cost of a graduate degree was $18,416 per year. At private institutions, that figure was $24,712 annually, while it was only $14,784 for public institutions. However, it is important to note that these figures include non-doctoral graduate programs, like graduate certificates and master’s degrees.

For students who are interested in medical school, it can be helpful to take a look at the yearly costs for MD programs. These are the figures for the top five medical schools in the country, according to U.S. News and World Report rankings for 2019:

University of Washington$36,549$66,501
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill$30,437$57,316
University of California – San Francisco$34,977$47,222
Baylor College of Medicine$29,900
University of California–Los Angeles (Geffen)$35,187$47,432
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doing a PhD in america from uK

Students in PhD programs may receive full funding packages for a certain number of years, such as five years. These packages may include:

  • Academic tuition
  • Monthly living stipend
  • Medical insurance
  • Funding for study materials
  • Travel stipend

However, in order to keep the funding, the school may require students to maintain a minimum GPA or teach undergraduates. There are also schools that only provide partial funding packages, so it is important for students to find out about the school’s offerings before they enroll.

Professional Doctorate Programs

On the other hand, many professional doctoral degree programs require students to provide their own funding. For instance, medical students enrolled in Doctor of Medicine programs are expected to find their own sources of funding for tuition and other costs. The same is true for students in Juris Doctor programs.

how much does it cost to do a PhD in USA

The majority of doctoral students attend school full-time. The percentage of students receiving financial assistance varies with the program, though 53.5% of doctoral students in research took advantage of some form of financial assistance, while 26.2% of professional doctoral students received aid the same year. Many lending companies, non-profit organizations, and employers offer financial aid to help students pay for their education.

Fellowships, grants, and scholarships do not need repayment, but often come with strict eligibility requirements. Many schools offer annual stipends, assistantships, and on-campus teaching jobs to help a student fund his or her education. Doctoral students should look into any type of free aid available before applying for loan assistance.

Student loans from public and private lending institutions offer additional means of financing graduate school. Underprivileged students may find federal interest-free loans that may offer deferment of payment for a period of time after graduation.

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Salaries for Doctoral Graduates

In February 2020, estimated the median salaries for PhD degree holders in USA based on the type of employment. Full professors at universities earned a median salary of $87,341 per year. Associate professors earned $77,154. However, it is important to understand that it takes on average 15 years or more to attain the rank of Full Professor, providing one is hired shortly upon graduating for a tenure-track professorship and then subsequently earns tenure seven years later to become an Associate Professor.

The majority of Ph.D.’s do not obtain full-time tenured employment at four-year institutions any longer, but work as contingent faculty and in numerous other capacities. For the select few, Ph.D.’s may become Deans or Vice Presidents in Academia and even Provosts and College Presidents, or Museum Directors and Curators, at which point the earning potential increases into the six figures. Outside of academia, some Ph.D. holders became clinical psychologists. The median salary for these professionals was reported to be $78,944. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for all physicians and surgeons was at least $200,890 in May 2018. Anesthesiologists, as one specific example, earned equal or greater than $208,000 per year. In addition to the education and training a doctoral degree provides, salaries are also contingent on the number of years of experience an employee brings to the position.

When deciding whether to enroll in a doctoral degree program in any subject, prospective students need to think about the financial implications. They may qualify for funding or financial assistance and should balance potential costs with expected career earnings.

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Cost of PhD in USA for International Students

This is the estimated Cost of Ph.D. in the USA for International Students.

The cost to do PhD in the USA is almost 11000 to 14000 dollars per semester approximately. This is just a calculation for an average spend. All other expenses depend on your lifestyle and the exact cost of PhD in the USA for international students varies from person to person and class to class. Probably I have asked some PhD candidates and did some work about doing PhD in the USA and its cost for an international student Here are our results.

1. Cost of PhD tuition fee in the USA is 12000 dollars per semester

It takes 3 years for normal area of research otherwise usually PhD in USA goes up to 6 years if your area has a lot of demand. There are USA scholarships available for men and women separately. You can easily pay with your scholarships and stipend.  Your tuition fee is not that much when you compare with your stipend. You need to do some part-time job to pay for your tuition.

