Best Cloud Computing Books for Students & Professionals

 Best Cloud Computing Books for Students & Professionals

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Welcome to our blog, where we’ll be discussing the best cloud computing books for students and professionals. We’re a team of IT experts with years of experience in the field. We know how difficult it can be to keep up with all of the latest trends in cloud computing, so we wanted to create a resource where you could find all of the latest information on this topic in one place.

Cloud computing is an exciting new area that has revolutionized how we use technology. It allows us to access our files from anywhere at any time, which makes it perfect for students who are studying remotely or professionals who travel frequently for work.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of resources here on this blog so that you can find everything you need when it comes time to learn more about cloud computing.

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About Best Cloud Computing Books For Students & Professionals

Clouds are distributed technology platforms that leverage sophisticated technology innovations to provide highly scalable and resilient environments that can be remotely utilized by organizations in a multitude of powerful ways. To successfully build upon, integrate with, or even create a cloud environment requires an understanding of its common inner mechanics, architectural layers, and models, as well as an understanding of the business and economic factors that result from the adoption and real-world use of cloud-based services.

In Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture, Thomas Erl, one of the world’s top-selling IT authors, teams up with cloud computing experts and researchers to break down proven and mature cloud computing technologies and practices into a series of well-defined concepts, models, technology mechanisms, and technology architectures, all from an industry-centric and vendor-neutral point of view. In doing so, the book establishes concrete, academic coverage with a focus on structure, clarity, and well-defined building blocks for mainstream cloud computing platforms and solutions.

Subsequent to technology-centric coverage, the book proceeds to establish business-centric models and metrics that allow for the financial assessment of cloud-based IT resources and their comparison to those hosted on traditional IT enterprise premises. Also provided are templates and formulas for calculating SLA-related quality-of-service values and numerous explorations of the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS delivery models.

With more than 260 figures, 29 architectural models, and 20 mechanisms, this indispensable guide provides a comprehensive education of cloud computing essentials that will never leave your side.

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