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Dale Brown Books Pdf Free Download is a wonderful book for those who love reading. The content of this book is really unique because it doesn’t contain the common, boring stories that you read from other books. This book will make you enjoy reading. Moreover, if you’re a happy reader, you will be even happier when finding out that this book is available to be accessed in several formats.

Dale Brown Books Pdf is written by Dale Brown, who has also written Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned. The book was published in 1996 by Bantam Books. I got this book for Christmas in 1995, having just turned eleven years old. I’m an avid reader of military books, especially books about different WWII battles.

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Flight of the Old Dog is the runaway bestseller that launched the phenomenal career of Dale Brown. It is the riveting story of America’s race for technology, overtaken by our greatest enemy’s mastery of “Star Wars.” The U.S. arsenal of nuclear missiles has been neutralized. America’s only hope: The Old Dog Zero One, a battle-scarred bomber fully renovated with modern hardware – and equipped with the deadliest state-of-the-art armaments known to man…

When the Soviet Union masters “Star Wars” technology, rendering the U.S.’s arsenal of nuclear missiles impotent, America’s only hope lies in The Old Dog Zero One–a battle-scarred bomber fully renovated with enough weaponry and stealth hardware to earn it the nickname, “Megafortress.”

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Former U.S. Air Force captain Dale Brown is the superstar author of 25 consecutive New York Times best-selling military-action-aviation adventure novels: FLIGHT OF THE OLD DOG (1987), SILVER TOWER (1988), DAY OF THE CHEETAH (1989), HAMMERHEADS (1990), SKY MASTERS (1991), NIGHT OF THE HAWK (1992), CHAINS OF COMMAND (1993), STORMING HEAVEN (1994), SHADOWS OF STEEL (1996) and FATAL TERRAIN (1997), THE TIN MAN (1998), BATTLE BORN (1999), and WARRIOR CLASS (2001). His Fourteenth Novel AIRBATTLE FORCE will be published in late Spring 2003… Dale’s novels are published in 11 languages and distributed to over 70 countries. Worldwide sales of his novels, audiobooks and computer games exceed 10 million copies.

Dale was born in Buffalo, New York on November 2, 1956. He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Western European History and received an Air Force commission in 1978. He was a navigator-bombardier in the B-52G Stratofortress heavy bomber and the FB-111A supersonic medium bomber, and is the recipient of several military decorations and awards including the Air Force Commendation Medal with oak leaf cluster, the Combat Crew Award, and the Marksmanship ribbon.
Dale was also one of the nation’s first Air Force ROTC cadets to qualify for and complete the grueling three-week U.S. Army Airborne Infantry paratrooper training course.

Dale is a director and volunteer pilot for AirLifeLine, a non-profit national charitable medical transportation organization who fly needy persons free of charge to receive treatment. He also supports a number of organizations to support and promote law enforcement and reading.

Dale Brown is a member of The Writers Guild and a Life Member of the Air Force Association and U.S. Naval Institute. He is a multi-engine and instrument-rated private pilot and can often be found in the skies all across the United States, piloting his own plane. On the ground, Dale enjoys tennis, skiing, scuba diving, and hockey. Dale, his wife Diane, and son Hunter live near the shores of Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

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