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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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home schools in oklahoma

Homeschooling In Oklahoma

Homeschooling In Oklahoma

Welcome to homeschooling in Oklahoma. Whether you are a new or experienced homeschooler and are looking for information that relates to Oklahoma, you have landed in the right place! Time4Learning understands that many questions may arise as you begin homeschooling. Below, we have organized the core information that new homeschoolers will need to know to begin your journey.

  • How to Start Homeschool in Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Homeschooling Laws
  • Oklahoma Homeschool Associations
  • Oklahoma Homeschool Groups and Co-ops
  • Oklahoma Homeschool Field Trips
  • Oklahoma Standardized Testing and Test Prep
  • Why Time4Learning is the Leading Homeschool Curriculum in Oklahoma
  • How to Build the Best Homeschool Curriculum for PreK-12 in Oklahoma

This information should by no means be interpreted as legal advice. It is your responsibility to interpret and understand the laws that you will be homeschooling under.

How to Start Homeschooling in Oklahoma

While homeschooling in Oklahoma is pretty relaxed, knowing the requirements is key to a successful homeschooling experience.

  • Teach at least 180 days out of the year.
  • Send a letter or notice of intent to the principal of your child’s school.
  • Research homeschool curriculum to find which books and programs fit your students and family best.
  • Begin enjoying homeschooling together.
Welcome to Homeschooling Guide

Welcome to Homeschooling Guide

Download this FREE resource where experienced homeschoolers share their stories for how to begin homeschooling, understanding your child academically, planning your days, and much more.

OK Laws

Oklahoma Homeschooling Laws

While the state does not burden homeschooling parents with strict requirements, Oklahoma DOE does require that children start instruction at age 5 until at least 18 years of age and receive instruction for at least 180 days per school year. The Oklahoma DOE also suggests that the instruction provided should be equivalent to the education provided by the state. Learn more about Oklahoma’s homeschool requirements and recommendations on our Oklahoma Homeschool Laws page.

OK Associations

Oklahoma Homeschool Associations

Statewide homeschool associations act as both a support network and a guidebook to the homeschooling process. Prospective, new, and even veteran homeschool parents can benefit from a membership. These associations walk you through every step of your homeschooling journey, alert you to changes in the state homeschooling law, offer a calendar of homeschooling enrichment activities and events, host an annual convention, provide a list of support groups by region, and much more. Read more about Oklahoma’s invaluable statewide homeschool association.

OK Groups and Co-Ops

Oklahoma Homeschool Groups and Co-ops

Just starting out to homeschool? Don’t go at it alone! Get involved in a homeschool group or cooperative near you and get the help you need throughout the homeschool year. Oklahoma support groups range in approaches, worldviews and more. You are sure to find one that best fits your needs!Find out more on our Oklahoma Homeschool Groups and Co-ops page.

OK Field Trips

Oklahoma Homeschool Field Trips

There are many places to visit in in Oklahoma! The Sooner State is a wonderland for homeschool families looking for fun, educational field trips. Get an up close and personal view of Oklahoma’s rich pioneer and Native American heritage at the state’s many museums, intriguing wildlife like bats, bison, and bobcats who wander freely in Oklahoma’s awe-inspiring state parks and wildlife sanctuaries, and go exploring underground in the Alabaster Caverns, the only one of its kind in the US. Please make sure to contact each site before you plan your visit, as COVID-19 may have impacted their hours of operations. Learn more in our Homeschool Field Trips in Oklahoma blog post.

Oklahoma Standardized Testing and Test Prep

While the Oklahoma State Department of Education does not require homeschool students to take regular standardized tests, you may desire to assess your students’ comprehension of core subject matter such as language arts and mathematics by having them take a grade-level appropriate standardized test. And, we here at Time 4 Learning can help. We’ve created this excellent resource, Standardized Testing by State, that will walk you through every detail of preparing your children for testing. And, should you eventually move from the Sooner State and discover that your new state requires testing, you and your children will be prepared.