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There are some private jobs or personal coaching to students in your subject can be easily done. You can earn easily and pay for your tuition fee easily. There is nothing so easy to do PhD You need to have special skills to survive your PhD in the USA. You must be a good English speaker to get your part-time job during your PhD course. If you are not talented then you will never get a part-time job. You will feel difficulty to do your part-time job.

This will bring trouble to continue your PhD studies in the USA. So make sure you have enough skills to go to the USA to do your Ph.D. My suggestion is to learn English speaking and writing in your own country for 2 years and go to the USA for your Ph.D. Spend completely to improve speaking and writing skills in your country itself. This is the only way to pay your tuition fee.

2. A stipend of 2000 US Dollars

You will get a stipend of 2000 dollars per month. This is not so big. But you are treated as an employee at the university. Your stipend can easily help you to pay for your tuition fee. Try to save your stipend some 200 dollars per month. That is it. You can simply pay 1000 dollar Ph.D. fee at the end of the semester. So your stipend will also be used for food and clothing.

After saving 200 dollars per month, you can spend the rest of the stipend to your other expenses like food and house rent. Most of the time you have the temptation to use your stipend for luxurious enjoyments. This is not a good idea. At the end, you will be in a difficult state to seek money. Always remember that you are in a foreign country.

You are in a country where you will never get help from anyone to continue your Ph.D. confidently. So make use of your Ph.D. stipend diligently. In this way, you can build up some money for the future. I have to give yet some more information about stipend in USA universities. Some universities do not pay your stipend in time. They may pay once in 3 months or once in 6 months. This is due to financial condition. So it is always advisable not to depend on stipend alone but do part time somehow.

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3. Textbooks cost during your PhD

It costs a lot to buy textbooks for your Ph.D. course in the USA. There is no official declaration that you must buy textbooks. There is a library facility available out there at your university. So you can make use of the library and use all the books. You do not need to buy a single book if you can use the library to the best of your knowledge. You can get books of research. I recommend USA libraries a lot for PhD reading because they have a lot of collection, unlike other countries where you will find less collection of books.

But there is a problem with the use of the library. If someone takes that book, the same book is not available for a certain amount of time. The book may be lent for 6 months. So you have to wait for six long months to get your book and do some research. So make sure you do it cleverly that others may not take your book and use it for a long time. You should be first to take the book and read. Then it’s good for you to research.

But I strongly recommend with my huge experience as a scholar, that you go with buying the book which you regularly use. Do not depend on the library and wait. Do not justify the reason for the lack of your research. You will face so many problems if you do not buy books. What is there it will not cost you more than 1000 dollars. The book will remain with you throughout your Ph.D. research.

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4. For ID cards

You have your college id card which will cost you some money if you lose it. Usually, Ph.D. candidates lose their ID cards once in their Ph.D. life duration. This also does not cost much. Take much care about your ID card because you need to show it to many people. The security of the college where you do your Ph.D. will ask you.

The administration will ask you. Many demands for the ID card. So try to carry it and spend some money to buy it again. Do not worry about losing it. It happens very commonly in every university in the USA. The bonus suggestion is to wear your identification card from the time you start going to the university and till you come home. I tell this to do strongly. There are many benefits if you do this.

The advantage of wearing your identification card is that if you meet with any trouble or if you are suddenly sick and unable to move, Public will take care and inform to the concern by checking the identification card of the university. This will save your life from many troubles. People trust you and offer you help in an urgent need. If you collapse due to sickness suddenly, also you will get help fast. This is why it is strongly recommended to buy your ID card if you lose it for any reason.

5. Examination fee during Ph.D. in the USA

There is an examination fee for certain course works and other doctoral approvals. There is no doubt you need to pay for them in order to enter the examination hall or else to get your hall ticket. The fee is very less compared to other expenses. The Ph.D. examination fee is around 150 USA dollars to 350 USA dollars depending on the exam type and the University.

