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Last Updated on January 17, 2023

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highest paying lowest education jobs


1. Flight Attendant

2020 Median Salary: $59,050
Quickest Program Length: 3 weeks
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 17% – Much faster than average

If you are searching for a career with travel benefits, consider becoming a flight attendant. In this career, you will serve aircraft passengers food, drinks and provide assistance. You will travel all over the world. However, because travel happens at all hours of the day and night, you will have a varied schedule, which may include nights, weekends, and holidays. If you love to travel this is a good certification to have.

Certificate Opportunities:

Inflight Institute

The Travel Academy

2. Electrician

2020 Median Salary: $56,900
Quickest Program Length: 4 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 8% – Much faster than average

As an electrician, you will be responsible for installing, maintaining, and fixing electrical wiring in homes and/or buildings. In addition, you may be the person who installs monitoring systems, smart gadgets, cameras, and more. You will constantly be working in a different location or different job in this position. However, there are times when you will be working in extreme temperatures, in order to finish a job. This is a high-paying trade, which makes it a top certification to have.

Certificate Opportunities:

Ashworth College

3. Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Mechanics and Installers

2020 Median Salary: $50,590
Quickest Program Length: 10 weeks (typically 6 months)
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 4% – As fast as average

As an HVAC technician, you will be the person who installs and fixes major heating and air conditioning systems. HVACR technicians also work on ventilation and refrigeration systems. In this position you will work in homes, office buildings, hospitals, and more. Because these are public places, you may have to work some irregular hours in order to test and fix system problems. Before choosing this trade certificate, find out what type of certification course your state requires.

Certificate Opportunities:

The Refrigeration School

Ashworth College

4. Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide

2020 Median Salary: $49,970
Quickest Program Length: 4 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase by 29% – Much faster than average

As a Physical Therapy Aide or Assistant, you will work with physical therapists to help patients recover from an illness or possible injury. You may be the person who is setting up equipment, moving patients as well as working on administrative tasks. In this position, you may be required to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays. This is a good career that offers quick schooling.  Before choosing this career, be sure to check your local state’s licensing requirements. With expected job growth of 29% in the next ten years, there will plenty of opportunities in this field.https://widget.careerschoolnow.org/?type=search&area_of_interest=medicine-and-health-care&career=physical-therapy-assisting&designation=both&hide_designation=0&affiliate=mUYYq&property=mhLkr&pixel=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.edsmart.org%2F6-month-certificate-programs-that-pay-well%2F%23PT&header=Find%20Your%20Certificate%20Program%20Now&tagline=&header_background=004785&header_text_color=light&href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.edsmart.org%2F6-month-certificate-programs-that-pay-well%2F

Certificate Opportunities:

U.S. Career Institute

5. Carpenter

2020 Median Salary: $49,520
Quickest Program Length: 4 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 0% – Little or no change

If you enjoy working with your hands, choosing to be a carpenter might be the perfect career for you! You will be building homes, buildings and framework for other types of structures. Carpenters also do plenty of repairs. This trade school career requires a great deal of physical strength and stamina. You will also spend the majority of your time working outdoors, in the elements.

Certificate Opportunities:

Pensacola State College

6.Commercial Truck Driver

2020 Median Salary: $47,130
Quickest Program Length: 2 weeks
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 2% – Slower than average

Almost everything consumers purchase is taken to the store via truck. Truck driving may involve long-hauls, which involve at least one overnight stay; or maybe short-haul, which is a short driving distance. As a truck driver, you will spend most of your time sitting. However, this is also a great way to see many different places, while getting paid to work. Becoming a truck driver is one of the highest paying trade school careers that you’ll find.

Certificate Opportunities:

CDL Training

Best Truck Driving Schools

7. Automotive Service Technician and Mechanic

2020 Median Salary: $44,050
Quickest Program Length: 6 months
Career Outlook: Expected to decrease -4% – Decline

Love cars? Consider a career as an automotive service tech or mechanic. In this trade school career, you will work on different makes and models of cars and light weight trucks. You will diagnose and repair issues, as well as handle routine maintenance. Some people choose to work in auto shops as employees, while others prefer to open their own shop.

