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English Medium University In South Korea

KAIST College of Business

KAIST College of Business strives to develop global business leaders capable of innovation and real-world problem solving. By strengthening the quality of faculty and diversifying the student body, the student experience during, and after KAIST, is a priority.

Top English University programs in South Korea KAIST

Area of study:Business and Technology Management

Tuition: not listed

Areas of Study:
Techno MBA: technology-based business leaders
Finance MBA

Tuition (2015): refer to page 10 of Admissions Guideline
Techno MBA: W12,360,000 per semester
Finance MBA: W15,600,000 per semester

*Scholarships available
*On-campus jobs available


Seoul National University: College of Business Administration

Seoul National University (SNU) believes in developing creative and socially responsible global leaders. By supporting research, both domestic and international, and reinforcing social responsibility through a creative curriculum, SNU graduates are thrive in the global community. The SNU College of Business Administration ranks among the top in Korea because of its age (founded in 1946) and well-developed programs.

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English Seoul National University

Area of study:
Business Administration

Tuition: W2,620,000 per semester
*Scholarships available

Areas of Study:
Global MBA: 16 months
SNU MBA: 16 months. Course languages: Korean & English

Tuition: W3,300,000
(refer to page 19 of Admissions for Graduate Guidebook)
*Scholarships available

Sogang University: Sogang Business School

Sogang Business School (SBS) is grounded in the Jesuit education principles, and strives to provide an outstanding education and create responsible students that become leaders of the global market place. As a Korean university with its own english programs, SBS also encourages students to study abroad and is partnered with 5 other universities in Europe and the USA.

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English sogang business school

Area of study:
Business Administration (separate description here)
*1/3 of courses conducted in English

Tuition: not listed

*Admissions scholarships available Area of Study:
SIMBA: one year and four months intensive MBA program

Tuition (2016):W40,212,000
*Scholarships for international students available

SolBridge University: International School of Business

SolBridge prepares students to be the Next Generation of Asian Thought Leaders in our fast growing Asian economy. With a curriculum focusing on “hard” and “soft” skills, graduates are well equipped to enter the dynamic Asian business world.
*Students are expected to be fluent in Korean or Chinese upon graduation.

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English solbridge university

Area of Study:
BBA: Bachelor’s of Business Administration

Total first year: $15,057
Total second year: $14,174

*Admissions scholarships available
*Part-Time job opportunities available

Area of Study:

Total first year: $17,433
Total second year: $16,500

*Admission scholarships available
*Part time job opportunities available

Sungkyunkwan University: Global School of Business

With a mission to advance business knowledge in a multicultural learning environment, Sungkyunkwan University’s GSB draws on its global curriculum and diverse student body to create a multicultural learning environment. This university offers opportunities to study abroad and prioritizes career development of MBA students.

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English sungkyunkwan university

Areas of study:
Global Business Administration
Global Economics 

Global Business Administration: W5,410,000 per semester
Global Economics: W4,839,000 per semester

*Samsung Scholarship available
*Other scholarships available

Areas of study:
Full-Time MBA: 18 month accelerated program
Professional MBA: for those studying and working
Executive MBA: Courses taught at SSKU and Indiana University Kelley School

Tuition (2015):
Full-Time MBA: W47,000,000
Professional MBA: W43,500,000
Executive MBA: W90,000,000

*Scholarships available according to area of study

Yonsei University: School of Business

Yonsei School of Business has the renowned reputation as Korea’s first and best business school. Founded in 1915, Yonsei School of Business has more than 100 years of history in business education and a strong network of alumni provide students with generations of connections. The Global MBA program, launched in 1998, as the nation’s first English-only program and has since then been one of the best.

Comments: Yonsei Global MBA ranked #1 by The Economist (2011-2014)

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English yonsei university

Area of study:
Global MBA: 18 months
Tuition (2015-2016): W51,750,000 or $49,000 per year
*Scholarships available

International Studies – Graduate Programs

Ajou University: Graduate School of International Studies

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English ajou university

Ajou University’s GSIS program was established in 1996 to meet the growing global demand for an international academic institute. The diverse student body represents various parts of Korea and 30 other countries. Students collaborate and develop communication, technology, decision making, and teamwork skills.

Areas of Study:
– International Business: MBA
– International Trade: MA
– NGO Studies: MA
– International Development and Cooperation: MA
– Korean Studies: MA (requires Korean Language proficiency)

Tuition (2014):
MBA W5,682,000 or $4941
MA W4,624,000 or $4021

*Scholarships available

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies: Graduate School of International and Area Studies

The HUFS Graduate School of International Studies was established in 1996 with the purpose to equip students with research capability and linguistic competence in a specific region. Originally offering only five foreign languages, this institution now offers instruction of 45 language to live up to its mission.

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English hankuk university

Areas of Study:
– Indian and ASEAN Studies
– Middle East and African Studies
– European Union Studies
– US and Canadian Studies
– Latin American Studies
– International Development Studies
– U-PEACE: international law & human rights, peace & conflict studies, sustainable development

Tuition: not listed

*Scholarships available (bottom of page)

Seoul National University: Graduate School of International Studies

GSIS at Seoul National University prepares students to take on leading roles in all areas of the local and international community. Divided into a core curriculum and various electives, GSIS students develop expertise in their major programs while broadening their perspectives with electives.

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English seoul national university

Areas of Study:
– International Commerce
– International Cooperation
– International Area Studies: language instruction may vary
– Development Cooperation Policy
– Korean Studies: courses in English and Korean

Tuition: $6,500 per year

*GSIS scholarships available

Yonsei University: Graduate School of International Studies

Top Korean Universities to Study Programs in English yonsei university

Yonsei’s Graduate School of International Studies was established in 1987 in response to the growing global demand for international education. Earning the distinction of being a “university to produce international leaders” by the Ministry of Education, the dynamic and rigorous curriculum equip students with the knowledge and skills to excel globally.

Areas of study:
– Master of Arts in Korean Studies
– Master of Global Affairs & Policy
– Master of Global Economy and Strategy
Tuition (2015):W7,020,000 per semester
Brochure download available
*Scholarships available

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