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Last Updated on August 12, 2022

The Netherlands is one of the finest countries to study in Europe. With these reasons you can also include that you can study in Netherland Without IELTS. The Netherlands is one of the first countries to initiate international study programmes that are taught entirely in English.

You can continue reading to find out the schools in the Netherlands and in Europe at large that offer scholarship without IELTS requirement, universities in Netherlands with no application fee, study in Netherlands for free, study in Europe without IELTS and tuition free universities in Netherlands for international students on Collegelearners.

Study in Netherlands | Universities, Colleges, Cost & Visa Process

Study in Europe Without IELTS

The Dutch government set the ball rolling to help prospective international students unable to do an English language test – a prerequisite when applying for a study visa – due to COVID-19 restrictions in many of their home countries. Most students do an IELTS or TOEFL at a test centre, but as many of these centres around the world have closed, students found themselves stuck. The Dutch department of education is now working on a solution with the National Commission for the Code of Conduct for International Students in Dutch Higher Education that might enable students to do the test online.

The Netherlands visa rules are surely getting stringent day by day. However, if you have proof of admission to a university in Netherland without IELTS, it is possible.

  • Completed visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • Two photographs
  • Birth certificate
  • Academic transcripts
  • The official letter from the academic institution in the Netherlands
  • Financial proof for the entire period of study (around 870 EUR/month)
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Visa application fee 
  • Photocopies of all the original documents
  • Biometric information
  • Curriculum vitae.

Study In Netherlands For International Students

Netherlands has quickly gained popularity amongst the Indian students planning to study abroad and seeking quality education. Though there has only been a modest number of students (about 1000) applying to various Universities in Netherlands in the last academic year, the country has been a hub for International Students for quite a while. Furthermore, the robust economy, a steady job sector as well as the impetus to the technical education has all made Netherlands a very agreeable location for students looking at Europe for their higher education.

Study In Europe Without IELTS

Top 14 Countries to Study in Europe Without IELTS

Europe is the home of some of the world’s most visited countries – FranceGermanyItaly, Portugal, Greece, Belgium and many more. It is renowned for some of the topmost football teams in the world. From the beautiful Eiffel Tower to the exciting Disney theme park, 932 castles to the Belgian chocolate, Europe has an endless list of appealing features. If you are a foodie, you’d love to know that Germany has the most number of McDonald’s in Europe. Have you ever wondered about getting an opportunity to study in Europe without IELTS? Let’s look at some of the European countries offering educational opportunities without the necessity of IELTS.

How to Study in Europe Without IELTS

Europe is home to beautiful institutions that offers courses in different areas. Most of the course offered is in the English language. Wondering how you can be a part of your dream European university? If you have a previous degree in English medium or if you have completed your education from English-speaking countries like UK, Australia, USA, etc in English medium you will be exempted from taking IELTS. You just need to clear the video/personal interview round after your application is selected for admission.

Study in Europe without IELTS CountriesTop Universities
Germany-University of Siegen 
-University of Koblenz and Landau-Esslingen
University of Applied Sciences
France-American Business School
-Paris-EBS Paris
-ESAIP School of Engineers
ItalyUniversity of Bologna
Polytechnic University of Milan
Poland-Medical University of Gdansk
-Medical University of Warsaw
BelgiumGhent University
SwedenUppsala University
Spain-Universidad Antonio de Nebrija
-Pablo de Olavide University
NorwayUniversity of Oslo
University of Bergen
Cyprus-The University of Cyprus
-Eastern Mediterranean University
IrelandMaynooth University
-National University of Ireland, Galway
NetherlandsUniversity of Amsterdam
-Wageningen University & Research
Latvia-Riga Technical University
-Riga Stradins University
Czech RepublicCzech University of Life Sciences in Prague
-University of Pardubice
Denmark-Technical University of Denmark
-Aalborg University
List of Countries (Universities) to Study Abroad Without TOEFL/IELTS for  International Students | After School Africa

Top Countries to Study in Europe without IELTS

Wondering about the best countries in Europe offering courses without mandatory IELTS? Here are the top 10 countries to plan your study abroad journey:

Study in Germany without IELTS

Germany is known for being the manufacturing giant of Europe with the most affordable public universities. The country is among the superpowers in technology and is regarded as the best European country to study and become a professional. There are certain German universities or colleges which do not require students to have an IELTS score. Instead, students are needed to prove their language proficiency through a document issued from their previous educational institution. This document requires a statement that English was the Medium of Instruction (MOI) for the course.

