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With 25,000 students and more than 70 study programs, Hochschule München is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Bavaria. We offer a wide range of courses from Applied Computer Sciences to Mechanical Engineering and from Bio Medical Engineering to Advanced Nursing Practice. As a university for applied sciences, we are concerned with the practical application of knowledge. Thus, close collaboration with industry and society is our core motive to generate new knowledge and skills. Our services promote the development of our students into innovative practitioners and capable managers. Hochschule München University Of Applied Sciences. Get more information on Hochschule München University Of Applied Sciences, hochschule munchen university of applied sciences ranking, munich university of applied sciences fees, munich university of applied sciences acceptance rate, munich university of applied sciences admission requirements, munich university of applied sciences tuition fees for international students, munich university of applied sciences qs ranking & university of applied sciences germany.

munich university of applied sciences

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Munich University MUAS - About HM

The Master’s programme “Digital Technology Management” aims to provide students will the skills and expertise needed to meet the business challenges related to digital transformation and new technologies. In an international environment, we offer cutting-edge topics and applied science in a dynamic city in order to help close the gap between management and technology.

HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften München) is one of 112 universities included in U-Multirank for Germany. HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences is a very large public university located in Munich with 17123 students enrolled (2017 data or latest available). It was founded in 1823. With regard to the scope of its subjects and degree programmes offered, the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences is a broad institution. It doesn’t offer programmes in foreign languages. It is characterised by a low percentage of international students. The graduation rate of HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences is 54,44 (bachelors) and 90,21 (masters). As made clear by its sunburst chart – a snapshot illustration of the university’s performance profile across the five U-Multirank dimensions – the HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences is strongest in Knowledge Transfer. Its overall profile shows top performance across various indicators, with 2 ‘A’ (very good) scores overall. For a comprehensive overview of this university’s performance, see its complete performance scores in the tables below.

  • Applied Natural Sciences (Last update 2019)
  • Architecture (Last update 2019)
  • Business Administration (Last update 2020) – Fakultät für Betriebswirtschaft
  • Business Administration (Last update 2020) – Fakultät für Tourismus
  • Business Computing (Last update 2020)
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering (Last update 2019)
  • Computer Science (Last update 2021) – Fachbereich Informatik, Mathematik
  • Computer Science (Last update 2021) – Fakultät für Geoinformation
  • Electrical / Information Engineering (Last update 2019)
  • Industrial Engineering (Last update 2020)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Last update 2019)
  • Mechatronics (Last update 2019)
  • Nursing Science (Last update 2021)
  • Social Policy and Social Work (Last update 2020)

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Kind of Institution and funding body University of applied sciences, publicYear of foundation 1971Total number of Students 18,039Students at this campus 18,039Semester contribution 142.40 €Tuition fees no data


Medicine, Health Science 2%Natural Sciences, Mathematics 2.6%Law, Economic and Social Sciences 31.5%Humanities, Languages 0%Engineering Science (incl. Computer Science) 61.3%Other studies 2.6%


Bachelor’s degree 80%Master’s degree 18.6%Teacher qualification degree 0%Pre-Bologna degrees 0%Other types of degrees 1.4%


Opening hours central student counselling

Special features regarding the library

The library of the Munich University of Applied Sciences supplies literature to 14 faculties in all disciplines. We offer around 250,000 print media and 470 current magazines at three locations, as well as a large number of electronic media and databases. Various learning rooms (reading room, individual and group work rooms), as well as PCs, scanners and copiers are available to learners in the libraries from 8:30 a.m. to midnight. The central library is also a standards information point with DIN standards and VDI guidelines.

Foreign language center and courses

There is a foreign language centre. Offered languages: English, French, German as a foreign language, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Turkish as an origin language.

Special features regarding university sports

The university does not have its own sports programme. The sports program is offered by the Central University Sports Munich for all universities in the Munich area. Participation is subject to fees. The ZHS offer includes sports from the fields of ball and game sports, mountain and climbing sports, fitness and health sports, martial arts, dance, trend and leisure sports, gymnastics and athletics, water sports and winter sports. We have a varied course program for each target group with around 600 individual events per semester. In addition to the sport activities, the Central University Sport enables performance-oriented students to participate in national and international university championships.

HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences

HM Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences is in the heart of Munich, and students can easily access diverse leisure activities and a rich cultural and social life. In addition to this, Munich offers even more advantages: you can profit from the good contacts and co-operation that the university has with the local and global economy.

On exchange at Munich, students are able to study subjects within the College of Business. You will earn transfer credit on this program.

Students are highly encouraged to get their Major, Minor and GE courses pre-approved prior to applying to the Exchange program. However you should plan on taking majority Major coursework on this exchange since unit amounts at this university are usually not enough to transfer back towards GE classes.

