german literature

german literature in the age of enlightenment and romanticism. many german authors and their works we will read and discuss include: friedrich von schiller, johann wolfgang von goethe, christian f riedrich hegel, georg wilhelm friedrich hegel, anonymous works , franz kafka, carl maria von weber, wolfgang amadeus mozart, martin luther, richard wagner

You think understanding the German language is a hard job. It’s even more difficult to get acquainted with German literature. Germans have been educated in many languages and dialects for a long time, while their literature has been influenced by a lot of other cultures. Linguistic diversity and multiculturalism have shaped German literature in a unique way that makes it a very distinct feature of the European culture. Christianity has also contributed a lot to this effect. It all started with the stutterer, Martin Luther, who translated the Bible from Greek and Hebrew into German, altering Europe’s history so significantly thus creating an impact too big to ignore.

Germany has a truly unique literature, comprising of three major periods: Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque, and finally the Modern. Each period is characterized by innovative literary changes which further enriched German literature.

list of German Literature

It is in this manner that in order to give English literature in German universities an impulse for the future it is imperative to gain entire freedom of choice both in the selection of authors and in the arrangement of details.

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