There are different exam types. There are supplementary exams and regular exams. If you fail in your coursework, you need to rewrite the exam further. So the fee is quite different from that of a regular fee or sometimes the same with other universities. There is no way you can skip the exams. You have to write them by paying the fees. Who will skip the exam after going to the USA to do Ph.D.?

To save the examination fee, do not repeat the exam for the supplementary. Work hard and study well and research well.  Give your best in the exam. And you will succeed. Otherwise, you will have to waste a lot of money and pay for your laziness. Research requires quality study. Only then you can pass and save the money as well as your subjects. You will also feel very relaxed and toned when you do well in your Ph.D. studies in the USA.

6. For paying tours

There will be some tours and excursions to go. Here you will need to contribute to the college for your trips. These tours are not meant for enjoyment. They are conducted on behalf of the educational tours. You will learn something there to do with your Ph.D. This is how the things will move to your favor. Pay a subscription fee of 200 USA Dollars to join the excursion. It depends on whether it is a one-week excursion or two weeks one.

You need to spend a lot during the trip. The trip demands some eatables to buy. You need to spend your money on some other items. They are very rare to get in your place probably. So you buy them. In this way, you have to take some choice on how to buy and spend during your trip for a week. Again do not waste your money buying unnecessary things throughout your trip. Spend carefully. The cost of the trip will be less.

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During your trip, your friends may ask you for some money. Do not give them. Otherwise, it will cost you some 500 extra bucks to give to your friends. Reject if they ask money. They may tell you that they will pay back after the trip. But it is just a word and never is fulfilled. When you are on the trip, do not tell your friends how much money you are carrying. Your friends after knowing this will ask you and depend on you for money during the whole trip. Do not open your wallet in front of your friend. He will screw you up with many other expenses by brainwashing you.

7. Cost on Ph.D. assistance in the USA

Most of the Ph.D. scholars are unable to do research by themselves. It is very stressful just to sit for long hours and continue doing. So they take the assistance of online services. International students who study in the USA are very much in need of Ph.D. assistance. This assistance is basically taken from online services. There are many online writing services available to assist you in your Ph.D. work.

The cost of online Ph.D. assistance is too costly. But the pressure and targets to your Ph.D. in the USA are very high. The universities in the USA need a lot of work to be done by you in terms of your research. So here comes the demand to the online services for sure. So as of now, I know some cheaper sites also collect a lot of money to proofread your document or to write your document. The price is based as per single page. They charge for one page of writing or proofreading around 14 US dollars.

If your thesis is of 250 pages, you can imagine how costlier could be your Ph.D. So be ready to spend money. If not for all the 250 pages, at least to save time, you need to take some assistance from online or freelancers to get in a safe zone of completion of your Ph.D. in a safe span of time duration. After all, if you want to complete your PhD in just 3 years, you have to take online PhD assistance.

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8. Food cost during your PhD

The food expenses are around 50 US Dollars per day (if you eat in the restaurant). This is an average estimation. But if you want to eat sumptuous food, then the price per day goes up to 100 US Dollars. This will again screw your pocket while studying your Ph.D. If you cook yourselves, the cost is around 30 US Dollars per day. You will save some 20 dollars here. This will take monthly 1500 US Dollars.

This is something again you cannot just do Ph.D. in the USA and remain quiet. You must do something to earn your living. Either carry enough money from your country itself or just do some kind of job over in the USA who can pay you a handsome salary. You will face so many problems if you do not have to work and want a sumptuous and tasty food. You need to spend money to eat and live a healthier lifestyle.

If you do not eat well in the USA you will fall sick. You cannot come up with good health to do your Ph.D. So make sure you do maintain good health by eating good food. That is it. You will save a lot of money when you feel healthy. You can do more secret hours of part-time job and earn more for your living. You can eat more money so that you can eat the best food for you.

9. For shelter

Where do you want to live in the USA while doing your Ph.D. for 3 long years? It may be up to 6 years too. The place and shelter that you live is very important to protect yourselves from nature attacks and contagious diseases. So take care that you have good shelter and where people are good. This will give better scope to succeed in your Ph.D. This will make you a person of confidence and hope.

