german fantasy novels

Are you looking for German fantasy novels? Perhaps you are studying German… Perhaps you are looking for stories of magic and wonder, knights and queens, fey creatures, damsels in distress?

I love reading, but I have a special love for German fantasy novels. But my English speaking friends always tell me the books are boring and they don’t understand why I read them. So my suggestion would be to start with a series that is already translated into English.

It’s time to reconnect with your childhood. Specifically, the part when you used to read stories about epic quests in ancient worlds filled with dragons, goblins, and orcs. If you’d like to get back to that by reading German fantasy novels, here are some great options for your consideration.

list of German Fantasy Novels

Many people find it extremely difficult to think about German language and literature. There are many advantages that you can get if you learn the language and one of them is that it will be easy for you to read and understand some german fantasy stories.

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