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Basic Financial Accounting pdf download covers various topics which deal with capital accumulation in form of cash, debt and equities. These include: accounting for issuance of securities and purchase of back by the company, accounting for redemption of preferent or redeemable preference shares, buy back of equity shares, issue of debentures, issue and repayment of covered bonds, credit enhancement arrangement etc. This book is suitable for all students preparing for Chartered Accountancy examinations in India.

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This book is primarily designed to familiarize students with basics of Financial Accounting. The chapters are very well structured and each subject is dealt in a step by step manner. The text is written in lucid language which makes this book easy to understand. Additionally, the number of solved examples has been considerably increased so that the students will be able to learn not only by reading but also by doing it practically. The book covers all the three major segments of the subject Financial Accounting while making emphasis on Balance sheet, Profit and Loss Account and Cash Flow Statement and their proper interpretation..

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This is Revised and updated 2019 edition. This book is meant for all universities in India following CBCS or any BCOM courses. The book is the bestseller in Delhi University and other universities across India

Basic Financial Accounting (Text and Assignments with Solutions),In this book Volume 1 covers Introduction, Issue Forefeiture and Reissue of Forfeited Shares, Redemption of Preference Shares, Buy Back of Equity Shares, Issue of Debentures, Redemption of Debentures etc. and Volume 2 divided into 2 Parts: Part A cover practical Assignments and Part B cover Theory Based Assignments

Basic Financial Accounting is a very useful book for UG / Graduates who are interested in Accounting and Finance. This Accountancy book, the 9th edition of the popular book by S.S Kothari has been very well written for students of all standards.

About The Author Jr Monga Basic Financial Accounting Pdf Book

J.R. Monga is first class in M.Com and LLB from University of Delhi and has been teaching Financial Accounting in Sri Ram College of Commerce since 1967. In addition, he is also taking M.Com, classes on Accounting Theory for a number of years. He has authorised a number of books on Financial Accounting for students of University of Delhi and Andhra University. He is a well known personality in the field of academics and has contributed a number of articles too. He believes in the clarity of the concepts for Accounting so that students find it simple and easy to grasp the Fundamentals of Accounting.

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