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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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25 High-Paying Jobs You Can Get Right Out of College

By Indeed Editorial Team

February 25, 2021

The workforce presents a wide variety of salaries depending on your particular industry. Given the rising cost of education, securing a high-paying position right out of college makes it easier to pay off any loans and live a more comfortable life. In this article, we list the highest-paying industries and 25 jobs paying over $70,000 that you can get right out of college.

Which industries offer high-paying salaries right out of college?

.If you want a good-paying job right out of college, look for jobs in lucrative industries. Here are some of the highest-paying industries for college graduates:

  • Engineering: The engineering field uses science and math to solve a variety of problems. Engineers often design and build structures and machines. Not only do engineers determine how things operate, but they also put scientific findings to practical use.
  • Medical: The medical or healthcare industry provides goods and services to help a variety of patients with different conditions. They provide a variety of care including preventive and rehabilitative care to patients of all ages.
  • Computer science: Computer science involves a variety of topics including the study of algorithms, information and computation. It also involves hardware and software development, artificial intelligence and the application of mathematics, engineering and logic.
  • Finance: The finance industry houses several businesses that manage money. These firms and institutions provide their financial services to a variety of customers.

25 of the highest-paying out-of-college jobs

While you won’t necessarily have a lot of work experience right out of college, you still have the opportunity to earn a generous paycheck. Here are 25 jobs that pay over $70,000 to college graduates, whether you just earned a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree:

1. Financial analyst

National Average Salary: $72,176 per year

Primary Duties: Financial analysts evaluate a company’s current and past financial performance. They review financial data, create reports and make predictions based on their assessment. Financial analysts also explore investment opportunities and help determine the potential outcomes regarding a company’s business decisions.

2. Industrial engineer

National average salary: $76,343 per year

Primary duties: Industrial engineers assess production processes and identify methods for eliminating wastefulness. They develop efficient systems in a variety of sectors like manufacturing and transportation. Industrial engineers essentially work to make a system more efficient in the hopes of increasing productivity, quality and overall safety.

3. Petroleum engineer

National average salary: $78,568 per year

Primary duties: Petroleum engineers look for oil and gas in an attempt to meet the country’s energy needs. They develop methods for oil and gas extraction and petroleum recovery and oversee the drilling process. Petroleum engineers also look for ways to extract oil and gas from older wells.

4. Biomedical engineer

National average salary: $81,290 per year

Primary duties: Biomedical engineers use a combination of engineering principles and medical and biological sciences throughout their daily responsibilities. They design and create biomedical equipment and devices you find in the healthcare industry.

5. Civil engineer

National average aalary: $87,342 per year

Primary duties: Civil engineers help improve the foundation of our immediate environment. They oversee a building’s construction and the maintenance of roads, bridges, railways and other structures.

6. Chemical engineer

National Average Salary: $89,325 per year

Primary duties: Chemical engineers use science and mathematics to develop and improve processes used for producing things like food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. They conduct tests to ensure the effective performance of these processes throughout their production.

7. Mechanical engineer

National average salary: $93,459 per year

Primary duties: Mechanical engineers design, build and test power-producing machines. They also install or help improve a variety of mechanical systems and components. They use a combination of their scientific skills and problem-solving skills throughout the design and build process.

8. Electrical engineer

National average salary: $94,402 per year

Primary duties: Electrical engineers design and create electrical control systems and equipment. They also test the equipment and oversee the manufacturing of electrical devices, equipment and systems.

9. Nuclear engineer

National average salary: $94,523 per year

Primary Duties: Nuclear engineers develop electrical equipment and systems to make the most of nuclear energy and radiation. Some nuclear engineers look for ways to use radioactive materials in the industrial or medical fields.

10. Statistician

National average salary: $99,996 per year

Primary duties: Statisticians use their mathematical skills to analyze data and draw conclusions. They look for trends in datasets, create methods and processes for data collection and communicate with stakeholders regarding their findings. Statisticians also help companies improve their business and organizational strategies.

