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Imagine being able to earn college credits on a flexible schedule from your own home while studying something that interests you.

No, it is not impossible.

You can really have it all!

Online college Spanish classes combine the flexibility of online learning with the accolades of college classes.

They help you accomplish two goals in one shot.

In other words, online college courses that teach Spanish are double wins.

Who does not love winning? Especially double winning.

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Is an Online Course a Good Learning Method for You?

I recently graduated from college with a minor in Spanish. My experiences with online classes were mixed. In some cases, I loved the class and learned a lot. Other classes, I just felt like I was going through the motions. It really just boils down to the program and the teacher.

I would recommend that you look into your options seriously before just signing up for any of the classes.

While online college courses are not for everyone, they can be very helpful for the right language learners.

An online college class is flexible enough for people with busy lives to succeed in learning the objectives, but you will also have a teacher there to help you when you get stuck along the way.

The structure of the course will encourage you to continue moving through the material even if you feel like giving up, which is great for anyone who occasionally loses their motivation.

Another reason to take an online Spanish course is if you need credits for your degree. These classes are the perfect solution if are interested in Spanish and need a language credit.

Finally, this is a good option if you want to have some proof that you have studied Spanish to put on your resume. You can list the classes you take or even provide a certificate to potential employers.

Remember, these are college-level Spanish classes so there will be deadlines, assignments and tests to motivate you and check your progress along the way!

6 Awesome Online Spanish Courses for College Credit

You can take a single class online or as many as you want. You could put those classes towards a certificate. Potentially you could even earn a whole degree in Spanish online. The possibilities are endless!

But don’t just go in blind: Combine online courses with other methods of learning for an optimal experience.

One way to supplement your instructional, educational setting with authentic Spanish content is by using FluentU

online spanish courses for college credit

FluentU takes authentic videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

You can try FluentU for free for 2 weeks. Click here to check out the website or download the iOS app or Android app.Try FluentU for FREE!

The University of North Dakota

UND offers “Spanish 101: First Year Spanish I” completely online for four credits. The school estimates that it will take between three and nine months to finish. (You will have to finish by the nine-month deadline in order to earn your credit.)

Through activities that build listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, the course will create a solid base for you to build from and eventually become fluent.

Class works in much the same way as a regular college class: There are quizzes, assignments and three proctored exams.

The class is offered at an undergraduate level at $289.42 per credit.

Oregon State University

You will find a variety of Spanish courses at OSU, from first-year introductory Spanish to higher-level Spanish culture, business and writing courses.

The courses are offered in various 11-week quarters that you can sign up for when you know you will have the time to devote to the work.

In addition to video instructions, you will complete a variety of homework assignments, quizzes and tests.

If you take the first two years of Spanish courses, you will be able to converse about climate, family and traditions. You will also be able to write in a grammatically correct way about the topics you have learned.

The courses are offered at an undergraduate level, which is great since U.S. News ranked OSU as the sixth best online school for Bachelor’s programs.

You can take a single course or earn a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish completely online! The cost per credit is $297.


At Conversa, you can take courses for various skill levels, from “Elementary Spanish I” to “Advanced Conversation I.” Classes focus mostly on conversation and give you one-on-one video chat instruction by a trained teacher.

You decide on your own schedule between you and your teacher so you can learn at your own pace. Study from three to 20 hours per week, depending on how fast you would like to get the course done.

These classes will transfer for undergraduate college credit, though you will need to contact the program directly to work out the details of your needs before you sign up.

The number of classes you will need to take in order to receive credit will likely vary based on your institutional requirements. Keep in mind that the credits will be foreign credits (Conversa is based in Costa Rica), so make sure you contact your institution before you commit.

You pay for the program by the lesson, which cost $25 per 50-minute Spanish lesson. (You can get a 15% discount if you pay for 40 lessons in advance.)

It looks like the company is very willing to work with you if you know what you need.

Florida International University

FIU offers a complete Bachelor of Arts in Spanish online through their Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs.

In order to receive the degree, you will need to take 33 credits of Spanish classes and 120 credits of other various requirements to receive the degree.

The courses begin at a 3000 level, which means your Spanish will need to be at an intermediate skill level. If you are unsure if this program is for you, consult with the staff before signing up.

The cost per credit is $212.71 for in-state students or $329.77 for out-of-state students. If you decide to take the entire degree program, then you will be paired with an undergraduate success coach to help you along the way.

You do not have to complete the entire degree to sign up for courses, though: you can take just a few classes if that is what you have time for.

