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This TOEFL Vocabulary List PDF Free Download is a great tool for students who are preparing for the TOEFL test. The TOEFL is a standardized exam that is used to assess English language proficiency among international students. This test measures reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. This list of words has been compiled from various sources to help you understand some of the most commonly used words in academic writing and speaking.

What does this mean for you?

This means that if you want to improve your score on the TOEFL or other exams, you need to identify words that will help you do so! Since this list contains over 500 words and phrases, it can be used as part of your preparation plan or even as an additional resource after taking the exam!

TOEFL Vocabulary List PDF is a perfect textbook to familiarize yourself with basic and intermediate TOEFL Vocabulary lessons and training. If you have ever taking a course in college level TOEFL Vocabulary , you will find this book very useful to complete understand all the topics covered in first year and second year college TOEFL Vocabulary List And this book is available at the touch of a button at the stuvera website .What are you waiting for?TOEFL Vocabulary List PDF book  you need, now at your fingertips on stuvera site

About The Book TOEFL Vocabulary List PDF Free Download

This book contains all the TOEFL vocabulary you need to know in order to score high in TOEL. Get this book today. If you are going to take the TOEFL®, you will find the vocabulary exercises in this workbook very helpful. They will help you to review, practice and acquire a lot of the words and expressions that you might need to use in the Writing and Speaking sections, or that you might come across or be tested on in the Listening and Reading sections. A greater command of vocabulary is one of the key factors that will help you raise your TOEFL® score. The purpose of the TOEFL® is to evaluate a non-native English speaker’s proficiency in the English language. Almost one million students every year from 180 countries register to take the TOEFL®: the majority of universities and colleges in North America as well as in other English-speaking countries require official TOEFL® score reports for admission. The
test is also used by institutions in other countries where English is the language of instruction. In addition, government agencies, scholarship programs and licensing /certification agencies use TOEFL® scores to evaluate English proficiency. An acceptable score depends on the particular institution or agency involved.

About The Author TOEFL Vocabulary List PDF Free Download

Page Title

  1. Addition, equation, and conclusion
  2. “American” English
  3. Changes
  4. Comparing and contrasting
  5. Condition and requirement
  6. Confusing words and false friends
  7. Idioms and colloquialisms 1
  8. Idioms and colloquialisms 2
  9. Idioms and colloquialisms 3
  10. Idioms and colloquialisms 4
  11. Metaphors
  12. Numbers and symbols
  13. Obligation and option
  14. Opinion, attitude, and belief
  15. Opposites: Verbs
  16. Opposites: Adjectives
  17. Phrasal verbs 1
  18. Phrasal verbs 2
  19. Phrasal verbs 3
  20. Prefixes
  21. Presenting an argument
  22. Pronouns and determiners
  23. Similar meanings: Adjectives 1
  24. Similar meanings: Adjectives 2
  25. Similar meanings: Nouns
  26. Similar meanings: Verbs 1
  27. Similar meanings: Verbs 2

Page Title

  1. Spelling
  2. Starting and stopping
  3. Task commands
  4. Time
  5. Word association: Adjectives
  6. Word association: Nouns
  7. Word association: Verbs
  8. Word forms: Nouns from verbs
  9. Word forms: Nouns from adjectives
  10. Word forms: Adjectives from verbs
  11. “Working” words
  12. Topics 1: Children and the family
  13. Topics 2: Education
  14. Topics 3: Food and diet
  15. Topics 4: The media
  16. Topics 5: Money and finance
  17. Topics 6: Nature and the
  18. Topics 7: On the road
  19. Topics 8: Science and technology
  20. Topics 9: Town and country
  21. Topics 10: Travel
  22. Topics 11: Work
  23. Mini topics
  24. Vocabulary record sheet
  25. Vocabulary record sheet sample
  26. Answers

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