Munich, Germany

Munich is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world and is also the safest city in Germany.  International rankings rate the Bavarian capital among the cities with the highest quality of living in the world. It is the meeting point of traditional and modern flair, breathtaking nature and beautiful architecture – but it is the hospitable people above all that make Munich so special.

The Hof University of Applied Science is a non-profit institution that is situated in Hof town, Bavaria, Germany. Enrolling over 3,600 students annually, Hof University of Applied Science has an array of undergraduate and graduate programs to offer along with various online and certificate courses in German and English languages.Hof University of Applied Science Campus

The Hof University of Applied Science has two campuses, namely, the Campus Hof and Campus Münchberg. The courses are offered as Full-time and part-time programs both. The institute welcomes students from all over the world to study in Germany. Ranked #189 among national universities in Germany by the UniRank, candidates applying at this university are expected to have a GPA of 3.0 among other general requirements to get admitted at this university.


College TypePublic
Campus Setting Suburban
Degrees offeredBachelor’s and Masters
Academic TermWinter/Semester
Application Deadline Varies 
Admission Office[email protected] or
+49 (0) 9281 / 409 3222
Financial SupportsScholarships

Hof University of Applied Science Campus

  • There are two campuses and student organizations at the Hof University of Applied Science. The campuses are Campus Hof and Campus Münchberg.
  • Campus Hof comprises the leadership and organization of the university, library, athletics, and high-tech laboratories.
  • Campus Münchberg comprises a state testing institute, high-tech laboratories, a machine hall, a library, and the organization of the university. Most of the undergraduate programs are situated at Campus Münchberg.
  • Student clubs and organizations at the university helped the students to get used to the environment and also enlighten the students on job opportunities after graduation.
  • The students are supported at every stage from admissions to placement by the institute via the supportive office staff.

Hof University of Applied Science Accommodation

  • There is accommodation (such as student’s dormitory or private housing) for students at the Hof University of Applied Science. Students can choose from any of the available accommodation either to stay on-campus or outside the school premises.
  • Student Service Organization provides two dormitories in Campus Hof and one dormitory in Campus Münchberg. These dormitories have more than 10 buildings with over 200 rooms.
  • There are state-of-the-art facilities in the accommodation. However, they vary from one apartment to another apartment. The apartments are equipped with modern kitchens comprising tables, chairs, stoves, fridges, ovens, and hotplates.
  • The students can avail one-room apartments, mini-flats, and other apartments. The rent for a room apartment is between EUR 250 – 450 while the rents for mini-flats and other apartments are above EUR 450.
  • The rental contract normally runs for either 6 or 12 months for both the winter semester (September to February) and the summer semester (March to August).
  • Depending on the kinds of student accommodation, one will need to make deposits of EUR 300 – 1000. Students will get the deposits after they move out of the apartments.
  • Students can contact the Housing Office for enquiries or information on accommodation available within or outside the school premises.

Hof University of Applied Science Programs

  • There are several undergraduate and graduate programs at the Hof University of Applied Science.
  • There are undergraduate majors at the Hof University of Applied Science in areas of specializations such as Engineering, Social Science, and Science & Technology.
  • There are also graduate programs at the Hof University of Applied Science in specializations such as M.B.A. and M.Eng. in General Management, Sustainable Management, Software Engineering for Industrial Applications, German-Indian Management Studies, and Operational Excellence.
  • The institution also has an excellent three-week summer course in production and supply chain management. The course combines theoretical knowledge with practical illustrations and field trips to different countries.
  • The available undergraduate and graduate programs are either in English or German language and can be studied online or on-campus.
  • The programs at the university are open to local and foreign students.

Hof University of Applied Science Admission Process

How to apply?

There are several steps and procedures in applying for either an undergraduate or graduate degree program at the Hof University of Applied Science. There are winter and summer academic terms at the university.

Application Portal: Both undergraduate and graduate students have to apply using the Online Application Form available on the website.

Application Fee: No Application Fee

Supporting Documents:

  • Certified Copies of high school and university certificates
  • Certified Copies of high school and university transcripts
  • German language proficiency for foreign applicants
  • English language proficiency tests (such as TOEFL or IELTS)
  • School Reports and Evaluation
  • University Entrance Examination
  • Work experience.

Admission Deadlines: Winter Semester – July, Summer Semester – December. Some programs have different admission deadlines. The deadlines for all programs can be found on the school website.

