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About The jubals field trip to heaven pdf download Book

This is an adventurous story about an 11-year-old boy named Jubal that takes a whimsical journey into Heaven. Chanan (Chan) is a dove, and he’s also Jubal’s best friend. They both venture onto an exciting place where they discover truths about the Bible, arrive at one of the pearly gates of Heaven and have heavenly playtime. Jubal and Chan get to ride a comet, and also meet their favourite divine beings. The closing of the last chapter has an unexpected ending that your child will be sure to enjoy. The images were carefully illustrated to keep children entertained and looking forward to the next page. This exploration book is a fun Biblical learning tool, an exciting way to gain insight, encourages a close relationship with the Lord, and is 100% kid-approved! Parents and kids alike will stay immersed from beginning to end. Come and join in on the greatest adventure of all time!

About The jubals field trip to heaven pdf free download Author

Ginger Baum

A very safe, and educational book for children. It brings fun into an incredible story but everything that is biblical is right on point. My 9-year-old had such a great time reading this book and at the same time, he learned more about the bible than he ever did. I am a 37-year old that is very knowledgeable about God’s Word and yet I learned fascinating things that I was not aware of. I am so grateful for this book for my family and I that it has opened my eyes to a lot of truth and helped me connect the dots of other things that I already knew

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