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Are you looking for a veterinary nursing college? Do you want to become a caring individual in the veterinary industry who helps animals and their owners heal? Here at we have everything you need to learn about one of the most rewarding courses that could be taken. At we have a dedicated team of professionals that are simply waiting to help answer your questions and help you find what best suits you!

The Veterinary Nursing Distance Learning (VNDL) program is a science based veterinary nursing program offering an Associate in Applied Science degree. The VNDL program at Purdue University is designed to allow a student to gain the knowledge, information, and skills necessary to practice as a veterinary nurse.

Students may move through the program at their own pace and have the flexibility to take more classes per semester, allowing a student to potentially complete the Associate Degree curriculum in as little as three years.

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career as a veterinary nurse, you’re in luck. There are many amazing opportunities available to those who are skilled in the field. If this type of job appeals to you, continue reading to learn more about what it takes to become a veterinary nurse and how to get started on your journey.


Purdue University encourages all students to take advantage of at least one study abroad opportunity while earning their degree.  Purdue Veterinary Medicine (PVM) offers several different opportunities for Veterinary Nursing Students – working at a wildlife rehabilitation center in Guatemala, or an opportunity to participate in clinical rotations within the Rakuno Gakuen University Veterinary Clinic in Japan.  

Purdue University’s Veterinary Nursing Distance Learning (VNDL) program leads to a professional credential as a Veterinary Technician/Nurse. It is your responsibility to check the credentialing requirements in your state to ensure that you will be eligible to be credentialed in your state upon graduation from the VNDL program.

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