Best Criminology Books for Professionals

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Best Criminology Books for Professionals

Our interviews on criminology books cover a wide range of topics, looking at everything from the US justice system to the links between crime and governments and crime and terrorism.

Quite a few of our criminology interviews are focused on the US. Award-winning journalist Joe Domanick chooses his best books on race and American policing and discusses the role violence has played in American society. Kenneth W Mack, professor of law and history at Harvard,  looks at race and the US law, talking about egalitarianism and exclusion in US law and society from the country’s founding to the present day. Ruth Gomberg-Munoz discusses America’s undocumented workers, and Clive Stafford Smith, the lawyer who works to get people off death row, chooses his best books on capital punishment.

John Timoney, former police chief of the NYPD who also served as police commissioner of Philadelphia and police chief of Miami, chooses his best books on policing, which include Behind the Shield by Arthur Niederhoffer, a sociological study of the NYPD and novels, Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky and Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe. Gary Noesner, a former hostage negotiator with the FBI talks about negotiating and the FBI and Keith Slotter, who has been with the FBI for over 20 years, chooses his best books on the FBI and crime. Simon Conway talks about crime and terror and Misha Glenny discusses cybersecurity.

Regarding books on the criminology of gangs, journalist Johann Hari chooses his best books on the war on drugs and Gavin Knight chooses his best books on gang crime. John Dickie chooses his best books on the Italian Mafia, arguing that the organisation is not a deep-rooted cultural phenomenon, but had a beginning and will have an end.  Diego Gambetta, professor of sociology at Oxford, talks about the Sicilian Mafia. Historian Adrian Tinniswood talks about pirates.

David Downes talks about crime and punishment and looks at the social context of crime. In his book choices, Douglas Starr talks about the pioneers of criminology. Barrister Alex McBride looks at trial by jury and David Grann at the best true crime books.

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