Why Time4Learning is the Leading Homeschool Curriculum in Oklahoma

We live in a digital age, so excellent computer skills are essential to learning and excelling in school and in life. Named one of the best online homeschools by Consumer Affairs, Time4Learning is an A+ homeschool curriculum option.

  • Time4Learning’s fascinating and entertaining interactive curriculum captivates your students’ minds so learning is easier. View some of our demos and get an up close and personal tour of our innovative online curriculum.
  • Planning is a breeze with our Lesson Planner Tool and Homeschool Planning Worksheets. Set goals and record progress, plan your week, and keep notes on your children’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Enjoy the freedom to create a personalized schedule that matches each child and your family as a whole. Choose to focus on a single subject or work on core subjects such as language arts, science, and mathematics. Or, explore our 4,000+ online and offline activities to sharpen your child’s understanding of specific concepts.
  • Automated grading and recordkeeping helps parents save time to focus more on the fun aspects of homeschooling.
  • Promotes independent learning through the self-guided curriculum.

How to Build the Best Homeschool Curriculum for PreK-12

Homeschool curriculum choices have expanded over the last decade. Parents have much more to choose from than typical textbooks, workbooks, and other traditional schooling methods. Online courses, interactive videos, personal computers, laptops, and tablet devices provide exciting and engaging materials for children to experience. But all of these new methods often confuse parents, especially those who are new homeschoolers.

Eventually, parents come to realize that mixing different tools and activities usually keeps their children stimulated and eager to learn. For more information, review How to Build the Best Homeschool Curriculum for PreK-12.

Oklahoma Unit Study Supplement

Oklahoma Unit Study Supplement

Help your homeschooler learn interesting history and geography facts about Oklahoma in the Time4Learning unit study supplement.

Online Curriculum for Homeschool, Afterschool and Summer Use

In addition to being an award-winning choice for homeschool families, Time4Learning also offers an online after school program to help build your child’s skills. View our lesson demos and discover why thousands of families in Oklahoma are already using it!

Give your student the chance to get back on track or explore exciting electives and get ahead for the next school year with Time4Learning’s online summer school. Our educational materials will engage and challenge your child to succeed.

free homeschooling in oklahoma

Homeschool – How It Works

The programs are easy to use and can be adapted to suit different levels of growth or development in each subject. There’s a comprehensive library of resources and tools to support every lesson and there’s hundreds of them. Each lesson is grade level-based and designed to enrich your child’s key competencies in literacy and math.


KneoWorld’s unique Assign-&-Go lessons offer standard-based literacy and math resources and tools to enrich your students’ experience. Each child can work together at the same time, or individually at their own pace.

KneoWorld program includes:

Story-based Lessons, Game Challenges & Hands-on Activities

Our beautifully crafted, specific grade level stories bridge conceptual understanding with problem solving skills. Your child’s learning is measured using games that allow them to practice key skills and concepts while providing you with real-time data that shows their progression toward mastery.
We include creative thinking challenges! Our hands-on activities give children new ways to work with skills and concepts offscreen. Every activity is academic standard aligned and requires little or no prep time.

A library of Adventures

Connect your child with our cast of KneoExplorers who take them on an epic journey of discovery. These stories engage students with storytelling whilst reinforcing skills such as, reading, math, social studies, science, and critical thinking.

Brain Games

KneoWorld also offers hundreds of problem-solving educational activities to inspire and motivate. Through the power of play, learners practice key skills in critical thinking.

Individualized Learning

Our program can be attuned to your child’s individual needs. Lessons, stories, adventures, and games captivate their imagination making them want to learn.

Analytics and Data

Your child’s progress is assessed via our analytics dashboard so you can see what they are learning.

Exclusive Membership

Access to our exclusive membership group. Get tips on the latest best homeschool practice and how to get the most out of KneoWorld and e-meet other homeschooling parents and teachers.

Measure Progress

KneoAnalytics is a simple and user-friendly online dashboard where principals, teachers, and parents can effortlessly review academic growth. These immediate and measurable results allow educators to tap into the individual needs of their students and offer alternatives for achieving their learner goals. Regular game-based challenges assess children’s progress.

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