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Looking for a superhost course? The new superhost online course from is just that! This course is perfect for you whether you are brand new to real estate investing or an experienced investor looking to add to your real estate portfolio. The online course will walk you through the process of finding, financing, and managing Airbnb properties.

You know how to bring in thousands of targeted visitors per month but you are struggling with converting these visitors into email subscribers and paying customers. That’s the struggle for you, but not anymore. I’ve developed a step by step process that allows you to get more clients, leads and ultimately sales within your business without spending hours learning internet marketing software like WordPress, Facebook advertising, Instagram etc.

How to start monetize your propertiesRating: 3.0 out of 53.0 (1 rating)1 studentCreated by Alberto CletoLast updated 2/2021EnglishEnglish [Auto]

What you’ll learn

  • How to become a SuperHost in AirBnB
  • What you need to start making money with your real estate
  • Hosting tips
  • Get good feedback


  • Have an AirBnB Account


Do you have a real estate property not generating income? My Name is Alberto Cleto, I am a SuperHost at AirBnB and in this course I will teach you how to start making money with your real estate. You will learn how you can use your own house or a secundary house to make money with AirBnB and soon than you expected become a professional SuperHost.

Here you will learn how to receive guests, have a good feedback and how to become a SuperHost in AirBnB platform.

I show you some tips and tricks on how to deal in some regular situations.

You will learn how to start your business, what kind of things you need, how to put your house online and adjust the listing, how to deal with the first guest and how to step by step reach SuperHost Status and be consistent to maintain that status.

You will check what you can do in AirBnB site, how to check your performance to reach SuperHost status and the history of how AirBnB started few years ago.

I will give you access to an e-book of local hosting with information to start a business with your property in Portugal.

Welcome to the world of hosting!

Who this course is for:

  • Real Estate Owners

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Course content

7 sections • 12 lectures • 1h 16m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction1 lecture • 3min

  • First StepsPreview02:41
  • What I need to start hosting?1 question

Get Started1 lecture • 8min

  • What I need to startPreview08:04
  • What are the three diferent types of houses more used in AirBnB?1 question

My first listing1 lecture • 14min

  • Put your house online14:17
  • The Importance of good Photos1 question

Get my first guest1 lecture • 18min

  • Your guest arrives on day…Great, prepare everything for fist impression18:15
  • What’s essencial?1 question

Step by Step to reach SuperHost3 lectures • 26min

  • SuperHost Situations12:36
  • SuperHost Feedback03:31
  • SuperHost Conditions09:23

Conclusion4 lectures • 5min

  • How I can get more money with AirbnB – References01:13
  • AirBnB Site01:10
  • AirBnB PerformancePreview01:12
  • AirBnB History01:26

Any question feel free to ask, see you around1 lecture • 3min

  • Local Hosting Guide for AirBnB in Portugal02:55


Alberto CletoEngenheiro Electrotécnico

  • 4.0 Instructor Rating
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Nasci, fui criado e vivo no Porto em Portugal, sou Engenheiro Electrotécnico, tenho fascínio pela arte do ilusionismo desde criança e também tenho um verdadeiro prazer com a gravação e edição de vídeos.

Sou SuperHost no AirBnB desde 2017 em Portugal. Espero alcançar 100 estadias este ano de 2021.

O meu pai foi em tempos fotógrafo o que me permitiu adquirir alguns conhecimentos essenciais na arte de edição de imagem e aprofundar os conhecimentos na edição de vídeo.

Tenho um canal no Youtube sobre diversos temas sendo o tema principal o Imobiliário com destaque no Alojamento Local, Economia, Ensino e Unboxing.

5 Best Airbnb Hosting Courses – Learn Airbnb Hosting Online

Airbnb has millions of users and is a great way to earn additional income. Learn how to create an amazing Airbnb experience for travelers and become super host.

The Best Airbnb Hosting Courses online for beginners to learn Airbnb Hosting in 2022.

Airbnb is a popular short-term rental website that offers unique opportunities for hosts and guests alike. Airbnb is an experience platform and tour guide service that brings guests together with knowledgeable hosts for unique, hyperlocal activities – yoga classes at the Eiffel Tower, surfing lessons at Venice Beach, Harry Potter walks in London, or pasta classes in Rome.

Once you have your economic goals in mind to become an Airbnb host, you know what your space will look like and how much you are willing to contribute to its setup and maintenance, you can begin thinking about how you will fit into the local Airbnb market.

Once you’ve decided that Airbnb hosting is the right choice for you, prepare to spruce up your space and welcome your first guests. Hosting on Airbnb also opens up other possibilities, such as encouraging more own travel, connecting with guests, and being able to buy or rent more properties.

Keeping this in mind, here at Coursesity, we have curated some of the Best Online Airbnb Hosting courses with certification. Hope that you will find the best course for you to learn how to turn your spare room into a rental income.

Disclosure: Coursesity is supported by the learners community. We may earn an affiliate commission when you make a purchase via links on Coursesity.

Best Airbnb Hosting Courses List

  1. Mastering Airbnb
  2. Airbnb Entrepreneur : Become the Best Listing in Town!
  3. Airbnb Hosting Mastery: Run a Business Using Your Own Home
  4. Starting Your Airbnb Hosting Business (From Newbie to Pro)
  5. Airbnb Hosting Masterclass

1. Mastering Airbnb

The comprehensive guide to meeting great people, getting paid to travel, and becoming a master of Airbnb.

