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The Importance of a Great Blog Introduction

It’s always a good idea to start strong, and nowhere is this more important than in your blog posts. You have about two seconds to catch the reader’s attention before they click away, and you want to make sure you’re giving them a reason to stay.

You need to be able to hook the reader by answering four basic questions: who you are, what you do, why this matters, and what you want them to do next. If you can answer all four in your first paragraph, then you’ve got a great start. But if you can’t? Then it’s time to rethink your intro.

Answering those questions is just the beginning, though. There are a few other things that can help make your intro more successful:

  1. Keep it short! Your readers don’t have time for lengthy introductions—a sentence or two will do! Some people might even say that one sentence is plenty! (But if they say that they’re wrong.)
  2. Get right to the point! Never lead with an anecdote or extra information that doesn’t directly support your article. The opening paragraph should be laser-focused on providing essential information to the reader as quickly as possible.

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Photoshop is a great tool for editing photos and creating artwork. However, it can also be used to make quick edits to PDF files. You can open a PDF in Photoshop and then save it as a different file format, such as an image file, which allows you to edit the document using other programs or share it online without having to worry about compatibility issues with your recipient’s computer system.

First, open up your PDF in Photoshop by going to File > Open… from the Menu Bar (or by pressing Command+O on Mac). This will open up an Open dialog box where you can browse through your folders until you find the PDF file that you want to open; just click on its name once and then click Open at the bottom of this window.

Now we need to change some settings so that we don’t end up with any white space around our image when we export it as an image file later. From here on out I’m going to refer back to our original PDF document as “the page” while referring only to what’s visible inside of Photoshop as “the canvas,” since they are different things!

So go ahead and press Command+A (Mac) or Ctrl+A

Adobe Photoshop CC Bible – Wiley India-Lisa Danae Dayley and Brad Dayley-2014-EDN-1

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Photoshop Bible pdf free download

Lisa DaNae Dayley has owned and operated a media creation business for 19 years, incorporating writing, graphic design, and video editing. She is the author of Photoshop CS3 Extended Video and 3D Bible and Roxio Easy Media Creator 8 in a Snap. She is also the coauthor of several books written with her husband Brad Dayley, including the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Bible. Brad Dayley is a senior software engineer with 20 years of experience creating computer applications. He is the author of several books, including the Silverlight 2 Bible.–This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

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