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This book was written with the goal of helping you think better and be happier. By reading this book, you will learn to solve problems objectively, without external pressure or prejudice. You will also learn to see things from a different perspective, which may give you a better understanding of yourself and others.

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This book is all about puzzles—but don’t expect any brainteasers or crosswords! The puzzles we’ve included here are meant to teach your mind how to think in a more objective way. Each puzzle has several possible answers, each of which can be considered “right,” depending on your own judgment and interpretation.

To help you solve the puzzle, we’ve provided clues at the bottom of each page. But these clues are just that—clues—and not solutions! Our hope is that by studying them, you will learn how to solve puzzles like these even without the clues.

In the spring of 2017, I was working in Los Angeles as a marketing coordinator for a large entertainment company. I was miserable. I hated my job. I was responsible for things that were so far beyond my control or interest that it was almost comical. My manager was an absolute nightmare: she was condescending, self-absorbed, and given to occasional bursts of rage about things as minor as pencils not being sharpened or paper clips not being in their correct bins.

Outside of work, my social life could be summed up in three words: “Netflix and chill.” And by “Netflix and chill,” I mean “Netflix alone and cry.” My boyfriend had just broken up with me after four years together because he wanted to focus on his career, and now I found myself with no one to share the exciting details of my job—like how I had to go around to all the office kitchens twice a day to make sure there were no more than five daily planner pages in any one tray.

Obviously, something had to change.

So I quit my job and moved across the country—first to San Francisco, then to Portland—to live with my brother in his tiny apartment while I looked for a job.

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IMPORTANT – EBOOK edition of this book is an PRINT BOOK and not used for activities on the device. The eBook is a provides useful content on the benefits of early learning for children and how doing simple activities that relieves stress in adults, also showing the brilliant activities available in the physical copy of the book. A BONUS link in the book lets you download books with high quality activity book PDF pages with dozens of illustrations that readers can PRINT. The download is optional, it is not the main function or purpose of this ebook – PRINT REPLICA. Puzzles are quite challenging to accomplish but there are so many benefits to them. When you get your child to solve puzzles, you can expect an improved set of physical skills too. For example, he/she would have better hand and eye coordination, as well as keener gross motor and fine motor skills. For physical dexterity, go ahead and secure this copy now!

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