Universities to Study in Germany without IELTS

  • University of Siegen 
  • University of Koblenz and Landau
  • Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Esslingen)
  • University of Kaiserslautern 
  • University of Giessen 
  • Braunschweig University of Technology (TU Braunschweig)
  • Free University of Berlin

Study in Germany

Study in France without IELTS

France is a dream destination for several students who are willing to study abroad. It has top-ranked universities which make it a prosperous and leading country in the field of education and innovation in Europe and across the world. There is a wide range of courses where students are not required to appear for an IELTS. However, there are alternatives to the English language test such as an audio-video interview conducted by the universities or simply a  proof of the previously completed educational qualification from a recognised university or institute in the English language.

Universities to Study in France without IELTS:

  • American Business School, Paris
  • EBS Paris
  • ESAIP School of Engineers
  • EPITA Graduate School of Computer Science
  • ESC Rennes School of Business, France

The Netherlands is a great destination for international students looking for quality education in Europe. The Dutch environment and people are very friendly towards foreign students and there are many English-taught programmes available. On our portals alone, you can find over 400 Bachelor’s and 1,400 Master’s degrees in the Netherlands.

The low tuition fees and affordable living costs are the most important benefits for students. Keep on reading as we’ll offer more information about them to help you decide if studying in the Netherlands matches your personal and academic goals.

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Study Masters in Netherlands Without IELTS

1. University tuition fees in the Netherlands

Public Dutch universities charge tuition fees to all international students regardless of their country of origin. However, students coming from the EU/EEA, Switzerland and Surinam often pay lower tuition fees than non-EU/EEA students.

On our portals, we use the terms “EU/EEA” and “International” (non-EU/EEA citizens) to make the difference between tuition costs. If you visit individual university websites, you might encounter different terms: Statutory and Institutional. The difference between them is:

  • Statutory tuition fee: usually applies to international students from the EU/EEA, or to graduates who have already studied in the Netherlands, or have a certain type of residence permit (like the one you receive if you’re a family member of an EU/EEA national, if you have an unlimited residence permit or an asylum permit, if you have a “long-term resident-EC” residence permit, and so on).
  • Institutional tuition fee: usually, if you don’t meet the statutory tuition fee criteria, you are automatically required to pay this type of fee. It applies for most non-EU/EEA students.

As a general rule of thumb, institutional fees are higher than statutory fees because the government offers higher education institutions money to subsidize the statutory fee. I know, it’s a lot of bureaucracy behind this, so never take these tuition fees personal.

Average tuition fees for EU/EEA students

  • Bachelor’s programmes: between 1,040 and 2,083 EUR/year
  • Master’s programmes: between 1,070 and 2,083 EUR/year

Average tuition fees for non-EU/EEA students

  • Bachelor’s programmes: between 6,000 and 15,000 EUR/year
  • Master’s programmes: between 8,000 and 20,000 EUR/year

Maximum costs for a degree in the Netherlands

  • Bachelor’s programmes: 19,400 EUR/year
  • Master’s programmes: 52,000 EUR/year

The most expensive degrees are offered in disciplines like Business Management or Communication. You’re also more likely to encounter higher costs at private Dutch universities.

Most affordable Dutch universities

Check examples of Dutch universities with affordable tuition fees for international students:

  • Radboud University – average tuition fees 2,143 EUR/year
  • University of Twente (UT) – average tuition fees 2,083 EUR/year
  • Utrecht University – average tuition fees 2,143 EUR/year
  • HAN University of Applied Sciences – average tuition fees 2,083 EUR/year

Tuition fees at top-ranked Dutch universities

Here is a list of average tuition fees at the top-ranked Dutch universities:

  • Delft University of Technology – average tuition fees 2,143 EUR/year
  • University of Amsterdam – average tuition fees 2,083 EUR/year
  • Wageningen University and Research – average tuition fees 2,083 EUR/year
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam – average tuition fees between 2,083 – 52,000 EUR/year. The highest tuition fees are charged for Business Administration, Medicine, Sustainable Development, and Law degrees
11 Countries that Offer Study without IELTS or TOEFL

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