Hof University of Applied Science Cost of Attendance

The costs of attendance for programs at the Hof University of Applied Science cover tuition fees, food, accommodation, health insurance, and other expenses. The breakdown of the costs of attendance per month is shown in the table below:

Type of ExpensesAmount (EUR)
Tuition FeeDepends on the types of program and students
Recreational Activities100
Personal Expenses (i.e. clothes and medicine)120
Health Insurance90
Residence Permit for Non-EU citizens120

Hof University of Applied Science Financial Aid/Scholarships

  • Students that cannot self-fund their programs have the opportunities to apply for financial support. There are various external organizations offering scholarships in Germany for international students.
  • Local and foreign students can apply for the available scholarships. However, most of the scholarships are based on merits and are given to students with strong academic standings.
  • Some of the Scholarships are as follows:
    • Germany Scholarship is mainly used to support students that are talented and high-achieving. It is solely based on merits. A sum of EUR 300 is given to a successful candidate per month.
    • Advanced Scholarship Programs give individuals professional experience with high education studies. This is mainly used to uncover the skills and talents of workers and turn them to specialists in their respective fields.
    • Bayernstipendium is a programs that gives semester or yearly scholarships to international students. The monthly stipend is determined by the awarding agency such as the Bavarian Ministry of Science and Arts.
    • DAAD Scholarships offer research grants and awards to undergraduate and master’s students, Ph.D. and postdocs researchers. The scholarships are offered to students that enroll in German language programs. The award can be short-term or long-term depending on the type of students and research. The monthly stipends are EUR 750 for undergraduates, EUR 850 for graduates, and EUR 1,200 for doctoral students.

Hof University of Applied Science Alumni Network

  • The alumni network of the Hof University of Applied Science comprises professionals and people from different walks of life in different parts of the world.
  • The alumni society organizes different annual events to enlighten and educate the current students at the university. The members of the alumni are directors and managing partners of reputable organizations.
  • The notable alumni of Hof University of Applied Science and their respective designations include:
    • Professor Ronald Hechtfischer: CEO & Professor of Management at Hof University.
    • Dipl.-Wirtschaftsinf. (FH) Michael Bitzinger: Deputy Chairman & Managing Director of bitzinger GmbH. Graduated in business information technology.
    • Lena Ritter, BA: Treasurer & Commercial Director ontec automation GmbH. International Management Course Graduate.
    • Katrin Blug, MA: Management, Hochschule Hof.

Hof University of Applied Science Placements

  • Career counselling, various job-related events and information, the university offers all the information and assistance to students related to jobs, placements and internships.
  • Events and galas are organized by the university to establish a network of connection between its students and employers from various companies helping them gain new and fresh talent in return for internships and placements for its candidates.
  • In addition, Hof University also organizes tons of workshops, seminars and other informative lectures regarding the same.

munich university of applied sciences

Technical University of Munich,is among the top 9 technical universities in Germany and is known as the University of Excellence. Its academics are divided into 15 departments and 13 research centres. TUM provides 179 interdisciplinary education in the field of engineering sciences, natural & life sciences, management, social sciences, and medicine. 

Admissions at the Technical University of Munich are available in 2 semester intakes of Winter and Summer. TUM has over 42,700 students in it’s graduate and undergraduate programs out of which 13,858 are international students. The offer of admission is based on several factors like language proficiency score, GATE/GRE score, work experience and work portfolio. 

Munich University MUAS - Department of Computer Science and Mathematics

TUM offers various financial aids in the form of awards and scholarships to its national and international students, based on outstanding academic record, defined skills, strong leadership qualities, good recommendations or testimonials. Check Here: Scholarships to study in Germany

Technical University of Munich Rankings

  • Ranked #51 in World University Ranking, by Times Higher Education in 2022
  • Ranked #50 in QS World University Rankings, 2022
  • Listed among top 3 Technical Universities in Europe by Shanghai Ranking, 2022
  • 11 subjects offered by TUM ranked among top 50 in “QS World University Rankings by Subject,” in 2022


University TypePublic
Establishment Year1868
BudgetEUR 1.553 billion
Number of Academic Departments15
Number of Degree Programs179
Mode of ProgramsFull-time; Part-time; Online
Top CoursesArchitecture, Business, Management, Biochemistry, Engineering
Work ExperienceRequired for some courses
International Student Percentage34%
Annual Estimated Cost of AttendanceEUR 10,460
Contact International Office+49 89 289 22245
Website[email protected]

Technical University Munich Campus

TUM has four major campuses in Bavaria: Munich, Garching, Weihenstephan, and Straubing. These houses 15 TUM Schools and Departments and research facilities. Students enjoy a variety of services and amenities in the campus that help in their overall development.

You can have a detail idea of its major campuses below-

  • Munich: It is the oldest and the main campus is spread through three locations: the downtown campus, Olympic Park, and the university hospitals. The departments of Architecture, Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Medicine, Department of Sport and Health Sciences and the Schools of Management, Governance, Education are here.
  • Garching: Largest of all, it has the department of Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics Informatics, research centre and other interdisciplinary networks.The Garching campus is close to Downtown Munich and easily accessible if one travels via subway.
  • Weihenstephan: Home to the TUM School of Life Science, the Weihenstephan campus is located on the fringes of Freising- an old cathedral town rich in history. The campus was established in 1930 and since then has been involved in interdisciplinary research and study of agriculture and life sciences.
  • Straubing: The department Biotechnology and Sustainability lies here and is the fourth main research and study campus of the university.

