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Last Updated on December 22, 2022

Emory University boasts four graduate programs and each provides students with the opportunity to pursue their academic interests in a number of fields. The four graduate schools at Emory University are School of Law, Goizueta Business School, Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing and Rollins School of Public Health. All accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, the online graduate programs offered by these Emory University schools are available both in person or 100 percent online.

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All Emory University Graduate Programs

Discover the programs offered by Emory University and the types of degrees awarded.Anthropology and SociologyBiologyBusiness and ManagementChemistryComputer ScienceEconomicsEducationEngineeringView All 

Anthropology and Sociology

  • AnthropologyMasters1 GraduateNo OnlineDoctorate6 GraduatesNo Online
  • Gender StudiesMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate3 GraduatesNo Online
  • SociologyMasters6 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate1 GraduateNo Online


  • BiologyMasters0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Biomedical Sciences and Molecular MedicineMasters4 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate54 GraduatesNo Online
  • BiostatisticsMasters46 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate3 GraduatesNo Online
  • EpidemiologyMasters134 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate6 GraduatesNo Online
  • Genetics and GenomicsMasters8 GraduatesNo Online
  • Neuroscience and NeurobiologyMasters0 GraduatesNo Online

Business and Management

  • BusinessMasters367 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate7 GraduatesNo Online
  • Business AnalyticsMasters42 GraduatesNo Online


  • ChemistryMasters3 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate18 GraduatesNo Online
  • Materials ScienceMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate0 GraduatesNo Online

Computer Science

  • Computer and Information SciencesMasters7 GraduatesNo Online
  • Computer ScienceMasters24 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate1 GraduateNo Online


  • Economic DevelopmentMasters12 GraduatesNo Online
  • EconomicsMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Economics and EconometricsMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate1 GraduateNo Online


  • TeachingMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate0 GraduatesNo Online


  • Bioengineering and Biomedical EngineeringMasters1 GraduateNo OnlineDoctorate30 GraduatesNo Online


  • Comparative LiteratureMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate4 GraduatesNo Online
  • English Language StudiesMasters6 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate9 GraduatesNo Online

Environmental Science

  • Environmental ScienceMasters3 GraduatesNo Online

Film and Photography

  • Film and Video StudiesMasters0 GraduatesNo Online

Finance and Accounting

  • AccountingMasters33 GraduatesNo Online

Foreign Languages

  • French Language and LiteratureMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate4 GraduatesNo Online
  • Spanish Language and LiteratureMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate1 GraduateNo Online

Global Studies

  • North American StudiesMasters0 GraduatesNo Online

Health Care Management

  • Healthcare ManagementMasters85 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate4 GraduatesNo Online

Health Professions

  • Medical ScientistMasters18 GraduatesNo Online


  • Art HistoryMasters2 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate5 GraduatesNo Online
  • HistoryMasters4 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate8 GraduatesNo Online
  • Music History and LiteratureMasters0 GraduatesNo Online

Kinesiology and Physical Therapy

  • Physical TherapyDoctorate72 GraduatesNo Online

Legal Studies

  • Advanced Legal ResearchMasters79 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate5 GraduatesNo Online
  • International LawMasters11 GraduatesNo Online
  • LawDoctorate309 GraduatesNo Online
  • Legal StudiesMasters29 GraduatesNo Online

Liberal Arts and Humanities

  • Liberal Arts and HumanitiesMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate1 GraduateNo Online


  • Computational and Applied MathematicsMasters2 GraduatesNo Online
  • Mathematics and StatisticsMasters2 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate7 GraduatesNo Online

Medical Assistants and Technicians

  • Anesthesiologist AssistantMasters36 GraduatesNo Online


  • MedicineDoctorate129 GraduatesNo Online


  • Community NursingMasters0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Midwifery NursingMasters18 GraduatesNo Online
  • Neonatal NursingMasters1 GraduateNo Online
  • Nurse AnesthetistDoctorate0 GraduatesNo Online
  • NursingMasters11 GraduatesNo Online
  • Nursing AdministrationMasters0 GraduatesNo Online
  • Nursing Science, Education, and PracticeMasters36 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate21 GraduatesNo Online
  • Pediatric NursingMasters72 GraduatesNo Online
  • Women’s Health NursingMasters8 GraduatesNo Online

Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Nutrition StudiesMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate2 GraduatesNo Online


  • BioethicsMasters7 GraduatesNo Online
  • PhilosophyMasters5 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate2 GraduatesNo Online

Physician Assistants

  • Physician AssistantMasters53 GraduatesNo Online


  • PhysicsMasters2 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate5 GraduatesNo Online

Political Science

  • Political Science and GovernmentMasters5 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate5 GraduatesNo Online


  • Behavioral SciencesMasters1 GraduateNo OnlineDoctorate4 GraduatesNo Online
  • PsychologyMasters8 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate16 GraduatesNo Online

Public Health

  • Environmental HealthMasters46 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate7 GraduatesNo Online
  • Public HealthMasters129 GraduatesNo Online
  • Public Health EducationMasters129 GraduatesNo Online

