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Last Updated on December 28, 2022

The MacEwan University Enrolment is one of the largest in the country, and we ensure every graduate is equipped with a good job and life skills to succeed. As a percentage of Saskatchewan students enrolling this year, MacEwan University holds the highest percentage of Aboriginal students among post-secondary institutions. The university offers courses in Business Management, Human Resources Management and Professional Accounting, as well as Honours programs.

Once you’ve been accepted to your program at MacEwan University, Enrolment Services explains the processes and policies related to enrolling in courses and manages your academic record, including your grades and academic standing. Enrolment Services is one of several operational units in the Office of the University Registrar that work together to support MacEwan University students.

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Student Success - MacEwan University

macEwan admissions

Drop or withdraw from a MacEwan University course

The deadlines listed in the academic schedule for adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses are strictly adhered to. Non-attendance in a course does not constitute a withdrawal from the course. Notifying your instructor, ceasing to attend classes, or stopping payment on a cheque will not be accepted as a course drop or withdrawal.

Drop – Before the add/drop deadline

Program students who have the ability to register for courses online using myStudentSystem can also drop courses via myStudentSystem up until the add/drop deadline each term as listed in the academic schedule. These changes will not appear on your academic transcript.


  • If your course has both a lecture and lab component, please ensure that you withdraw from both sections.
  • Verify your final registration selection by viewing your class schedule. You will be charged tuition fees on all selected courses.
Bachelor of Commerce - MacEwan University

grant macEwan university enrollment deadline

Withdraw – After the add/drop deadline and prior to the withdrawal deadline

Program students who have the ability to register for courses online using myStudentSystem can withdraw from courses via myStudentSystem up until the withdrawal deadline each term as listed in the academic schedule.

You will receive a “W” on the course which does not affect your GPA. If you withdraw from a course that is a prerequisite for another course you are registered in, you must also withdraw from the subsequent course. We strongly recommend you see an advisor to discuss how this will affect your progress in your program.

After the withdrawal deadline

No changes can be made to your course schedule. You will receive a final grade in your courses based on work completed and this final grade will be included in your GPA.


Any changes to your course schedule may alter your fee assessment. Refunds if applicable are calculated according to the scheduled refund categories in Policy E2112 (Refunds of Tuition and Student Fees).

Re-applying after an absenceStudents returning to the university after an absence of 12 or more consecutive months must re-apply to their program of choice through ApplyAlberta.If you re-apply, your application will be evaluated according to the admission requirements valid at the time of re-application. If you are re-applying to a competitive program, you will be competing with the new group of applicants.

macEwan university application fee

Application fees are non-refundable. The application fee must be paid each time an application for admission is submitted.


Application for Admission Fee$110
Outbound Exchange Student Application Fee$100

macEwan university application process

You can begin enrolling in classes using myStudentSystem on or after your enrolment date. You are assigned an individual and unique enrolment appointment date for Fall and Winter terms. The earliest appointments are scheduled in March; however, your date may be scheduled as late as July.

You can begin enrolling in classes using myStudentSystem on or after your enrolment date.
Enrolment Dates

  1. Log in to using your Network ID and password.
  2. Launch myStudentSystem from the Quick Links menu.
  3. From your student homepage, select Manage Classes.
  4. Click on Enrollment Dates in the menu.

macEwan enrollment verification

How do I get proof of enrollment in MacEwan?

  1. Log in to
  2. Launch myStudentSystem.
  3. Go to the Academic Records tile.
  4. Click Enrolment Verification from menu on the left.
  5. Select the Terms.
  6. Open pdf to view or print.
Student Success - MacEwan University

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