data science bachelor degree salary

Last Updated on December 14, 2022

The bachelor of science (BS) in data science provides the key preparation for a career as a data scientist or machine learning engineer:

  • Machine learning engineer–average base pay, $147,3001, ranked 1st on “Best Jobs in the US” List2
  • Data scientist median base pay, $131,0002, ranked 1st on “Best Jobs in America” List3
  • Computer vision engineer–average base pay, $158,3002
  • Semiconductor engineer–average base salary $150,600 (in CA)1
  • Data engineer–median base pay, $131,6731 ranked 8th on “Best Jobs in America” List3
  • Enterprise architect–median base pay $122,5854

Earn your degree in the heart of one of the world’s most important technology hubs surrounded by world-renowned government agencies, tech company headquarters and key technology users in government, healthcare, defense, space and professional services.

Data Scientists Salary: How Much More Can You Make?

From the start of the 21st century to the present, Data Science sits comfortably as one of the hottest careers in the world. Data scientists receive a mouth-watering salary and the job growth is good. The world is generating more data daily that needs to be gathered and analyzed by Data Scientists for several productive uses.

A degree in statistics salary Averages $100,560, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This high salary reflects the realization that corporations and institutions require employees who are knowledgeable in the power of big data to drive decisions and make smart choices from an operational perspective. Lucrative statistics degree salary Further reflect the lack of data professionals who are uniquely qualified to meet this demand.

Those wishing to obtain a huge data science degree salary must obtain the education an experience needed to succeed in the field. Although a bachelors is a great start for entry level positions, those who wish to obtain the highest data science degree salary should consider a post grad certification or master’s degree.

How much can you make with a data science bachelor degree salary depends on a number of factors. Data scientists bring immense value to agencies, institutions and organizations which they work for. Finding one person who can perform a wide variety of data science task is challenging. Competition for data scientists is fierce among prospective employers. This puts data science graduates in a unique position of choosing the career that most appeals to them.

A strong educational background is required, and most data scientists hold master’s degrees. To become a data scientist, you can start by earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics or physical sciences. Then, complete a master’s program in data science or a related field. Make sure your education program includes courses in mathematics, statistics, engineering and computer science.

Factors impacting degree in statistics salary range also include experience, industry, and job titles. A statistics degree salary is also determined by the company size and region in which the student works. A data science degree salary can be enhanced with higher education or certification achievements. Data science bachelor degree salaries are influenced by the same factors.

According to Glassdoor, data scientists’ salaries average $120,000. The main factors that influence the salary are the region and the size of the corporation students choose to work for. Fresh out of college, students may decide to work for smaller organizations with the hopes of moving up quickly. However, as seen by the glass door example, choosing a smaller role in a larger organization can often command higher salaries and opportunities to move between projects. Many students with data science degrees also obtain certifications specific to their industry and field of expertise.

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data science bachelor degree salary

There are more companies looking for data scientists than there are data scientists available. That said, it’s very important for data science graduates to firmly grasp the technical and mathematical coursework in order to succeed in the industry. New educational opportunities are popping up online and elsewhere every day. Students should also be aware that some companies refer to data scientists by other names such as data analyst, data engineer or data architect. The best way to understand what skills companies need is to look at the job postings carefully and to inquire directly if chosen for an interview.

There are many professional organizations for data scientists. A few are highlighted below.

  • Association of Data Scientists: This association is a global body that includes machine learning and data science professionals.
  • Data Science Association: This nonprofit association includes data scientist looking to improve the profession and Enhance diversity in the field
  • INFORMS : This organization has 13,000 members and works to improve the field of data science from within.

Choosing careers in statistics and data science gives students an opportunity to go into a number of different industries and job settings. Data scientists and statisticians can be found everywhere from NASA to financial institutions in large cities. These jobs are universally valued, and students can find work anywhere in the country without too much effort. Also, going into a field such as data science gives students unprecedented freedom to choose their employer. The field shows no sign of slowing down and students who truly appreciate and master the field can choose their own destiny.

Top 6 Data Scientist Skills You Need in 2022

Data science is the center of modern business, and a bachelor’s in data science is the beginning of a rewarding, even lucrative career. With a data science degree, you will have job security in a massive and growing industry. Of course, while any data science degree salary will be enough to satisfy any entry-level student, your data science bachelor degree salary will depend on your experience, your job title, the industry you work in, the size of the company that hires you, the region where you work, and your level of education.

According to a 2016 survey, for every year of education and experience, you have in data science, you can expect to earn an additional $2,000 to $2,500 more per year. That means a four year data science degree salary will add between $8,000 and $9,000 per year. In addition to that, each year you work in the field of data science, your earnings will be projected to grow by at least $2,000. That far outpaces the growth rate of practically any other profession. Of course, with seats being filled rapidly, the competition is getting stiffer by the moment. 

Getting a degree in data science online prepare students for lucrative jobs and information technology and other sectors. For students interested in online degrees in data science, there is much more flexibility for when and how they finished their degree. An online data science degree is a great choice for students who have families or current jobs that they don’t want to give up. A data science online degree Includes numerous areas for specialization, while a statistics degree online gives students a broader base for future career choices.

With an online degree in statistics, students can work for government agencies, corporations and private organizations looking for employees with strong computational skills. When students choose an online statistics degree, there are many areas of specialization in statistics. The types of statistics degrees vary from school to school and depending on the career goals of the students. Research different type of statistics degrees, including online data science degrees, to find one that fits your interest an experience. This is especially important if you’re going back to school for a second degree.