The expenses for your housing apartment or room could be around 650 US Dollars for a good shared room with others. Never stay in the university campus. They charge more than what you expect. If you want to stay in the university campus being a Ph.D. student, you will need to pay around 11000 US dollars for one academic year.

The benefits of being on campus are that you are fully safe as an international student. You have all the safety protecting you.  All facilities are available in a span of a second. You do not need to travel by train. You do not need to fix an appointment to meet your professors. I suggest staying on the campus with my good experience as a Ph.D. scholar. Pay more money and get your Ph.D. safely without issues.

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10. For clothes

What are the expenses in the USA for clothing? We cannot really tell this. This all depends on which brand of clothing that you wish to wear. If you want to wear a shirt and pants from a reputed one, it takes so many dollars when we compare the fabric with cheap stuff. I recommend buying cheap clothes to save many dollars. Do not spend in excitement just for the sake of brand.

But I strongly recommend spending more money on a certain type of clothes. For example, you want to protect from the cold season here in the USA. You cannot buy cheaper sweaters. They will never work to protect you. Your health may be at risk. So buy branded and quality clothes and give yourselves the best possible protection.

Always wear a quality sweater to protect from difficult weather conditions in the USA. This may cost you around 150 US dollars. This is a worth spend for a sweater. If you want to spend more than this, you can get even more quality. Go for woolen sweater fabric. This will protect you to the best of my knowledge. So this is the only idea of how many US Dollars that you will have to spend.

11. For shoes

When you land in the USA you need to wear good shoes to protect yourselves from cold. Also, you need to wear a formal dress to the University of your Ph.D. course. It is mandatory to spend some money on your shoes. It may cost according to the brand and company that you use.  I suggest you again to go just by cheaper shoes rather than spending too much money.  You have to save money for the future. So it is not worth spending too much for your shoes. Of course who knows the brand and who calculates the brand in the USA. No one will bother about your shoes too much.

The expense limit for the shoe is around 120 US Dollars. The cheaper shoes are better. You can also buy second-hand shoes. They are all available on some sites online. Always be careful when you use your shoes. Never wear the shoe when it rains. If shoes are a cheaper kind, it will get damaged easily if water runs through the shoes.  It is a trouble to buy again new shoes and spend unnecessary money.

Try to use your shoes for all 3 years of your Ph.D. course. Do not wear them for recreational purposes or during the weekends.  Too much use also damages your shoes. They may not last long until you finish your Ph.D. Your expense is quite cheaper for shoes if only you have the skill to maintain.

12. For dress

As you are a Ph.D. student, you have a temptation to wear a good costume wherever you go. You feel confident in your dress style. I see many Ph.D. students are wasting the money for the sake of buying the dress. This is very bad for your future. It may look good for temporary use but in the long run when days will go away from you or when days fade away from you, you will have to spend money for many other purposes.

You may need to buy some books or you may want to eat something or any other need. So do not spend too much money on your dresses. Spend very little. Always wear just one or two dresses. Buy not more than 4 to 5 pairs of dress. Wash them properly and take care of your fabric.

Once you buy your dress, wear them till the end of your Ph.D. studies. Never buy again and again. Stop buying a dress. Do you know how much does it cost to buy a new dress? It will cost around 2000 US dollars throughout your Ph.D. studies. Unknowingly you will spend a lot of money. You will never understand the problem going on. In the end, you will run out of money.

So while buying a dress, have some concern about other things. Do not be too much fashionable and trendy. Do not overlook your dress expense.

13. For hairdressing

Hairdressing is one of the4 important things while you do your Ph.D. You have to at least visit saloon to have your hair cut once in a month. If you do not take enough care to have your hair cut, then you will look ugly. This is a mandatory option. Otherwise, you will look like a mad person with unnecessary hair growing throughout your head and face…

In the USA for hairdressing, it may cost around 20 to 30 dollars. So throughout your PhD, it may cost also more. So your PhD in the USA is going to be a costlier affair when you think in terms of these smaller things. When you go to the saloon, tell your hairdresser to craft all the hair to the maximum. Do cut too smartly that grows in a week back again. Have your hair cut in such a way it grows back again in a six months time.

