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Last Updated on December 28, 2022

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Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) Hamburg Courses, Ranking, Admission Criteria, Fee & Scholarships

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Hamburg university of technology is a private university located in Hamburg, Germany. Currently, the university has around 8000 students and 700 academic staff. The university has 23.3% international students. The university works on a semester system and has a winter and summer intake.

The Hamburg University of Technology is a state of art technical university and invites students from around the globe to study in Germany. The enrolment in the university is seen to be 7,861, out of which 23.3% of the students are international. The university has offered more than 1210 degrees and 104 doctorates so far.

Hamburg University of Technology Rankings

Hamburg University of Technology is ranked:

  • The university has been ranked 601-800th around the globe by Times Higher Rankings and 101-150th in Young University Rankings.
  • According to UniRank, the university has been ranked 63 in Germany and 1011 in the world. 
  • According to US News and Rankings, the university has been ranked 1044 in the world.
  • According to Study EU, the university stands at 283 in Europe and 601 in the world. 
  • One of the top 10 universities in Germany by Uni ranking 2019 of the business magazine Wirtschaftswoche.


Campus settingCountryside
Registration fee (for international students)Not mentioned
English proficiency test scores acceptedIELTS/ TOEFL/ Cambridge English Test
Financial aidAvailable

Hamburg University of Technology Campus

  • The campus is located in Hamburg. Not only is Hamburg famous for its geographical location, but also it is famous as a growth centre in Europe altogether.
  • The university has only one campus in Germany, but partners with other universities all over the globe.
  • The university has an unimaginable library, and the campus mixes heritage and culture along with modern technology.

Hamburg University of Technology Residence

  • The Hamburg University of Technology does not have its own residence or accommodation facility.
  • International students can choose from a room in a student hall of residence, a room in a shared hall or can even get their own rented apartment.
  • The cost of a furnished room ranges from euro 350 to euro 650. International students have to sign the rental agreement as well.
  • The university provides a complete step by step detail and other required answers for international students finding accommodation in Hamburg and nearby areas in its online brochure.

Hamburg University of Technology Programs

  • The Hamburg University of Technology offers programs in various disciplines like shipbuilding, logistics and mobility, IT, process technology, mechatronics and others.
  • The bachelor programs are only available in the German language.
  • International students can, on the other hand, look for masters programs available in the English language.
  • Some of the international study programs include chemical and bioprocess engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering and management and many others.

Hamburg University of Technology Application Process

The application process is quite simple at the Hamburg University of Technology as students residing out of Europe just need to fill an online application which is flexible and can be completed easily.

Application Portal: All students are required to fill the online application form through the official college website, apply section.

Application Fee: not mentioned

Bachelors Program (Winter Semester)June 1 to July 15
German language masters programsJan 15 (Summer Semester), July 15 (Winter Semester)
International Master’s ProgramMarch 1

Admission Requirements:

  • Official academic degree certificate
  • Curriculum vitae or resume
  • Complete university transcript of record
  • Official explanation of university grading system
  • Financial support evidence in the form of the International certificate of finances
  • International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language by submitting TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge English test scores.

Hamburg University of Technology Costs of Attendance

The total cost including accommodation, semester contribution, costs for study material, health insurance, personal expenses may sum up to an average of euro 800.

Some of the costs of attendance are given below:

Semester contribution332.10 EUR
Cost of living350-650 EUR
Health insurance, Accommodation800 EUR

Hamburg University of Technology Financial Aid

  • Many options are available for students to finance their education at the Hamburg University of Technology. Education loans are available for only higher semesters. International students can apply for work along with study to fulfil their financial needs.
  • The university provides scholarships and financial aid, however, students can apply for scholarships to a variety of foundations in Germany. Scholarships specifically for international students include the DAAD Scholarships, sdw scholarships.
  • Financial Assistance for Final Exam: It is offered by DAAD and is valid for six months. It is meant for international students who complete their degree within a year and have good grades.
  • Scholarship for Academic Performance: It is meant for the international applicants who have completed at least one semester at TUHH with outstanding academic performance. It is valid for 12 months and application form can be downloaded and can be submitted either through email or via postal mail.

Hamburg University of Technology Alumni

The university has its very own TU and YOU family, for alumni all around the globe. The family conducts several events, and functions all round the year for alumni like alumni excursion, alumni roundtable, and so forth.

Hamburg University of Technology Placements

  • The Hamburg University of Technology has a career centre of its own. The centre provides career guidance and helps you build your profile to enter the work field after completion of your graduation. 
  • The university organises various career fairs and workshops every year. Apart from this the university also assists in finding jobs after graduation. 

The way to a course of study at TUHH

Welcome to the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). We are delighted that you are interested in a course of study at our university. You will find the different study programs and qualifications in the navigation area above (“Degree Courses”). You can apply for a place in one of our Bachelor’s or Master’s study programs. The TUHH also makes its teaching and research capacities available to guests such as exchange students.

Please click here to find the next orientation meetings for applicants.

Application for a regular study place for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

An application for a German-language Master’s program (exception: International Management and Engineering will offer for winter semester only) for the summer semester 2021 is possible from December 1 st, 2020 to January 15th, 2021.

