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The technology era has taken over the world and created an online community that is growing at great speed. We know the importance of education but understanding the online world might be more challenging than expected. The online world is the future of learning, regardless how much we dislike it or how much we avoid it. That’s why I made this list of resources that you shouldn’t miss out on if you want to get started in your online business education.

The Romans built for eternity. Even after two millennia, the Capitalis Monumentalis, as featured on the famous inscription at the base of the Trajan column (hence its nickname ‘Trajan’), has lost nothing of its solemn majesty and striking beauty. Characterized by ideal proportions in form and weight and by graceful lines and serifs, this mother of all capitals has been studied, admired, followed and tweaked by generations of typographers, letter carvers and calligraphers alike. 

A study of the Trajans is highly recommendable for anyone who’s serious about calligraphy; it not only provides a sound foundation to build upon, it also sharpens the eye, improves the hand skills and makes one more sensitive to all the tiny details that make up the difference. As a result, all your writing will benefit from the time you spend on them.

Therefore, apart from the fun and deep satisfaction these capitals bring, there are plenty of reasons to present this online course in which I intend to approach and tame that beautiful but fierce Trajan horse, armed only with a pencil, a nib and a flat brush.

However daunting these letters may seem, the class is aimed not only at intermediate and advanced students, but it’s also open to beginners. Calligraphers, typography students, letter carvers,… anyone who follows the detailed instructions will be able to draw well proportioned and refined Trajans by the end of the course. Making elegant Trajans with the flat brush, however, requires more time and skill, but the instructional videos, showing every single stroke and letter in detail, will provide you with a sound base to start from or will surely take you to the next level.  

Students who took the first edition of this class in February 2018 were unanimously enthusiastic and delighted by the visible progress they made. You can read some of their testimonials here, but be sure to check out their incredible work on Instagram – follow the hashtag ‘Trajansonline’.

​As a result of this overwhelmingly favorable response, we ran it a second time in Nov-Dec 2018 and a third time in Jan-Feb 2020.
We’ll teach this class one final time in February-March 2022.

Feb 7: lesson 1
Feb 14: lesson 2
Feb 21: lesson 3
Feb 28: lesson 4
March 14: lesson 5
March 21: lesson 6

You can sign up for this class from Dec 31st 2021onwards. 

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  • The Beazley Archive. The original Beazley archive of photographs (c.250,000), notes, drawings and books relating to ancient Greek art has been catalogued under the direction of Dr Donna Kurtz at the University of Oxford. A large number of images from this collection can be seen online.
  • Images of Roman Emperors by Justin Paola (Univ. of Arizona), is a list of Roman Emperors with dates and images.
  • The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan provides access to its collections and current documents. Materials include selections of glass, sculpture, coins and wall paintings from Karanis, Egypt, and some objects from the Museum’s galleries and collections.
  • Trajan’s Column is a site designed to the Column of Trajan as a sculptural monument. The core of the site is a searchable database of over 500 images focusing on various aspects of the design and execution of the column’s sculptural decoration. The images (slides and drawings) were generated by sculptor Peter Rockwell, over the course of his study of Roman stone-carving practices.

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