german books for intermediate learners

The best german books for intermediate learners. You can buy a new or a used book from, but it’s more fun to check out your local thrift stores, garage sales and library sales for old school books. Why do I advise that you use old books? Old books have been used by other students and your teacher can help you with any problems or if you just want some advice on how to tackle a certain grammatical point. Plus it is quite easy to find a copy of the same book at a local second hand bookstore or in a thrift store for a very low price. I’ve also written down a list of german learning websites that are great for intermediate German students.

There are german books for every level of german learner. German beginner learners (are there any?) should focus on grammar and other studies that help you live in Germany, like learning the train schedule, filling out forms, etc. Although intermediate learners can do all of this too!

When the choice comes to selecting the German language books to purchase for intermediate learners, you can simply pick up any book and do it. Do not! Picking up any book that you come across with ease is an option that might end up with disastrous results.

list of German Books For Intermediate Learners

Intermediate language learners who want to reach the upper levels of German study will need a solid base of vocabulary and grammar which college textbooks just don’t address. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your language studies, try out some of these German books which will actively improve your vocabulary and language skills.

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