Do not maintain any stylish hair. Do not spend money on putting color on your hair. This will screw your PhD course. You will become a beggar at the end if you do all these being an international student. Spend your time only doing PhD and not for other things. After all, you are doing it for its own sake. When you involve in any other fashion, you will ruin your PhD and cannot survive PhD.

14. For miscellaneous articles

Besides all what I have been mentioning to you during your PhD course, there are certainly other things that you need to take into consideration. Buy comb and powder and paste etc. These are all the essential and miscellaneous expenses during your PhD. There will be pretty 10 dollar expense out of this.

There are many other things we call it as miscellaneous. For example, if you want to buy some A4 sheet paper for a printout or else just to take a Xerox of some papers you need to buy that you will not get free anywhere. You need to spend everything from your pocket.

Sometimes if you are a man you need to buy a shaving razor and related objects. If you are a woman doing in International University USA, you have a lot more personal expenses taking place. Especially during your Menopause time, you will need to spend some money to buy a tablet and to buy some other related objects

15. Cost of Luxurious enjoyment is 10000 US Dollars(massage etc)

Most of the PhD students’ age is around youthful climate. When you are in such a climate, you will really not able to push up to remain calm. You want to be very luxurious. Go behind a girl. Get massage. These services are pretty costly to bear for international PhD students. That is why think of not to enter into such addictions. Once you are into this type of addiction, you will never have a single cent and your PhD studies will be in vain.

I have seen some PhD candidates are rolling out with drugs. They are taking drugs very often and get addicted. The drug is the most costly one of all that I have just mentioned.

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16. Visiting nightclubs

Have finished your college timings, during your weekend you tend to move with your friends to the nightclubs. There you dance and enjoy dancing and singing with loud music. If you do this way, your cost for PhD as an international student will go very high.

There are chances during the nightclubs that you may drink too much or may get attracted to some girls over there. And it will become a daily habit to you which will completely damage your personality and you will surely become a maniac.

You will never stay back without visiting your nightclub.  It seems to be very disturbing while you do your PhD because nobody wants it. If you are a person who wants to save money and conscious about the way you spend your money then you will have to think twice before you visit your nightclubs for dancing and enjoying.

17. Watching movies in the theater

Do you ever watch movies? I am going to tell how you are really prone to watch some movies with your friends. It becomes a fashion. It becomes a recreation. What you have to do is that you need to spend less money when you go to a movie. What I mean is just take less cost ticket and sit in a not so comfortable place in the theater.

Just go to the theater to watch for a movie and not spending much time and money for a luxurious seat and ticket. In this way, you will save a lot of money over your movies and you can watch all the movie even sitting on a low ticket cost. I would like to remind you of three important things.

The first one is, do not seek a luxurious seat when you go to a movie, the second one does not try to take the ticket even for your friends. The third one is never trying movies once a week rather than I suggest you to go to a movie once in 6 months. Whenever you finish the semester exams of your PhD course, then you can go movie and spend money on that. This is the best thing you can save money to yoursef.

18. Car driving to remote places

There is a chance to go outing when you get holidays during Christmas or any other festival holidays. During this time there are chances that your friends and you may go on a car riding. it means you need to buy a lot of petrol to go and come back. So it’s a waste of money to go out in such a dark place in a car with your friends are coming back point it means a lot of money.

I never recommend doing this to you. Whenever you get any holidays, sit in the library or go somewhere to park and spend your life in reflecting and researching about your PhD area of research. this is the right way to spend your holiday and not enjoying yourself with your friends, going outside and living luxuriously.

This will fully take out money from your pocket and make you jump I spend money on that. Because money is so important, you have to keep it for future you. Otherwise, you will never have a single penny in your pocket spent further. all that you have and keep it in your bag do not keep money with you during the holidays. in this way, you can avoid so many temptations.

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19. Chasing girls (This is not good but it is happening)

Many college youth and PhD students are fond of loving girls while they study PhD course. I see many students spoiling their own life by simply falling into the trap of girls unnecessarily.