Course rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 ( 784 Ratings total)

Duration: 9 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • turn your spare room into a rental income of up to $250 / night.
  • turn your entire place into a rental income of up to $600 / night.
  • price your listing in a way that gets bookings without reviews.
  • scope out your competition to identify your listing’s market potential.
  • identify and add amenities to dramatically increase the value of your listing.
  • take Airbnb quality photos without a professional photo team.
  • choose the thumbnail that creates the most interest.
  • use free software to enhance your listing’s photos.
  • get featured by Airbnb.
  • show up on the first page of the Airbnb search.
  • write listing descriptions that grab bookings.
  • write the perfect attention-grabbing title for your space.
  • correctly set cleaning fees and minimum night restrictions.
  • figure out the right long-term cleaning arrangement.

With this Airbnb Hosting course, you will learn how to use house rules and extra people fees to your advantage. You will learn how you can maximize your income with other sources like VRBO and Roomorama.

Next, you will learn how to have your Airbnb run itself while you travel abroad without an internet connection. This course will also teach you how you can prevent burnout by choosing and limiting guest interaction

In addition, you will learn fun (and cheap) ways to guarantee 5-star reviews and identify the moving parts of your listing and reduce incident rates by 80%. You will also learn how to integrate usefully (and free) Airbnb tools for extra help and automation.

Furthermore, you will learn how to correctly use your reviews to prevent 90% of bad reviews and use the “augmentable amenities” strategy to grab bookings you would otherwise lose.

Finally, this course will teach you how to manage your home-sharing taxes and comply with IRS guidelines and how to meet great people & have fun with your guests.

You can take the Mastering Airbnb certification course on Udemy.

2. Airbnb Entrepreneur : Become the Best Listing in Town!

Learn how to be a productive and efficient Airbnb host and how to become the best renting option in your area.

Course rating: 4.8 out of 5.0 ( 882 Ratings total)

Duration: 3 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • kick-start renting on Airbnb most efficiently.
  • optimize AirBnB business using the best practices.
  • avoid critical mistakes which can be detrimental for AirBnB renting.
  • become the best Airbnb renting option in town.
  • make the most money out of the local Airbnb market.
  • automate AirBnB renting to generate passive income.

With this Airbnb Hosting course, you will learn how to become the best Airbnb option in your area. This will allow you to generate the maximum amount of money that your space can bring in – in other words, make the most out of your local Airbnb renting market.

Also, it will prevent you from doing mistakes that can lead to bad reviews, and consequently harm your renting business. This course provides practical knowledge that you will be able to use to generate a good income by renting your space on Airbnb in the most efficient way.

You can take Airbnb Entrepreneur : Become the Best Listing in Town! certification course on Udemy.

3. Airbnb Hosting Mastery: Run a Business Using Your Own Home

A guide to becoming an Airbnb master.

Course rating: 4.9 out of 5.0 ( 96 Ratings total)

Duration: 3 h 5 m

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • compose a well-written description.
  • add beautiful pictures to their listing.
  • price their Airbnb listing correctly.
  • communicate efficiently with their guests.
  • gather stellar reviews from their Airbnb guests.
  • manage check-ins even when traveling abroad.
  • move up the ranks in the Airbnb search results.
  • understand what type of rooms and spaces can be listed on Airbnb.
  • create an attention-grabbing title for their Airbnb listing.
  • sign up for an Airbnb account.
  • add verifications to their Airbnb listing.

Learn how to create a killer title for your listing and compose your description the right way. This Airbnb Hosting course will teach you how to get stunning pictures of your space and prepare your house for your first guests.

This course features a two-step strategy for getting outstanding reviews and managing your listing from anywhere in the world. You will learn the correct settings for your listing and pricing strategy that will get your place fully booked.

In addition, you will learn Airbnb SEO to get your listing to page 1 of the search results. You will also learn how to negotiate and communicate with your guests and also what to do when a guest isn’t happy.

You can take Airbnb Hosting Mastery: Run a Business Using Your Home certification course on Udemy.

4. Starting Your Airbnb Hosting Business (From Newbie to Pro)

Property Management, Real Estate Marketing, Investing, mortgage, Financial Modeling, Airbnb Hosting 5-Star 2021 Strategy.

Course rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 ( 14 Ratings total)

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn:

  • Airbnb Super host strategy 2021
  • how to operate Airbnb without property
  • building a Listing deserving for 5-star reviews strategy.

With this Airbnb Hosting course, you will learn the strategies and maintaining super host quality of service thus attracting more clients. Learn how to start a real estate business without having a property even better if you have sleeping property liabilities without income during this pandemic.

You can take Starting Your Airbnb Hosting Business (From Newbie to Pro) certification course on Udemy.

5. Airbnb Hosting Masterclass

How to create and run a successful Airbnb without risking your home or your sanity!

Course rating: 4.3 out of 5.0 ( 42 Ratings total)

Duration: 6 h

Certificate: Certificate on completion

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • start-up a successful & profitable Airbnb.
  • solve common Airbnb hosting problems.
  • avoid the pain of common pitfalls.
  • plan for the future.

Here, you will learn how to improve your listing, managing the sanitation structure of the place, and automating your communications. You will also learn how to solve common Airbnb nightmares and a good deal of information on Legislation, Taxes, Superhost Status, Reviews, Cancellation Policies & Insurance.

You can take the Airbnb Hosting Masterclass certification course on Udemy.

Hey! We hope you have found this Online Airbnb Hosting Courses with certification list helpful and intriguing. Since you’ve made it this far then certainly you are willing to learn more and here at Coursesity, it is our duty to enlighten people with knowledge on topics they are willing to learn.

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