Religious Studies

  • Divinity, Ministry, and Pre-TheologyMasters77 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate22 GraduatesNo Online
  • Pastoral Counseling and Specialized MinistriesMasters1 GraduateNo OnlineDoctorate1 GraduateNo Online
  • Religious EducationMasters1 GraduateNo Online
  • Religious StudiesMasters0 GraduatesNo OnlineDoctorate19 GraduatesNo Online
  • Religious VocationsMasters4 GraduatesNo Online
  • Theological and Ministerial StudiesMasters33 GraduatesNo Online
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Emory University Graduate School Acceptance Rate

Admission Statistics

For the academic year 2019-20, the acceptance rate is 15.60% and the yield is 29.35%. 11,956 men and 18,061 women applied to Emory University and 2,005 men and 2,677 women students were accepted. Among them, 595 men and 779 women were enrolled in the school (Fall 2019). The following table and chart show the admission statistics including the number of applicants, acceptance rate, and yield (also known as enrollment rate).

Acceptance Rate15.60%16.77%14.82%

SAT and ACT Score Distribution

For the academic year 2019-2020, 816 students (59% of enrolled) have submitted their SAT scores and 558 students (41%) have submitted their ACT scores for seeking degrees. For score submitters, SAT 75th percentile score of Evidence-Based Reading/Writing is 740 and the 25th percentile is 670. The SAT Math score is 790 (75th) and 690 (25th). The submitted ACT composite score is 34 (75th percentile) and 31 (25th percentile).

25th Percentile75th Percentile
SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing670740
SAT Math690790
ACT Composite3134
ACT Math
ACT English
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emory university graduate school requirements

The requirements on this page are minimum requirements, and many programs may have additional requirements. Always check with the program you are applying to — you can start on our Program Admissions Requirements page.A COMPLETE APPLICATION TO THE LANEY GRADUATE SCHOOL MUST INCLUDE THESE ELEMENTS:

  1. Transcripts
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Resume/CV
  4. Three Letters of Recommendation
  5. $75 Application Fee

Applications to PhD programs may include an optional diversity statement.

Programs often require additional items: visit our Program Admissions Requirements page, and always check on the website of the program you are applying to for program specific requirements and instructions.

1. Transcripts

As part of the online application, upload a scanned transcript from each post-secondary institution you have attended, present school included. (This requirement applies to applicants who are or were enrolled at Emory.)

  • The transcripts must be issued by the registrar’s office.  Unofficial copies issued to the student are fine.
  • We will not accept printed web pages from the University’s student information system. If you submit this, the processing of your application may be delayed.
  • If you want to upload an electronic transcript issued by your registrar’s office, make sure we can open that document without passwords or other security information.  If your electronic transcript has security features, you can print it, scan it, and then upload the scanned version — this will remove security features like passwords or expiration dates.

Please do not send us transcripts, either by mail or email. For your application, we accept only transcripts attached to your online application. Later on, if you are admitted and accept, then you will need to submit official copies (sealed or sent to us directly from a university registrar).  Until then, submit only the transcripts you attach to the online application.

Two special considerations apply mainly to international applicants:

  • Transcripts must be in English, or be accompanied by notarized translations (please upload both the original and the translation, combined into one file).
  • Applicants with transcripts from international institutions may want to consider submitting credential evaluation reports; some programs strongly encourage such evaluation reports. For details, see our page for International Applicants.

By the start of your first semester, one transcript must show that you have been awarded a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution. If you are still enrolled and studying for your Bachelor’s degree, we realize that the transcripts you upload cannot yet show this.

2. Statement of Purpose

Check the website of the program you are applying to, since some programs have specific instructions for the statement of purpose. Unless the program asks for something different, the statement should incorporate the following:

  • A brief intellectual autobiography describing your academic interests and how they developed.
  • The special area of interest or particular problems, theories, movements, periods, etc., upon which your study would focus.
  • A description of tentative plans for research, either specific problems or general areas in which you hope to work.
  • A description of your research experience, including your role and the extent to which you were independently involved in the research.
  • An explanation of how your past experience, academic training or research experience has prepared you to pursue graduate work in your area of interest.

The statement is uploaded as part of the online application process.

3. Resume/CV

Your resume or CV should highlight relevant experience. You may wish to include:

  • academic awards and honors, including honors projects;
  • independent research experiences;
  • publications and presentations;
  • volunteer and extra-curricular experience;
  • internships and work experience; and
  • membership in professional and academic organizations.

The resume or CV is uploaded as part of the online application process.

4. Letters of Recommendation

We require three letters of recommendation from people familiar with your academic performance. You may submit one additional letter.

Contact your recommenders well ahead of time, to make sure they are aware of and can meet your application deadline. Your application is not complete until the letters have been submitted.

You request the letters as part of the online application process, and recommenders submit them online. You can send requests for letters of recommendations before you submit the final application. If a recommender is unable to use this system, contact the program you are applying to for instructions.

Our online system cannot accept letters of recommendation delivered through Interfolio and similar services. Our system asks questions that only the recommender can answer. If you are using Interfolio and cannot ask your recommender to use our system, contact the program you are applying to for instructions about what to do.

5. Application Fee

Our application fee is $75. The fee is non-refundable, and can be paid by credit card as part of the online application.  We offer some fee waivers.

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