english translation of chinese novels

recently, i saw a lot of foreign friends post chinese novels with english translation on their twitter. it is really popular nowadays for english learners to read chinese novels. since i was planning to share my story on this blog anyway, i have decided to translate the first chapter of my story into english so that foreign friends can find out what they are missing.

Do you love to read chinese novels in spare time? However, there are lots of problems when reading them in your native language. For instance, there are plenty of good story in Chinese, but the translation in English is not good. It’s boring to read them in case the translator fails to grasp profound meanings of original works. You may always find some translators do not have good command of your native language, so it will cause misunderstanding when they translate novels into English. I’m sure that you can’t get rid of the feeling of disappointment every time you read translated Chinese novels.

There are times you don’t want to ask someone to help you translate chinese novels into english. This is because translations are the result of many factors, like the translator’s experience, his domain expertise and interests.

check out English Translation Of Chinese Novels

Nowadays , Chinese novels are very popular among foreign people . They search for chinese novels in the Internet and make a lot of appreciation for Chinese language, Chinese culture ,Chinese stories and so on.

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