The Bachelor’s degree programs will offer for winter semester only. The application period for the Bachelor’s degree programs for all applicants is expected to start on June 1st, 2021 and ends on July 15, 2021.

The application period for an international Master’s program for the winter semester 2022/23 is expected to start in December 2021 and ends on March 1, 2022. The pre-check can be found here.Application Portal TUNE

Please refer to the menu on the right concerning our degree courses and the application and admission procedure.

Graduates interested in PhD at TUHH can find information concerning a doctorate here.

Opportunities for periods of study outside the scope of a regular program

Are you already enrolled as a student at a university in a country other than Germany and would like to spend one or two semesters at the TUHH as part of a partnership program in the course of your studies? Then join us as an exchange student. Or would you like to study for a PhD after graduating or to spend time at the TUHH as an academic guest? Then here is where you will find all of the important information that you need.

International Academic Programs

Challenge in Engineering Science

The increasing globalization of markets requires an increasing internationalization of education. The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) is prepared to accept this challenge by offering an international academic program in the engineering sciences. It consists of an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree course and and 11 Master’s degree courses, four of them are given in cooperation with prestigious European universities. One of them is funded by the European Union under the ERASMUS Mundus scheme and another one is funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). These academic courses are characterised by the following features:

  • graduation qualifications are compatible with the Anglo-American Bachelor’s / Master’s system
  • courses taught in English
  • integrated industrial training
  • open to applicants of all nationalities
  • German language courses accompany the program
  • For the courses funded by ERASMUS Mundus and DAAD, generous scholarships are available for outstanding candidates. (Please note the different deadline for application to these courses!)

Master’s programs

European Master’s programs 

NIT Northern Institute of Technology Management in Hamburg

Bachelor’s program

Further Information

Engineering education made in Germany

Germany continues to improve its reputation for producing world-class engineers. The Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) offers Master’s degree courses in engineering in English language. Education of the highest quality will lead you to the Master of Science degree within two years. The Master’s degree courses at TUHH are open to students from all over the world. We are looking for highly motivated well-qualified engineers who wish to acquire an excellent graduate education in a challenging international academic environment. If you are a future-oriented and open-minded human being with a strong interest in innovative education and research, you should join TUHH. Furthermore, together with our partner, the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NIT), we can offer 30 very skilled and ambitious students per year the Dual Degree Program “Master of Science in Engineering + M.A. or MBA in Technology Management”.

Set of competences to be aquired

The profile of higher engineering education at TUHH focuses on research and application.. It is characterized by features such as humanism, the Humboldt Principle of unity of research and teaching and a solid mathematical and scientific foundation. The base of knowledge covers a wide range, and priority is given to knowledge of methodology as opposed to the mere repetition of knowledge. This allows quick adoption into new fields of technology and new branches of employment. The solid and comprehensive education leads to a qualification and a personality for a promising professional or academic career.

Educational organization

Teaching the methodology and logic of engineering – “learning to think” – is a key aspect of the TUHH studies. Only in this way can one acquire the knowledge to keep pace with rapid technological change. This sound theoretical foundation is rounded off by a well-balanced mixture of practical application in internships, projects and thesis work. It should be noted that students at TUHH are trained to think and decide for themselves, to learn and to work independently as well as in international teams representing many different academic, national and cultural backgrounds. TUHH promotes interdisciplinary research, teaching and learning. Students will be integrated into research and development projects at an early stage, thus providing a smooth transition to working life.

Excellent education

The establishment of the International Academic Programmes at TUHH has been sponsored and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the Association of German University Rectors (HRK). The expertise and support of these organisations contributes to the high quality of the programme. In addition to that, the master’s degree courses at TUHH have been accredited by ASIIN. ASIIN is a registered German accreditation agency which specialises in accrediting degree programmes from the fields of engineering, informatics/computer science, the natural sciences and mathematics. ASIIN was officially accredited by the German Accreditation Council (“Akkreditierungsrat”) on 12 December 2002. It enjoys broad international recognition and maintains a closely-woven network of international contacts.

In addition to first-rate study programs and modern facilities, students at TUHH find a wide range of complementary offers including orientation sessions, special tutorials, language and humanities courses, sports and cultural activities as well as an accommodation office.

Fees and expenses

The semester contribution of approximately 300 € per semester includes an administrative fee, a social fee for the student service organization and the student union as well as the payment for a six-month Hamburg public transport ticket.

In addition to first-rate study programs and modern facilities, students at TUHH find a wide range of complementary offers including orientation sessions, special tutorials, language and humanities courses, sports and cultural activities as well as an accommodation office.

According to a DAAD estimate, you should reckon with monthly living expenses totalling at least 800 €.

Further details regarding fees and expenses as well as information on financing your studies is available here.

University Ranking

World University Rankingsby Times Higher Education2021601  100 2020501 2019-World University Rankings is a vital resource that provides the definitive list of the world’s best universities. Read moreBest Global Universities Rankingsby U.S. News & World Report20211044  93 2020951 2019-Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report presents all the top universities from the U.S. and 60 other countries around the world. They measure the rate of students going to their second year of studies, as well as the rate of students who graduate. It also asks university representatives on the performance of universities, and evaluates university resources, teacher salaries, graduation rates, student academic achievements and satisfaction. After calculating and comparing these criteria, U.S. News ranks the top international universities accordingly.

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