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The PhD program in the Department of Economics at Harvard is addressed to students of high promise who wish to prepare themselves for careers in teaching and research in academia or for responsible positions in government, research organizations, or business enterprises. Are you a student trying to find out about the Harvard Economics PhD Acceptance Rate? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Find out all the information you need on Harvard Economics PhD Acceptance Rate and so on right here on Collegelearners.com. You can also learn about the latest findings on harvard economics phd students, harvard economics undergraduate acceptance rate and harvard economics undergraduate entry requirements.

Seminar in Labor Economics | Department of Economics

A PhD usually involves students engaged independently in original and significant research in a specific field or subject prior to the production of a publication-worthy thesis. By undertaking a PhD, you will become an expert, possibly an international expert, in your chosen field. A doctorate is the highest academic degree that can be awarded by a university. In Germany, studying for a doctorate means working intensively on a specific subject or research project over a long period of time. The duration of the doctorate also varies. Three to five years is typical. If you decide to take a doctorate, you can choose between different forms of study.

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Harvard Business Economics PhD Acceptance Rate

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious and well-known universities in the world. It was established in 1636, making it the oldest institution of higher education in the US. A founding member of the Ivy League, Harvard offers a variety of graduate programs that consistently top national rankings. Currently, the university is home to 12 schools spanning the fields of law, business, engineering, medicine, design, education, public health, and the arts and sciences.

ProgramUS News RankingGRE Required?Avg. GRE ScoresAvg. GPAAcceptance Rate
Economics PhD1YesV: 97th percentile
Q: 97th percentile
Graduate | Department of Economics

Harvard Economics PhD Acceptance Rate

The department of Economics at Harvard University is committed to seeking out and mentoring scholars who wish to pursue a rigorous and rewarding career in economic research. Our graduates are trailblazers in their fields and contribute to a diverse alumni community in both the academic and non-academic sectors. We invite you to learn more and apply to the PhD program in Economics. 

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Application Requirements

  • Completed online application form (Must be completed by September 1st)
  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Transcripts for all college/university degrees and courses
    Self-reported transcripts are accepted for both all programs at the application stage. Applicants must upload copies of his/her transcripts to the online application system. Hard copy transcripts will only be required if admitted to a program, prior to enrollment.
  • Current GRE scores (see details below)
  • TOEFL or IELTS scores (non-native English speakers see details below)
  • Three letters of recommendation (at least one from an academic source). Recommendation letters must be submitted online through the online application system. Hard copy recommendation letters will not be accepted.
  • $105 application fee via credit card
  •  Writing sample (at least 15 pages in length)

GRE Scores

All applicants are required to take the General Test of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Submitted test scores must not be older than five years, and must be from a test taken between December 1, 2015 and December 1, 2020 for Fall 2021 enrollment. Applicants are, however, advised to take the exam no later than mid-November. There is no minimum test score requirement. A department code is not required for score submission.
Institution Codes for PhD Programs
GRE: 3451

Financial Aid

All admitted students are awarded a financial package which includes tuition, single-person health insurance, living stipend for the first two years, teaching and research assistant stipends and a completion fellowship in the final year of the program.

International Applications

Adequate command of spoken and written English is required for admission. Applicants whose native language is other than English and who do not hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an institution at which English is the language of instruction must submit TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Submitted scores must not be older than two years, and must be from a test taken between December 1, 2018 and December 1, 2020 for Fall 2021 enrollment. The committee prefers scores of at least 100 on the internet-based test.
Institution Codes for Toefl score reports
PhD programs: 3451


Applicants who applied last year are considered reapplicants. Those reapplying must submit a completely new application. The new application must include all required documents to be provided by the applicant – we will not re-use material previously submitted. These materials include an updated statement of purpose, transcripts, test score reports, updated letters of recommendation, the application fee, and any other supporting materials

Please note, Harvard University will accept no more than three applications from any one individual over the course of his/her lifetime.

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Applying to more than one Program

Harvard has several PhD programs that may also be of interest to students considering applying to the PhD program in economics. These include Business Economics, Political Economy and Government, Public Policy, and Health Policy.  Many students in these programs have considerable overlap in their coursework with courses offered to PhD students in economics.   Many also have dissertation committees that include faculty members of the economics department. Please refer to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences for applicable program deadlines.  (Deadlines have already passed for some programs this year but not for others.)


Since Harvard is the most prestigious school in the world, it is natural that getting admission, there will be highly competitive. For over half of the programs offered at various Harvard’s schools, the average GRE score requirements are in the upper 80th Percentile. Even in Engineering, where Verbal scores are not that important, Harvard’s GRE verbal expected score is 162+.

Moreover, having a high GRE score does not guarantee admission since there are so many other factors that Harvard takes into account. Some of these factors include:

  • Immaculate Personal Statement or Essays
  • The caliber of your referees and their references
  • Work Experience (in case of professional degrees)
  • Research experience & Publications (in case of research programs)
  • GPA and your grades in relevant courses

When it comes to applying to Harvard, you should strive to perfect every aspect of your application. GRE & GPA are just part of the process but don’t solely rely on them. The competition is fierce, so you should be putting months of effort in planning your application to any Harvard program. In addition, purchasing college essay online can also affect applicant scores, so be careful using those services.

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What Is Harvard’s Average GRE Score

The average GRE score requirement varies from school to school at Harvard. For instance, Harvard Graduate School of Education accepted Ph.D. candidates with an average of 156 (Quantitative) and 159 (verbal). On the other hand, for the engineering school, the Quant scores were at 167, while verbal scores stood at 162. So, you cannot aim for one specific score since it varies greatly between disciplines and depends on other broader criteria. A graduate program in English would require a 90th percentile or so verbal score. Even for Analytical Writing (AWA), which is not considered very important, Harvard’s overall average AWA score is around 4.5.

Regardless of whichever discipline you are targeting, you should aim for a high 85 percentile score on each section. Harvard law school, for example, requires either the LSAT or the GRE. Though Law schools are not very focused on the quant scores, Harvard Law School (HLS) students have an average GRE score in mid 80th Percentile. (162+ Quant and 161+ Verbal)

Moreover, anomalies are always there – for instance, someone I know got into Harvard business with a GRE score of 159 Q and 154 V. Now, why did this happen? It is simple; he had over seven years of professional experience with over four marketing publications in reputed international journals. The key is not to fret a lot over the GRE scores since you are a well-rounded candidate – however, if you lack in other areas, then GRE can be a savior.

Harvard Business School PhD Acceptance Rate - College Learners

Below I have divided the average GRE score requirement of each of Harvard’s schools. Moreover, within each school, you will find the average GRE scores of the admitted applicants for the respective individual programs. All programs have been arranged for you, and in case you have trouble finding your program, you can use the search bar in the tables.

Harvard Business School

  • Average Quant Score: 166
  • Average Verbal Score: 162
  • Average AWA Score: 5.0
  • Average GPA: 3.85

Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

Program OfferedAverage GRE Quant ScoreAverage GRE Verbal ScoreAverage GRE AWA ScoreAverage Undergraduate GPA
MS/MBA Biotechnology: Life Sciences1641625.03.8
PhD in Business Administration1651615.53.85
PhD in Business Economics1641625.03.75
PhD program in Organizational Behavior1651615.03.8

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

  • Average Quant Score: 167
  • Average Verbal Score: 163
  • Average AWA Score: 4.5
  • Average GPA: 3.8

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