Florida National University Nursing Program Cost

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Program Cost and Fees

Florida National University provides both international students and local students the same tuition. Please find our tuition fees and costs below:

Tuition (per credit)Cost
Master Degree$675.00
MSN Core Courses$750.00
ADN and BSN Core Courses$625.00
Diplomas, Associate and Bachelor Degree$550.00
E.S.L. (International Student)$185.00
English as a Second Language$269.50
E.S.L. Abroad***$125.00
Certificate Programs$425.00
Military Active Duty *$250.00
VA Student *$425.00
Dual Enrollment$250.00
Credit by Examination$275.00
Dental Laboratory$465.00
Medical Coding and Billing$465.00
Clinical Echocardiography$450.00
Patient Care Technician$450.00
Remedial Courses$275.00
Vocational Rehabilitation *$325.00
VA Vocational Rehabilitation$425.00
Registration & Other FeesCosts
Registration Fee – All Programs$100.00
Registration Fee International Student$150.00
Dual Enrollment$50.00
First Time I-20 Applicants (for F-1)$250.00
Lab. Fee (per course)$10.00
Technology Fee (per course)$40.00
MSN Clinical Fee (per semester)$334.00
MSN Practicum Fee (per semester)$500.00
RT Clinical Fee (per semester)$300.00
DMST Clinical Fee (per semester)$375.00
Graduation Fee$160.00
ID Card Fee$5.00
Athletic Fee (per course)$4.00
Activities Fee (per course)$7.00
Diploma Fee$15.00
ESL Lab. Fee (per semester)$15.00
ESL Technology Fee (per semester)$45.00
ESL Activities Fee (per semester)$12.00
Background Check Fee AHCA**$90.00
Background Check Fee FDLE2**$43.00
First copyFree
Second copy$6.00
Rush Copy (Diplomas or Transcripts)$15.00
ProgramDurationFee per Credit
Master Degree:
Business Administration, MBA36 Credits /12 Months$675.00
Health Service Administration, MHSA36 Credits /12 Months$675.00
Nursing (MSN) – MASTER36 Credits /12 Months$675.00
RN TO MSN (MSN) – MASTER36 Credits /12 Months$675.00
Bachelor Degree Programs:
(AC) Accounting, B.S.120 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
(BA) Business Administration, B.S.120 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
(NS) Natural Sciences, B.S.120 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
(CJ) Criminal Justice, B.S.120 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
(HSA) Health Services Administration, B.S.121 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
(LS) Legal Studies, B.A120 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
(BSN) Nursing, B.S120 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
(RRT) Respiratory Therapy, B.S.120 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
(PSY) Psychology, B.S.120 Credits/42 Months$550.00 US
Associate Degree Programs:
Associate of Arts60 Credits/ 24 Months$550.00 US
(AC) Accounting, A.A.61 Credits/ 24 Months$550.00 US
(BA) Business Administration, A.A.61 Credits/ 24 Months$550.00 US
(CJ) Criminal Justice, A.A.60 Credits/ 24 Months$550.00 US
(HSA) Health Services Administration, A.A.61 Credits/ 24 Months$550.00 US
(HM) Hospitality Management, A.A.63 Credits/ 24 Months$550.00 US
(PA) Public Administration, A.A.60 Credits/ 24 Months$550.00 US
(PLS) Paralegal Studies, A.A.60 Credits/ 24 Months$550.00 US

Florida National University Acceptance Rate

Quick Review
Acceptance rate
Avg. cost to attend
$20,274 /y
Aid receiving
Male:Female Ratio
Highest Degree
Master’s degree

Florida National University Acceptance rate and Admissions statistics

1,913 students enrolled in some distance education courses.

442 enrolled exclusively in distance education.

Admissions requirements

Florida National University has an open admission policy (non-competitive). The only requirement is a certificate of attendance or a highschool diploma or a General Educational Development certificate.

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