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On January 9th, 2017, I was going to write a blog post about how I am on the verge of being downsized because I am a woman. But then the Cornell notes came.

I was at the bookstore with my daughter when I saw them. It’s a company called Cornell Notes, and they sell notebooks and stationery for students at Cornell University. The notebooks come in three colors: green, blue, and white. They are made from 100% recycled paper, which is good for the environment, and they have a smooth fine-tipped paper that is both fountain pen friendly and great for doodling. On their website, Cornell Notes also states that “every book sold generates a minimum of $3 in revenue.”

One of the great things about Cornell Notes is that they offer a free notebook with every order of $20 or more. So when I went to pick up the free notebook, I could not resist getting my daughter one too!

When you get your free notebook, there are instructions on how to send in your name and email to be entered into their contest for a chance to win an iPad Air 2 or a Kindle Fire HDX (their grand prize). After you scan your receipt to print out your name tag in case you forget.

Cornell Notes are a study technique that helps you save important information and facts during your lectures. It’s an easy way to organize class notes so you can study better in less time. Cornell notes have been around for decades, but they’re still among the most popular and best methods for effective study.

The Cornell note-taking system has been adopted by colleges, universities and even business schools as a classroom learning technique. In fact many famous academic institutions such as Harvard University, Yale University, The United States Military Academy at West Point and The California Institute of Technology use this form of note-taking to help their students.

About the book cornell notes

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When you’re in an industry that’s growing as fast as technology, it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture. For decades, Cornell University has been helping people get a better understanding of marketing and its role in society. And today, we’re thrilled to share some insight into how Cornell has influenced our work with clients over the years.

Cornell Note Taking Method

Note Taking Area: Record lecture as fully and as meaningfully as possible.

Cue Column: As you’re taking notes, keep cue column empty. Soon after the lecture, reduce your notes to concise jottings as clues for Reciting, Reviewing, and Reflecting.

Summaries: Sum up each page of your notes in a sentence or two.

This format provides the perfect opportunity for following through with the 5 R’s of note-taking:

  • Record
    During the lecture, record in the main column as many meaningful facts and ideas as you can. Write legibly.
  • Reduce
    As soon after as possible, summarize these facts and ideas concisely in the Cue Column. Summarizing clarifies meanings and relationships, reinforces continuity, and strengthens memory.
  • Recite
    Cover the Note Taking Area, using only your jottings in the Cue Column, say over the facts and ideas of the lecture as fully as you can, not mechanically, but in your own words. Then, verify what you have said.
  • Reflect
    Draw out opinions from your notes and use them as a starting point for your own reflections on the course and how it relates to your other courses. Reflection will help prevent ideas from being inert and soon forgotten.
  • Review
    Spend 10 minutes every week in quick review of your notes, and you will retain most of what you have learned

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