Never get into the situation because it is so addicting that you cannot come out of this unless you are very seriously trying to come out. So when you are outside in the USA to study your PhD course, remember that you have no support from your family because you are too far from your own country and family members and friends.

During this point of time if you make any mistake with any girl and if you are unable to come out from that trap, you will be in a position, very disappointed and disgusted which will lead to some kind of depression.

This is a great warning to all the PhD students not to involve in any certain things of love and romance or marriage as long as you study your PhD course. The main attention and the whole thing for you there must be your own study and research. You have to work until you are awarded PhD degree.

20. Spending on friends in the USA while doing PhD

Avoid all kinds of bad friendship. if you come to know that your friend is behind you just because by seeing your money and status, just avoid them or him for the sake of being good in the society and to yourself. Your bad friends may be a cause to take out all of your money and put you in a difficult situation.

He may also plan some threat and may harm you under any situation in order to lose all the money that you have. During your Ph.D. course be aware of all your bad friendship and bad friends and try to avoid to the maximum level. Your PhD may become tough in the future.

You can be peaceful if you do this thing instantly from the beginning of your first year of PhD course. It is very difficult to change at a later stage in the second year when all the friendships occupy around you. You will not be in a position to come out of those friendships. You will need to have spent a lot of money from your pocket and your USA study will be in threat.

21. Special dinner party

Never celebrate your birthday parties or any kind of celebrations with your friends. are you the one who gives to your friend’s great party in the hotel? This is very devastating and troublesome to your international Ph.D. course. If you want to celebrate your birthday party, celebrate it in  your country, when you come back after your Ph.D. or during any holidays between your Ph.D. course.

22. Donations

While you study your Ph.D. course, do not entertain in giving charitable donations to the organizations. But I suggest you strongly to help the poor on the roadside, give them food water and shelter even if you sacrifice, there is no problem in your survival. God will look after you and Lord Jesus Christ will bless you abundantly for your goodness and he will look after you and your all requirements if you help the poor directly. So spend a lot of money for the poor while you study and help the hungry and needy, then the blessings will be yours from our Lord Jesus.

23. Debt Problems

Do you have any debt problems? Then just make sure you do not ask money from anyone during your Ph.D. course. Your colleagues may give money by seeing your Ph.D. But unfortunately, It is not so easy to give back or pay back all your debts.

Never ask money or borrow any or lend any type and in any form. Just be cautious about giving and taking money. Your duty in the USA is to study and go ahead successfully without any issue.

24. Changing overall lifestyle

You may be a different person in your country than what you are in the USA. Being a Ph.D. student you must be a different person and think differently all three years of your Ph.D. life. Take all the solutions that I have been giving throughout this blog post and try to follow them. You change your lifestyle completely.

If you don’t change your lifestyle and make your life anew, it may bring all the problems that you never think of, and you never imagine those problems to be solved by anyone. Remember that you are living alone in the USA as an international student and that is not your own country and it is something different than what you have been living from your childhood

So change everything strongly the overall Lifestyle. You must change your clothing style, your spending style, your study style, and all types of life must be turned towards something very new and fresh. The three years of Ph.D. must be a different world to you totally

25. Drinking Alcohol

The cost of Ph.D. in the USA also depends upon all your addictions. I speak of your drinking habit. if at all you have this habit of drinking alcohol, I request you strongly not to go outside of your country as an international student. You are unfit to study your Ph.D. in the USA as an international student. The reason is that if you have this kind of habit abroad, you will become so liberal and there is a high level of chances, you may be addicted to drinking alcohol to double than what you have in your country.

After studying Ph.D. course in the USA you have this drinking.  You can study in the USA with minimum alcohol addiction like so to say if you can take only beer without any Brandy or whiskey, that’s quite fine. But never take even the beer too much of it

Even though if you are not a person who drinks, but when you go there your friends may think you and spoil you by taking you into the bar. so never follow your friends into the power even for the sake of sitting with them to your company. if you do so you will be slowly addicted to drinking along with your friends and your habit will be changing very slowly. This will surely effective Ph.D. course in the long run. And you will have to spend a lot of money on drinking.

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