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Why would you want to take an online sports massage course? Because you can. The classes are inexpensive, small and the people are friendly. All of the students are there for one thing and that is to learn. You will come out of this experience with greater knowledge, confidence and the ability to help athletes improve their performance without injury or pain. The online courses also allow you to fit your studies in around your existing job and family commitments so they can be easily incorporated into your life.

Sports Massage Online Courses

Our online sports massage courses are a convenient way to earn up to 21.5 continuing education (CE) credit hours and take your career to the next level. Take these sports massage courses on their own or as part of the AMTA/NCBTMB Sports Massage Certificate Program.

Learn Sports Massage Online with an Expert MTI Massage is the premier home study massage institute and online massage school. Our goal is to bring you top quality online sports massage training and massage therapy education so you can follow your passion for sports, fitness, wellness and more!

1. Sports Massage: Starting Your Career

$37 members / $62 nonmembers     2.5 CE credits

Learn about massage therapy in a sports setting, and how sports medicine differs from other specializations. Review the skills needed, factors in treatment decisions and some of the benefits of sports massage therapy. 


2. Sports Massage: Ethics + Building Trust

$0 members / $0 nonmembers     2.5 CE credits

Review the unique ethical considerations in sports massage. Learn about issues such as transference, countertransference, special confidentiality requirements and workplace challenges, as well as how to manage vulnerabilities and boundary issues that arise in this specialty. 


3. Sports Massage: the Science of Athletics

$60 members / $100 nonmembers     4.0 CE credits

Gain an understanding of  sports science and how it will help you serve athletes. By looking at the big picture, sports massage therapists can have more informative intake interviews, answer questions and refer the athlete as needed, and use guidelines in conversations. 


4. Sports Massage: Injury + Recovery

$75 members / $125 nonmembers     5.0 CE credits

Take an in-depth look at where injuries occur, how athlete tissues are affected and how they heal. Closely examine the healing stages, as well as what massage techniques are appropriate for athletes’ schedules. 


5. Sports Massage: Event Protocols

$60 members / $100 nonmembers     4.0 CE credits

Find out how sports massage is performed at sporting events and during the training cycle, including how therapists should prepare and use good body mechanics. Learn guidelines on conducting athletes’ clinical assessments to develop a massage therapy plan. 


6. Sports Massage: Athlete Care + Conditions

$52 members / $87 nonmembers     3.5 CE credits

Learn common problems encountered by athletes, particularly those related to heat. Examine treatments and prevention strategies to ensure the athlete can perform at the highest level, as well as preventive measures for many injuries. 

The 20 CE hour Sports Massage home study course will introduce you to the theories and principles of pre-, inter- and post- event sports massage. It will define what sports massage is, physiological principles that govern sports massage, and will explain different injuries suffered by athletes. This course will also provide information on sports psychology, stretching, diet, and contraindications. The course includes both a textbook and DVD. The DVD demonstrates general sports massage techniques as well as techniques to use on common injuries suffered by athletes.

This Course Will Present:

  • 3 types of sports massage (pre-event, inter-event and post-event) and how they apply to different athletes
  • Venues for performing sports massage
  • Common injuries suffered by athletes and the injury process
  • Contraindications to sports massage
  • Sample techniques for performing a sports massage routine
  • When to refer a client to another healthcare professional for treatment

In present society there is a growing need for professional sports masseuses and by studying a distance learning course with learndirect, you could be joining them. This course can be studied alongside your current career and has been designed to help therapists channel their previous massage experience into a sports setting.

If you want to be a sports massage therapist, then our sports massage home learning course is the perfect way to get started. The material is spread across 10 online modules. Each engaging unit covers a different area of sports massage. The topics included range from basic massage skills and skills for specific body parts to sports injury massage.

Who should study this course?

This course is aimed at individuals with an interest in training to become sports massage therapists. If you are already a qualified masseuse this course may help you to sharpen your skills and broaden your opportunities.

At learndirect, we do not ask that you have any prior experience or any previous qualifications before enrolling on one of our courses. All we request is that you have a way to access our online portal and that you have the motivation to engage in home study.

What happens after the course?

By the end of this course you will have a broad understanding of sports massage theory. If you enjoyed studying, you may decide to progress to university level education. Many students choose to study sports science or physiotherapy at university and go on to gain professional accreditation.

If you want to find work right away, you can use your new found skills to secure a job. If you already have a job as a masseuse, these skills may help to develop your career. Jobs related to this course include but are not limited to:

  • Sports massage therapist
  • Masseuse
  • Osteopath

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