Basic Electrical Engineering by vk Mehta And Rohit Mehta

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Basic Electrical Engineering by VK Mehta and Rohit Mehta in PDF

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About Basic Electrical Engineering by VK Mehta and Rohit Mehta Book PDF

1. Fundamentals Of Current Electricity

2. D.C. Circuits

3. D.C. Network Theorems

4. Units—Work, Power And Energy

5. Electrostatics

6. Capacitors

7. Magnetism And Electromagnetism

8. Magnetic Circuits

9. Electromagnetic Induction

10. D.C. Generators

11. D.C. Motors

12. Chemical Effects Of Electric Current

13. A.C. Fundamentals

14. Series A.C. Circuits

15. Phasor Algebra

16. Parallel A.C. Circuits

17. Three-Phase Circuits

18. Transformers

19. Three-Phase Induction Motors

20. Single-Phase Motors

21. Synchronous Generators (Alternators)

22. Synchronous Motors

23. Electrical Instruments And Electrical Measurements

24. Atomic Structure

25. Semiconductor Physics

26. Semiconductor Diode

27. Bipolar Junction Transistors

28. Transistor Amplifiers

29. Sinusoidal Oscillators

30. Field Effect Transistors

31. Power Electronics Index

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