Many options open up for graduates with a degree in data science online. Whether students want to become a computer programmer or provide analysis for decision makers, online degrees in data science maybe the best way to accomplish this. With traditional schools or an online data science degree, they will receive the same education from an accredited university or college. With a data science online degree, students master a broad array of technical skills that they can leverage for high salaries for jobs that require a data science degrees online.

A bachelor of data science online gives students a broad skill set that includes:

  • Fluency in Python, Java, SQL and similar programming languages
  • The skills needed to succeed in the business sector. Students learn to find creative solutions to problems that involve business objectives.
  • Data science students also learn to communicate clearly when it comes to technical and analytical topics. Data scientists often deal with nontechnical co-workers looking for an analysis of data to make decisions.
  • Data science requires expertise in statistics, math, data mining, data visualization, reporting and unstructured data analysis.
  • Students must also master machine learning tools.

Related jobs list for data scientist

Some jobs share similarities with the role of a data scientist. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the link for each job title below. Related positions include:

 Data analyst

National average salary: $69,373 per year

Primary duties: Data analysts obtain, analyze and interpret data with statistical methods. They develop strategies to improve data quality.

Computer systems analyst

National average salary: $80,099 per year

Primary duties: Computer systems analysts identify the IT needs of an organization and design solutions to help companies work more efficiently. They oversee IT technologies installations and test systems.

 Software engineer

National average salary: $107,530 per year

Primary duties: Software engineers create applications and develop systems that run devices or control networks. They can also develop multi-platform versions of existing software.

Data engineer

National average salary: $127,846 per year

Primary duties: Data engineers use programming languages and tools to develop and test architectures. Their goal is to improve data quality and reliability.

 Machine learning engineer

National average salary: $138,252 per year

Primary duties: Machine learning engineers develop machine learning systems and implement machine learning algorithms. They then construct and test those systems.

Data Scientists find employment in any workspace that utilizes data to operate – which is about every organization that aspires to grow. However, they are more concentrated in business ventures with marketing departments as well as sectors of the economy like automotive or insurance.

Another work environment where you’ll find data scientists is in the Defense Department. Here, they help to analyze the threat levels coming to a nation.

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data scientist salary entry level

The average data scientist salary is $100,560, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The driving factor behind high data science salaries is that organizations are realizing the power of big data and want to use it to drive smart business decisions. And because the supply of data professionals hasn’t yet caught up with demand, starting salaries for these positions remain high, especially for those who have an advanced degree in data science or a related field.

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It’s no secret that data scientists can bring an immense amount of value to the table. Yet finding one person who can do all the tasks required of a data scientist is challenging, and competition over hiring these professionals is fierce. As a result, employers are willing to pay talented data scientists top salaries.

A data scientist’s salary depends on several factors:

Job title
Company size
Data Scientist Salary by Experience
According to O’Reilly’s 2016 Data Science Salary Survey, experience is one of the most important factors in a data scientist’s salary. For every year of experience, data science professionals make an average of $2,000 to $2,500 more.

A 2020 Burtch-Works study of data science salaries reported the latest salary trends based on experience:

Entry-level data scientist salary. Despite a recent influx of early-career professionals, the median starting salary for a data scientist remains high at $95,000.

Mid-level data scientist salary. The median salary for a mid-level data scientist is $130,000. If this data scientist is also in a managerial role, the median salary rises to $195,000.

Experienced data scientist salary. The median salary for experienced data science professionals is $165,000—while the median salary for experienced manager-level professionals is considerably higher at $250,000.

data scientist salary in uk

Organisations are increasingly using and collecting larger amounts of data during their everyday operations. From predicting what people will buy to tackling plastic pollution, your job is to use data to find patterns and help solve the problems faced by businesses in innovative and imaginative ways.

You’ll extract, analyse and interpret large amounts of data from a range of sources, using algorithmic, data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning and statistical tools, in order to make it accessible to businesses. Once you’ve interpreted the data you’ll present your results using clear and engaging language.

Data scientists are in high demand across a number of sectors, as businesses require people with the right combination of technical, analytical and communication skills.

  • Salaries for junior data scientists tend to start at around £25,000 to £30,000, rising to £40,000 depending on your experience.
  • With a few years’ experience you can expect to earn between £40,000 and £60,000.
  • Lead and chief data scientists can earn upwards of £60,000, in some cases reaching more than £100,000.

Salaries vary depending on a range of factors including your experience, qualifications, location and the sector you work in.

Benefits vary depending on the organisation but are likely to include a company pension scheme, flexible or remote working, performance bonuses and private medical insurance.

Figures are intended as a guide only.

Working hours

Depending on the type of company you work for, you can expect a good work/life balance. Core office hours are typically between 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. There may be times, particularly on short-term projects, where working outside of core office hours or at weekends is necessary.

In some organisations you may have the opportunity to work remotely or on a flexible schedule.

What to expect

  • Data science is a collaborative area, with many people sharing their methodologies and insights, so you should be prepared to share your ideas and solutions with your wider team.
  • Jobs are available in towns and cities throughout the UK with companies in a large range of sectors. There are also opportunities to work overseas.
  • Roles are usually office-based, and a large proportion of your time will be spent at your desk. You’ll be encouraged to learn as much about the business as you can to help identify solutions to problems.
  • Women are currently underrepresented in data science, although initiatives such as Women in Tech are working to redress the imbalance.

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