Technical University Munich Accommodation

There is no on-campus housing available at TUM. However, the institution is committed to assisting foreign students in finding off-campus accommodation in Germany.The following types of accommodation are available:

Room TypeMinimum Average Costs (EURO)Waiting Time
Studio Apartment276,405 semester
Shared Apartment274,905 semester
Single Room in Apartment319,003 semester
Family Flat416,804 semester
Single room for disabled person285,401 semester
Couple Apartment507,002 semester

Less expensive alternative ,living in a dormitory, is also in the option which can cost about EUR 280-350 per month.

Technical University Munich Admission Process

Admission at Technical University of Munich is quite competitive as it has an acceptance rate of only 8%. The University intakes students through its semester based admission offering around 179 degree programs. Most of the degree programs only accept new incoming applicants in the winter semester, and transfer or higher semester applicants in the summer semester.

Application Portal: TUM University Portal
Processing Fee: EUR 48.75
Basic Documents Required:

  • Academic Transcript
  • Language Proficiency Score
  • Aptitude Test Score
  • Entrance Assessment Test
  • Visa
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • VPD Certificate
  • Essay
  • GRE and GATE score
  • Work experience (for certain program)
  • Portfolio of Work
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Relevant Extra Curricular Activities Certificates

Technical University of Munich Cost of Attendance

TUM does not charge any tuition fee.However,students are required to pay a student union fee, and a semester ticket fee twice every year throughout their period of study. Some master’s level executive programs may charge additional fees from students.

Tuition Fee

The fee are same for all the courses but are different as per campus location:

CampusCosts (EURO)
Munich, Garching and Weihenstephan144.40

Living Expenses 2021

ExpensesCosts (EURO)
Health Insurance120

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Technical University of Munich Scholarship

TUM Graduate School does not offer full scholarships; instead, it offers bridge funding and completion grants. PhD candidates should, however, select from a variety of scholarships from external providers such as DAAD and other foundations. The scholarships in Germany listed below are available directly from the TUM.

TUM Graduate School does not offer full scholarships; instead, it offers bridge funding and completion grants. PhD candidates should, however, select from a variety of scholarships from external providers such as DAAD and other foundations

International Student ScholarshipNon-german university entrance certificates500-10,500Good academic record Proof of low income
Scholarship DeutschlandstipendiumUniversity entrance certificates from Germany or abroad300Good academic record. Social engagement and a sense of responsibility Special circumstances such as physical handicaps or a minority
Linde Master Scholarship at the Munich Data Science InstituteStudents from master’s of Data Engineering and Analytics as well as Mathematics in Data Science1000Talented in their field of study Have above-average performance and show particular commitment
Leonzhard Lorenz FoundationPhD candidates1500-5000Good academic record
Loschge ScholarshipStudents of the School of Mechanical Engineering550Students with above-average performance in the course of their studies

In addition, students looking for financial aid can also choose to work. TUM job career and portal has more than 3,000 jobs that the students can choose from.

Technical University of Munich Alumni

The University of Munich supports and offers every possible service to its alumni.

  • The University organizes events and ceremonies to celebrate and honour the alumni for the degree they have earned.
  • Newsletter subscription from the university.
  • Online Community Forum to set up alumni groups, maintain their contact details, apply for alumni email addresses and also connect with former fellow mates.
  • Life long career counselling service.
  • Access to Alumni Magazine.

Notable Alumni:

  • Hans Fischer- Nobel Prize Laureate for Chemistry
  • Rudolf Diesel- invented Diesel Engine
  • Emil Erlenmeyer- known for Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Walter Meissner- known for Meissner Effect
  • Claude Dornier- airplane designer

Technical University of Munich Placement

TUM institutes and department chairs post job and internship openings. The Alumni & Career portal has a variety of appealing positions outside the university. Companies use the portal to promote college employment, internships, and other opportunities for students.

The highest package of Technical University of Munich alumni & graduates are those who have enrolled into Management, Finance, Accounting, Sales & Business Development with as high as 1,23,000 annually. Top TUM Graduates & Alumni Salaries by Degree

DegreeAverage Salary (Euro)
Master in Finance1,00,000
Masters in Management75,000
Executive MBA72,000
Executive Masters70,000
Masters in Science61,000

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The university is ranked among the top research universities in Europe and Germany. It collaborates with TU9, an autonomous society of the most prestigious German Institutes of Technology. TUM has partnered with esteemed firms such as BMW, Audi, and Siemens to move economic information streams. It is also a member of LACTOSE, a regional network of top Asian and European universities for senior lecturers and students.

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