How Much Do Rn Make After Taxes

Last Updated on December 24, 2022

How much can a Registered Nurse make after taxes? If you are about to graduate as a Nurse or have been practicing for a while, you may be curious how much you’re going to be making. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to calculating how much you’ll be making as a nurse. This is because there are so many factors that come into play. They include: the state you work in, your current situation, responsibilities, and more.

In this post you will find information on RN Salary – How Much Do Registered Nurses Make 2021, How Much Do Rn Make After Taxes and How Much Does A Nurse Make A Month In Canada?. College learners is always committed to giving you the right content that you need, all you have to do is read the entire post and you will find even more useful contents.

Registered Nurse Salaries 2021: How Much Do Nurses Make?

RN Salary – How Much Do Registered Nurses Make 2022

So how much does a Registered Nurse make, what is the average RN salary, the highest paid cities, states and industries?  Below you will find all of the answers laid out clearly in easy to read tables and charts.

Finding all of the relevant figures can be a bit of a task – so I have put everything in one place – easy to find and easy to navigate!

You can also check out the Nurse Salary by State page for a deeper look at Registered Nursing salaries in each individual state in the U.S. – it breaks the information down into Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan areas and employment by industry.

Easily find the important details for Your town, city and state – when someone asks how much do nurses make – you have all the answers.

Don’t forget we have a detailed Registered Nurse Guide – covering everything you need to know about being a RN – and now we have a full guide to Registered Nurse Training Programs.

How Much Do Rn Make After Taxes

The U.S. Average Registered Nurse RN Salary is $73,550

In the United States the average annual salary for a Registered Nurse is currently $73,550 which breaks down as an average of $35.36 per hour, $1,414 per week and a monthly salary of $6,129.

Have a look at how this compares to the national average wage figures.

Hourly WageWeekly WageMonthly SalaryAnnual Salary
Registered Nurse RN Average Salary$35.36$1,414$6,129$73,550
U.S. National Average Salary$24.34$973$4,218$50,620

Highest Paid States for Registered Nurse

California comes out as the highest paying state for a Registered Nurse with an average annual salary of $102,700 – closely followed by Hawaii $96,990, Washington DC $90,110 and Massachusetts $89,330.

A general split can be seen – the highest paid states tend to be West Coast and North East centers of population (also with high cost of living).

At the other end of the payscale for nurses – Puerto Rico is the lowest paid state with an average RN salary of $34,630 – not so great if you live there!

Registered Nurse Salary by State

For the mainland USA – Arkansas $58,810, Iowa $57,930, Alabama $57,890, Mississippi $57,700 and South Dakota comes bottom with $57,010.

The large variation can in part be explained by simple supply and demand influences – but also cost of living variations. We look at several factors …. if you keep on reading!

You can click on the map above to find Registered Nurse salary information in all states – here you can select your own state and see all the relevant data – highest paying areas, employment figures and more.Search:

StateEmployment NumbersHourly WageAnnual Salary
District of Columbia11,000$43.32$90,110
New Hampshire13,190$33.67$70,040
New Jersey80,560$39.43$82,010
New Mexico16,290$33.58$69,840
New York180,170$40.12$83,450
North Carolina99,210$30.08$62,560
North Dakota9,020$30.35$63,140
Puerto Rico19,090$16.65$34,630
Rhode Island11,820$36.85$76,650
South Carolina43,200$30.59$63,630
South Dakota12,530$27.41$57,010
Virgin Islands$28.26$58,770
West Virginia20,410$29.03$60,380

Highest Paying Cities or Metropolitan Areas for RN’s

California’s metropolitan areas are topping the tables again here. San Francisco, Salinas, San Jose and Oakland are amongst the highest paying cities for Registered nurses in the country – well above the average salary rates nationwide.

How Much Does A Nurse Make A Month In Canada?

Average Registered Nurse Salary in Canada

The table below details the hourly wages for Registered Nurses.

The Canadian national occupation classification code (NOC) for this role is 3012.

Job titles and exact duties vary in this occupation and examples of some job titles are: registered nurse (R.N.), registered psychiatric nurse (R.P.N.), community health nurse and occupational health nurse.

According to the latest figures, the highest hourly average (median) wages are earned in Calgary – Alberta at $46.39 per hour and the lowest average (median) wages are earned in Montreal, Quebec at $33.50 per hour.

A typical full-time annual salary for this occupation is in the region of $75,000 – $95,000.

Employment prospects for registered nurses are very good in Canada. The government forecasts that as the Canadian population ages, demand for health services will increase substantially, increasing demand for health professionals in general. Slightly over 50% of job vacancies will be due to expansion demand.

Average (Median) Hourly Wages for Registered Nurses in Canada

LocationLow Wage
$ per hr
Average Wage
$ per hr
High Wage
$ per hr
Calgary – Alberta*42.5446.3948.152019
Edmonton – Alberta*25.0046.2646.382019
Vancouver / Lower Mainland – British Columbia23.1240.0045.002018
Winnipeg – Manitoba27.3040.0045.002018
Fredericton / Oromocto – New Brunswick24.6538.0043.592018
Halifax – Nova Scotia24.0038.0041.002018
Toronto – Ontario21.0035.0046.002018
Ottawa – Ontario23.0038.0046.002018
Windsor / Sarnia – Ontario22.0035.0045.312018
Hamilton/ Niagara Peninsula – Ontario22.3839.6846.002018
Prince Edward Island25.5438.0041.372018
Montreal – Quebec23.0033.5042.202018
Saskatoon / Biggar – Saskatchewan35.0043.0048.002018

MethodologyExamples of registered nurses’ duties:›› Assessing patients to identify appropriate nursing interventions›› Administering medications and treatments›› Operating or monitoring medical apparatus or equipment›› Assisting in surgery and other medical proceduresVisa

Currently, this occupation is an eligible occupation to apply for express entry immigration with the federal skilled worker permanent resident visa.Comparison with employment unit

The 2020 full-time average hourly wage rate for professional occupations in nursing, which includes registered nurses, is $39.22. The 2020 corresponding median weekly wage rate is $1,492, giving an approximate full-time annual salary for this employment sector of $78,000.Licensing

Registration with a regulatory body is required in all provinces and territories for this occupation.Number in employment

There are over 300,000 registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses working in Canada.

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