Dental Schools in Texas Acceptance Rate

Last Updated on December 22, 2022

Texas is a state that requires you to have a dental degree in order to practice dentistry. There are several different types of schools that offer this program, and each has its own set of requirements for admission. If you are interested in becoming a dentist, then it may be helpful for you to know which schools accept students with lower grades or test scores.

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University of Texas Dental School Requirements

Top Colleges for Dental Studies in Texas

The Top Colleges for Dental Studies list is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education. Compare top schools for dental hygienists, dental assistant programs, and dental school training and certification programs

  1. Concorde Career Institute – Dallas2 Year Dallas, TX 61 reviews. Freshman: I love attending the Concorde Dallas campus, everybody is so nice and helpful. The pharmacy technician director is very hands on and keeps us prepared for everything we have coming up.
    Read 61 Reviews B-Overall Niche Grade 78% Acceptance Rate. $23,264 Net Price.
  2. Concorde Career College – San Antonio2 Year San Antonio, TX 34 reviews Niche User: Concorde is an amazing school, the staff is friendly and eager to help. The campus is not too large and very efficiently spaced with entire buildings and wings being dedicated to that particular field of study. They are here to work with you from start to finish, including job placement once you’ve graduated.
    Grade 92% Acceptance Rate $23,644 Net Price.
  3. Texas A&M University: 4 Year College Station, TX 6,967 reviews#4 Best Colleges in Texas. Junior: Texas A&M was my dream school before I applied and now that I’m going to be a senior, I can honestly say it has exceeded my expectations. I feel extremely prepared for my career, I enjoy going to class, and I have experienced firsthand just how helpful and encouraging the Aggie network is. Your experience here is what you make it. It’s a large school but you are given plenty of opportunities to make it seem smaller by meeting people, volunteering, going to events, and gathering on campus. They are even making an effort to bring more green space to the campus, encourage less pollution and more recycling, and embrace diversity. I appreciate my school in so many ways and will be leaving next year being greatly impacted for the better. Thanks and Gig ’em!
    68% Acceptance Rate. $19,118 Net Price. 1170-1380 SAT.
  4. Pima Medical Institute – Houston 2 Year Houston, TX 57 reviews. Sophomore: Pima Medical Institute is the school to go to. Faculty and staff is amazing. The atmosphere is very calm yet exciting. The school is extremely clean for one. You get the hands on experience you need sooner than you think. The instructors are there to help every step of the way. They are willing to work with you as long as you ask for the help. You are becoming a professional so they expect you to act like one. They have higher standards for you that other colleges I’ve been to. Not to mention there will be a new Houston campus summer 2019! Can’t wait
    100% Acceptance Rate. $20,431 Net Price
  5. Lone Star College Montgomery: 2 Year The Woodlands, TX 4,014 reviews #6 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Sophomore: The North Harris campus has a really great atmosphere and viable option in your educational career! I am currently taking classes here before I transfer to a four year university. This is a great first step for all students. The teachers here are kind and really want to teach their students about the intended subject. The campus also mimics a University campus just on a smaller scale, great for those who have never been in a university setting. The student life here is also very active there are several clubs to join and countless fun opportunities to take!
    100% Acceptance. Rate $7,350 Net Price.
  6. Houston Community College: 2 Year Houston, TX 3,257 reviews Niche User: Teachers or responsive and the overall quality of education is great! The tuition is affordable for most and class schedules work for most that have professional careers during normal business hours. Faculty is organized and is always transparent about fees, school expectations, campus safety etc.
    100% Acceptance Rate. $5,387 Net Price.
  7. Tarrant County College: 2 Year Fort Worth, TX 2,865 reviews #29 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Sophomore: I love my experience at this college. They have teachers who are prepared and like to instruct and they care about their students. They also have amazing free resources such as tutoring, learning centers, counseling, etc. They care about mental health and have amazing workshops especially The Journey which I highly recommend. The campuses and study environment is also very nice. Its a great price for a great education you get teachers from other higher end schools so its the same education for a better price!
    100% Acceptance Rate. $5,912 Net Price.
  8. Collin College: 2 Year McKinney, TX 1,832 reviews #8 Best Community Colleges in Texas Sophomore: My college experience at Collin College was great! At first, I was hesitant to attend a community college due to not having the actual “college” experience. However, Collin has a positive atmosphere and it was easy to make friends. The professors I personally had, went out of their way to teach the students with their best quality teaching. During finals the staff takes their time to have different activities for students to release stress. If Collin had a 4 year program for psychology I would definitely have stayed; However, Collin was nothing but good memories and good professors I will miss it.
    100% Acceptance Rate $5,471 Net Price.
  9. Blinn College: 2 Year Brenham, TX 1,154 reviews. Sophomore: My experience at Blinn has been wonderful, all of the professors are extremely helpful and are aware that most students attending are looking to transfer to Texas A&M. Blinn’s team in admissions and advising are always there to help you through the process of transferring or figuring out what classes you need to take. The classes are also comparable to A&M, so be ready for that if you decide to attend!