Certificate Opportunities:

Universal Technical Institute

8. Bookkeeper
2020 Median Salary: $42,410
Quickest Program Length: 5 months
Career Outlook: Expected to decrease -6% – Decline

As a bookkeeper, you will be responsible for keeping track of finances for a company. You will audit records, keep track of receipts and purchases. You will also make sure that payroll is completed timely and accurately. Addition duties may include journal entries, closing books, and keeping computerized notes of financial transactions. If you are money-minded, this is one of the best certifications to have.

Certificate Opportunities:

Penn Foster

U.S. Career Institute

9. Travel Agent

2020 Median Salary: $42,350
Quickest Program Length: 4 months
Career Outlook: Expected to decrease -26% – Decline

A career as a travel agent could be an ideal choice if you love learning about other places and enjoy helping people. In this position, you will provide details and advice to travel seekers. You may plan the trips as well. It may also be your job to create an itinerary for the traveler. Most travel agents work for travel companies. However, there are several that work from home. This is one of the easier trade certifications you can attain.

Certificate Opportunities:

Ashworth College

The Travel Institute

10. Dental Assistant

2020 Median Salary: $41,180
Quickest Program Length: 10 weeks
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 7% – Faster than average

As a dental assistant, your tasks may vary quite a bit. You may spend part of your day helping to check patients in, scheduling visits to taking x-rays of patients. This career is a good choice if you like to add variety to each day and you enjoy working with others. While this is one certification program that pays well, we advise you to check your state for licensing requirements.

Certificate Opportunities:
Stratford Career Institute

Center Creek Dental

11. EMT and Paramedic

2020 Median Salary: $36,650
Quickest Program Length: 2 weeks
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 6% – Faster than average

Choosing to become an EMT or paramedic is one of the best trades to get into if you enjoy helping people and can handle a high-stress environment. A typical day in this trade may start out slow, with you stocking the ambulance, but in an instant, you could be saving a child from drowning or rushing a heart attack victim to the hospital. In this medical certification program, you will learn to stabilize patients, deliver babies, manage fractures, insert IV lines and more. You will also learn how to provide oxygen as well as deliver CPR. This fast-paced career provides a level of excitement that you rarely find in the workforce.

Certificate Opportunities:

EMT & Fire Training Incorporated

National Medical Education & Training Center

12. Phlebotomy Technician

2020 Median Salary: $36,320
Quickest Program Length: 10 weeks
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 17% – Much faster than average

As a phlebotomy technician, you will spend your days drawing blood from people. You may be collecting the blood for individual testing, research or possibly for donations. You will have the opportunity to explain to the patient why and how you will be taking their blood. There are plenty of employment opportunities to consider for phlebotomists. You may work in labs, donor centers as well as doctor’s offices and hospitals. This is a quick certification that pays well.

13. Medical Assistant

2020 Median Salary: $35,850
Quickest Program Length: 6 weeks
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 19% – Much faster than average

A career as a medical assistant allows you to help people stay well. In this medical certificate program, you will learn how to take a proper patient history, take an accurate temperature and perform administrative tasks as well. You may also be the person who teaches the patient how to dress their own wounds, take certain medications or find a specialist. You will be face to face with a variety of patients, who will also bring in a variety of germs. Keeping up to date on vaccinations is important, as well as eating healthy, taking care of yourself, and having excellent hand washing hygiene. This is a quick healthcare job certificate that pays well.

Certificate Opportunities:

Online Medical Assistant Programs

Become a Medical Assistant in 6 Weeks

14. Pharmacy Technician

2020 Median Salary: $35,100
Quickest Program Length: 4 months
Career Outlook: Expected to increase 4% – As fast as average

One of the top healthcare certifications in demand is for pharmacy technicians. Your job role, in this career, you will help people to understand their medications, as well as filling their prescriptions. You will also have the opportunity to explain medication, possible interactions, and side effects with customers. In this career, you will also help clients locate over-the-counter remedies such as vitamins and herbal remedies. Other duties may include scheduling and supervising pharmacy staff members. You can find careers for pharmacy techs in hospitals, grocery stores, clinics, prisons, and more. Check your state’s licensing and requirements for this certification career, before you choose your school.

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