11. Mathematician

National average salary: $100,430 per year

Primary duties: Mathematicians work with companies and come up with solutions to practical problems using mathematical theories and methods. They gather and analyze data and present their findings in the hopes of solving problems across several sectors.

12. Aerospace engineer

National average salary: $102,144 per year

Primary Duties: Aerospace engineers help develop aircraft, spacecraft satellites and missiles. They ensure all designs follow engineering principles, project specifications and meet the overall goal of the project. In addition, aerospace engineers test aircraft and aerospace products as needed.

13. Computer scientist

National average salary: $107,102 per year

Primary Duties: Computer scientists identify ways to transmit and transform information through the use of a computer. They develop algorithms and computing languages, look for new ways to work with computers and test new computer systems and designs. Computer scientists also look for ways to improve a computer’s hardware.

14. Economist

National Average Salary: $107,154 per year

Primary duties: Economists gather and evaluate data, perform research on economical matters and present their findings using tables, charts and reports. They also predict future market trends and conduct surveys.

15. Software engineer

National average salary: $107,181 per year

Primary Duties: Software engineers specialize in engineering and programming languages. They create software products and computer games, ensure the efficient operation of network control systems and help improve these systems by identifying common issues.

16. Pharmacist

National average salary: $113,871 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacists prepare medications, interpret physician orders and and review patient drug therapies. They also ensure they provide patients with the right dosage, help prevent harmful drug interactions and advise patients on how to use their medications safely.

17. Actuary

National average salary: $114,724 per year

Primary duties: Actuaries help maintain a society’s financial stability. They manage risks and determine the financial consequences of certain risks and uncertainty. Using mathematics and financial theory, they work alongside clients and businesses to create policies that help minimize costs incurred from said risks.

18. Certified registered nurse anesthetist

National average salary: $159,827 per year

Primary duties: Certified registered nurse anesthetists administer anesthesia to patients prior to their surgical procedures. They monitor their patients throughout surgery and help them have a smooth recovery after surgery.

19. Pediatrician

National average salary: $187,606 per year

Primary Duties: Pediatricians diagnose and treat children of all ages. They also manage their health, whether it’s mental, physical or behavioral issues they’re suffering from. Pediatricians conduct examinations, assess a child’s physical development and prescribe medications as needed. They also advise parents on how to care for their children at home in regards to their health.

20. Dentist

National average salary: $209,708 per year

Primary duties: Specializing in oral health, dentists diagnose and help prevent oral diseases. Dentists also create treatment plans for their patients, examine their teeth and gums, review the results of diagnostic tests and X-rays and ensure their patients receive a safe amount of anesthesia during dental procedures.

21. Psychiatrist

National average salary: $219,009 per year

Primary Duties: Psychiatrists evaluate patients with mental, behavioral or emotional issues and disorders. They create a treatment plan based on their diagnosis and prescribe medication as needed. Psychiatrists monitor a patient’s recovery and make changes to their treatment plan as needed.

22. Physician

National average salary: $221,903 per year

Primary duties: Physicians examine their patients and assess their medical history. They often prescribe medications, order diagnostic tests and interpret these tests to reach a diagnosis. Physicians also counsel their patients regarding best health practices and preventative care.

23. Orthodontist

National average salary: $227,717 per year

Primary duties: Orthodontists assess their patient’s dental problems and fit them for braces, denture and other orthodontic appliances. They perform exams to better determine their patient’s needs. Orthodontists also create teeth molds and prepare their patient’s mouth for braces using spacers, arch wires or other appliances.

24. Surgeon

National average salary: $248,516 per year

Primary duties: As the leader of a surgical team, surgeons prepare patients for surgery, perform the surgery and provide them with postoperative surgical care. Surgeons inform their patients about the risks that come with surgery and evaluate their patient’s recovery process after surgery.

25. Anesthesiologist

National average salary: $381,992 per year

Primary duties: Anesthesiologists monitor a patient before, during and after a surgical procedure. They develop anesthetic plans and administer anesthesia prior to surgery. Anesthesiologists also use their knowledge of pain management and critical care medicine to ensure patient safety and comfort before, during and after a surgical procedure.

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