    100% Acceptance Rate. $12,872 Net Price.
  10. Austin Community College District: 4 Year Austin, TX 2,201 reviews. Sophomore: I love ACC! I currently attend the Round Rock campus and have been for the past two years. I’m in the process of transferring soon and will miss every aspect of this college! First, tuition is DIRT CHEAP! For my 60+ credits, I’ve only spent 4,000$ including books. Secondly, the resources they have to offer students is amazing. If you can think of it, ACC has it. Free groceries? Yes. Free HIV/STD testing? You betcha. Free textbooks? Yup. Free unlimited tutoring, academic advising, clinical counseling, and job services? YES! I’ve grown so attached to this community and my tutors that I dread looking elsewhere to transfer. Of course, the professors are hit or miss but if you do your research on and don’t wait last minute to register, you should be just fine. I highly recommend going to ACC and saving some money!
  11. El Paso Community College2 Year El Paso, TX 1,713 reviews #21 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Junior: I’ve had a really great experience with EPCC over the years I’ve gone there. I’m actually really not looking forward to having to transfer to get my next degree. I love going to EPCC! The professors are really knowledgeable, fair, and compassionate. They’ll listen to you and help you if you need help. My counselor was awesome too, she was always so helpful and did everything in her power to help me figure out where to go next. This is just an overall amazing school. It really is the best place to start; I just wish I could continue and finish my other degrees here.
  12. San Jacinto College: 2 Year Pasadena, TX 1,695 reviews #1 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Freshman: The professional qualities of this school have been very good for me! I thought applying and signing up would be scary but the process was very motivating, easy, and approachable! I’m very happy with my decision in starting out in this school and I know my school year will be very fruitful this coming fall when I’m able to take all my classes within my busy full time work schedule. The financial aid process is tricky but there’s lots of advisors to speak with and help me out with this process. Scheduling, social distancing and even with altered scheduling with the pandemic; applying and getting help has been transparent, consistent and exemplary. I would definitely recommend this school for people returning to school and for those in financial need. San Jacinto Community College has cured the stagnation of my educational life and has provided me a secure and reassuring way for me to move forward. Kind and considerate staff and advisors have really lightened the load for me
  13. Texas Woman’s University: 4 Year Denton, TX 2,037 reviews. Sophomore: There are endless things to do and see in and around Texas Woman’s University: from the beauty of the campus to the endless exciting activities you can find both on campus and around town. The daily life here is wonderful. Whether you live on-campus or commute you will find your experience to be streamlined and overall quite positive. The campus itself is quite small, however, the potential for enjoyable activities is huge. There are plenty of great spots to visit on and off-campus. These spots range from popular and delicious food joints such as ‘J&J’s Pizza’ to interesting and fun-to-visit oddities, such as the ‘Minifigs, Bricks, & More’ Lego store! There aren’t many guarantees in life, but I can assure you that your time at Texas Woman’s University will be accompanied by countless positive experiences and will leave you with many wonderful memories.
  14. Tyler Junior College: 4 Year Tyler, TX 717 reviews. Sophomore: When I attended Tyler Junior College my freshman year, the current students greeted everyone nicely and they frequently have events that are tons of fun. Every now and then they would rent out some bounce houses and hold special events and even gave away craw fish all for free! For the most part, the professors are extraordinary and I really felt like I learned something that I would actually use and not forget. Like all campuses, there are some downsides. The cafe food is not that good, but there aren’t really any other food options. Also when it rains, it floods. I am currently in my last semester here and I have loved it and built lasting relationships with my professors and new friends I’ve made along the way.
  15. Texas State Technical College: 2 Year Waco, TX 1,128 reviews. Sophomore: Texas State Technical College is a type of college if you want to experience more hands on than lectures and book work. One of the best benefits is that tuition isn’t as much as a 2-year college plan that might cost you at least $50,000 or more for most universities. TSTC efficiently helps Texas meet the high-tech challenges of today’s global economy, in partnership with businesses and industry’s and other government agencies and educational institutions that partner with the technical college in many ways also helping students with programs to continue forward and helping out with scholarships and many other incentives like proceeding the of stretching it’s arms to many other universities to get others involved.
  16. Midwestern State University: 4 Year Wichita Falls, TX 1,045 reviews#38 Best Colleges in Texas. Sophomore: Everyone at the school is very nice – students, faculty, ad staff. The professors are very willing to help you succeed, and the small class sizes afford them this opportunity. Even though the school is rather small, they still have many wonderful teachers that even have national awards and recognitions. It is easy to get involved on campus in many organizations. There is something for everyone. The campus itself is great! The dorms are modern and accommodating. The academic buildings have a beautiful antique facade, and the campus is small enough to be trekked in less than ten minutes! The school could be improved just by continuing to add more educational programs.
