german authors 21st century

A few weeks ago I was asked to contribute to a blog round-up on the best German novels of the 21st century. I immediately started thinking of all the great German books I’ve read in my lifetime so far, and felt this was a good opportunity to share my favourite German authors with you.

I have been asked innumerable times what are the best German authors for learning German. Here are the 21st century German authors I would recommend for all levels of learners.

list of German Authors 21st Century

Although tested in foreign universities, under professor Klaus Vater, for the international market, the German authors are however presented to all modern readers, wanting to overcome learning difficulties with foreign material. The starting point is that it should be clear for everybody that there was no need at all to create a completely new standard system of learning german. One should first try to use already proven tools and then supplement them if really necessary. After all the development of modern languages began only about 60 years ago. But wide spread Germanlanguage-books are available since about 1800.

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