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What if there was a way to change your past and future so your life gets better? When we work with energy, miracles happen. Energy is the force that holds all things together in the universe, it is the glue of life, it is everything. Our energetic experience dictates our state of being. With this simple and easy-to-use system you will learn how to work with energy so you can achieve wonderful things in your life – with The Butterfly Experience pdf.

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When we work with energy, miracles happen. That’s because energy flows where attention goes.   We can channel our thoughts and emotions into the creation of anything we want in our lives, but how do we control energy when it feels like it has a mind of its own? And how do we release negative patterns that feel almost impossible to let go? ‘The Butterfly Experience’ is about tapping into the core power of our soul through meditations based on simple shapes and acts. It helps us heal our lives by shifting the way we look at it. It’s about living from a place of love, forgiveness, gratitude and courage.

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When we work with energy, miracles happen. ‘The Butterfly Experience’ will help you achieve wonderful things. Your life is guaranteed to get better. Forget about past mistakes or behaviours that contradict who we instinctively are, with this unique system we can change and heal our lives – the answers are within.

The Butterfly Experience is a free E Book that when worked with, will bring about happiness, harmony and success in your life. The simple process in this E Book works to eliminate self-sabotage and blocks you may be experiencing in your life. When you don’t let negative past experiences affect your present, are able to move forward in order to achieve the things you want and deserve, you stand a better chance of achieving more in all areas of life – from career and finances, to relationships and personal growth.

The Butterfly Experience is a truly life-changing system that shows you how to create miracles in your own life.  This easy to follow self-help guide teaches readers how to achieve their goals, connect with their true self and explore a limitless range of self-healing and healing possibilities. Readers are even given step-by-step exercises to ensure they get the most out of The Butterfly Experience.

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Glasgow based clinical hypnotherapist, an expert in transformational change and Reiki Master, Karen Whitelaw Smith is passionate about positive thinking.

Karen has worked with people from all walks of life: health professionals, lawyers, teachers, local government personnel, ex-prisoners, addicts, professional sportspeople, and has researched the secrets of success and now teaches her techniques.

An in-demand inspirational speaker and personal & business development coach, she knows positive thinking can turn lives around.

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