Tensor Calculus Made Simple By Taha Sochi Pdf

Tensor Calculus Made Simple By Taha Sochi Pdf

As we all know, tensors are a mathematical tool used to analyze different types of symmetries. Tensors can be used to describe properties of a space. Tensor calculus is the study of the manipulation of tensors. This book is an excellent resource for those who want to learn about tensors and Tensor Calculus in a simple and easy way. This book will teach you how to find the components of a vector, as well as how to expand them into components. It also provides examples that show how to use these techniques in real-world applications such as physics, engineering, chemistry, biology and economics.

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About Principles Of Tensor Calculus Taha Sochi pdf Book

The present principles of tensor calculus taha sochi pdf consist of 169 pages. The language and method used in presenting the ideas and techniques of the principles of tensor calculus taha sochi pdf make it very suitable for learning this subject by the beginners who have not been exposed previously to this elegant branch of mathematics. Considerable efforts have been made to reduce the dependency on foreign texts by summarizing the main concepts needed to make the book self-contained. The book also contains a significant number of high-quality graphic illustrations to aid the readers and students in their effort to visualize the ideas and understand the abstract concepts. Furthermore, illustrative techniques, such as coloring and highlighting key terms by boldface fonts, have been employed. The book also contains extensive sets of clearly explained exercises which cover most of the given materials. These exercises are designed to provide thorough revisions of the supplied materials. The book is also furnished with a rather detailed index and populated with hyperlinks, for the ebook users, to facilitate referencing and connecting related subjects and ideas.

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