Smart Antennas For Wireless Communications With MATLAB Pdf, Second Edition

Smart Antennas for Wireless Communications with MATLAB is a practical guide to designing, building, and testing wireless antennas. The book begins with an overview of wireless communications and the basics of antenna design. It then moves on to explain how to use the MATLAB-based software package WiAnt to model the performance of antennas and their effects on system performance. The book also includes coverage of topics such as multiplexing, radar cross section, and phased arrays.

The second edition has been updated throughout to reflect changes in technology since publication of the first edition in 2004. The new edition includes new chapters on MIMO systems, smart antennas for cognitive radio applications, and space-time coding techniques used in wireless communications systems.

Smart antennas boost the power of a wireless network, saving energy and money and greatly increasing the range of wireless broadband. Smart Antennas With MATLAB Second Edition Pdf is a rigorous textbook on smart antenna design and deployment.

About Smart Antennas With MATLAB Second Edition Pdf

This Smart Antennas For Wireless Communications With MATLAB Pdf, details the operating principles of smart antennas and utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to achieve a more comprehensive understanding of this growing subject. An equal emphasis is placed on electromagnetic principles, array signal processing, random processes, channel characterization, spectral estimation, and adaptive algorithms. The author expertly relates these principles to the real world market demands of the wireless communication field — including both military and commercial applications — and includes valuable case studies and examples solved using MATLAB.

The most complete, current guide to smart antenna design and performance
Featuring new coverage of reconfigurable antennas, vector antennas, and direction-finding antennas, this up-to-date resource offers a rigorous review of the basic electromagnetic principles that drive smart antenna design and deployment. Case studies and worked examples using MATLAB are provided. End-of-chapter assignments reinforce the concepts presented. Thoroughly revised to reflect recent developments and the latest technologies, this is a comprehensive reference for all professionals, students, and researchers in the field of smart antennas.

Smart Antennas With MATLAB Second Edition Pdf, covers:

  • Fundamentals of electromagnetic fields
  • Antenna fundamentals
  • Array fundamentals
  • Principles of random variables and processes
  • Propagation channel characteristics
  • Angle-of-arrival estimation
  • Smart antennas
  • Direction finding
  • Electromagnetic vector sensors
  • Smart antenna design and optimization

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