  17. Vista College – El Paso2 Year El Paso, TX 151 reviews. Freshman: great staff and easy enrollment! Everyone was super helpful in navigating the school for me. I am thrilled to be starting the practical nursing program here!
  18. San Antonio College: 2 Year San Antonio, TX 1,714 reviews. Sophomore: I think San Antonio College is one of the best! I previously was in a different college and there is a big difference. All professors from here are really nice and helpful throughout your journey as a student, they never give up on you. The campus is beautiful and you don’t get lost if your a freshman its easy to find your classes. I love being here.
  19. Amarillo College: 2 Year Amarillo, TX 546 reviews #3 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Freshman: I enjoyed the way Amarillo College approached the Coronavirus crisis with continuation of classes. My professors were all very accommodating and helpful, however we as students still learned everything that we needed to so that we could be prepared for future classes and university. Student life also remained active in the lives of the students which was very helpful in ways that still maintained social distancing rules. School officials also tried to update students as much as possible with any new information that became available; I would however recommend that in future events like this Amarillo College provides information a little quicker and accurately to all students so that information is distributed consistently and some people are not calling to speak to individuals in the hopes of getting information about financial aid, books, or future classes from people that cannot be reached because they are outside of their office.
  20. Wharton County Junior College: 2 Year Wharton, TX 556 reviews #17 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Freshman: I honestly was really nervous about college like what the big change would be like compared to high school and if I would be able to survive through it all. I would say Wharton is a very good community college it has good teachers and assignments are always related to what we are learning, teachers give good feedback. Overall great school to attend!
  21. Del Mar College: 2 Year Corpus Christi, TX 879 reviews#10 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Sophomore: Del Mar College is a good school for continuing education. The education is good and the professors do care about the learning progress of the students. However, I would like to see more student activities and clubs around the campus. I know that it is hard because the majority of students are parents and people with either part-time or full-time jobs so they are busy all the time. But it would be nice to see more people participating in community projects and extra-curricular activities that are not necessarily online. This will create more connection and unity among students and bring about a better experience for students. Besides, I would love if Del Mar improves its cafeteria, improving its food and offering more food for students with more working hours.
  22. Temple College: 2 Year Temple, TX 337 reviews. Sophomore: It’s a good College, the nursing program is really amazing, the classes are amazing the professors are great! Especially the Anatomy and Physiology professors.
  23. College of Health Care Professions – Houston Northwest4 Year Houston, TX 68 reviews. Freshman: Based on my experience the thing I like the most about CHCP is the fact that they work well with you regardless of your background and financial situation. I believe if you have the right motivation, that CHCP provides, that anything can be accomplished.
  24. Grayson College: 2 Year Denison, TX 325 reviews #25 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Sophomore: I love going to Grayson. The environment is easy to navigate, especially for a first generation college student. The college gives many opportunities for success that are extremely valuable. Within the college itself, the professors are there because they want to see their students succeed and grow as individuals in their chosen fields of profession. Grayson offers many clubs and organizations that offer the ‘college experience’ in ways that many people wouldn’t expect from a community college. Clubs such as Phi Theta Kappa and the Honors College have made being involved on campus something to look forward to. Going to Grayson College was the best educational decision I have made.
  25. Lamar Institute of Technology: 2 Year Beaumont, TX 163 reviews #5 Best Community Colleges in Texas. Niche User: I love the professors. I am a Early College Highschool student and the professors are wonderful. The Blackboard is a little hard to work with, it could be simpler. There are technically no LIT dorms but Lamar, it’s sister college next door has really nice dorms, and a lot of people transfer from LIT to Lamar to further their education at some point.
    Overall I am just so thankful to be getting an entire associates degree, while I am in high school, and for free. LIT is amazing for offering our high school these courses and program and I’m very grateful!
  26. Sponsored Daymar College – Murfreesboro4 Year Murfreesboro, TN 37 reviews Niche User: Daymar is a great school and has it’s own dynamic when it comes to being family oriented and gives so much to make students successful.
Roadmap to US Dental School for Foreign Trained Dentists | University of  Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Dentistry

Is it hard to get into Texas Dental School

The following data tables analyze the relations between DAT scores and school matriculated to in Texas. According to the data, 29 students matriculated to an out of state Dental school out of the 110 total number of students that applied. This led to an acceptance rate of ~39% & a matriculation rate of ~26%.

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