Georgia Tech

You can take Spanish courses online with Georgia Tech’s School of Modern Languages within the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts.

You can take introductory-level courses in Spanish online. The college offers two different asynchronous classes that allow you to study at your own pace, though you will need to complete the course by the end of the semester to qualify for credits.

You can enroll in these courses as a non-degree seeking student. However, space is limited to 10 students per class, so if you want to sign up, try to get your paperwork in order early.

The cost per credit hour is $333.16.

The University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix offers two undergraduate level courses in Spanish. “Conversational Spanish I” and “II” are offered completely online and are a good option if you are looking to just take one or two classes.

The courses are both three credits and are five weeks long and offer tech support and online resources for students.

By the time you complete the two classes, you should be able to use basic vocabulary in conversation and have a better appreciation of Spanish culture.

If you want to transfer these credits to your college, the college urges prospective students to make sure the classes meet the requirements of your institution. The price per credit is $398.

Online classes are a great way to fit learning into your life, but remember that these courses are still college classes.

They will (and should) require a lot of time and energy to achieve success.

You will be able to set your own schedule but make sure you stick to it in order to actually get all your work done.

Sure, all this studying and test-taking is a lot of work, but in the end, it is worth the effort—and it sure beats going to a college campus.

You will earn both knowledge of the Spanish language and college credit to prove that you did it.

Online Spanish Courses For College Credit


Online Spanish Courses For College Credit

  1. Online Courses for Credit Replace In-Person Programs
  2. Are online classes for-credit an excellent match for you?
  3. Online Spanish Courses for College Credit
  4. Next steps: enrolling for online Spanish classes

Online Courses for Credit Replace In-Person Programs

As a result of Covid, Spanish Studies Abroad made the decision to cancel January and Spring 2021 in-person programs and launched a series of online for-credit programs through the end of 2021 to support students for-credit language learning needs.

We offer a range of month-long courses throughout the entire year; please contact us for more details:Summer Online ProgramFall Online Program

  • June: Jun 7 – July 2, 2021
  • Jul: Jul 5-30, 2021
  • Apr: Aug 2-27, 2021
  • An online program offering distinct courses each month
  • No GPA required
  • Course offerings found in the web
  • Cost: $1200 per course


Technology has opened up new ways to learn and complete requirements for Spanish credits at American universities. You can take advantage of both the convenience and cost savings by considering some of these. 

Below we’ve detailed some of our online Spanish courses for college credit; they utilize a combination of “live” instruction via video conferencing and some asynchronous hours. Courses are for 3 US college credits apiece at the cost of $1200. 

Are online classes for-credit an excellent match for you?

If you’re working toward a major or minor in Spanish and your regular in-person classes have been disrupted, they may be. Or if you have taken time away from your studies and want to return, these programs may be a good match.

The courses described in this article can provide you with college credits in Spanish quickly at a reasonable cost, all provided by excellent instructors. Expect to work hard and learn because we have a history of teaching Spanish language and culture that dates back more than 50 years.

Transferring your college credits

It’s essential to ensure that these credits can be applied to your requirements ahead of time, so we encourage you to speak with your academic advisor or Spanish department. If your college has a signed affiliation agreement, the process should be more straightforward, but it’s best to check regardless.

Experienced faculty members teach these courses at our Center for Cross-cultural Study in Seville, Spain. Most of these instructors have been teaching US college courses for more than a decade, so these are serious and rigorous academic offerings. As long as your college understands this, there is a good chance that you can transfer these credits as equivalents in your degree program.

Spanish Studies Abroad’s Center for Cross-cultural Study will provide official transcripts at the end of each course. For colleges that require an accredited American college to issue transcripts, these can be obtained through Heidelberg University in Ohio for an extra fee. 

Online Spanish Courses for College Credit

Online Spanish Coruse 800px

Spanish Studies Abroad has created and adapted courses to fit students’ needs, and these will be offered in intensive, month-long modules throughout the Spring semester of 2021. Often these are popular Spanish programs that have been taken for many years during study abroad months or semesters in Seville, Spain.

All coursework is taught in Spanish, and it combines live, online instruction with some asynchronous hours. These courses fit 45 contact hours into 3.5 weeks, so you will need available time to pass the course and qualify for these credits. Typically classes are held at 11 am on the US East Coast.

Courses range from language, culture, and literature classes typical of university offerings, to more diverse offerings in Art History and Political Science. In many cases, students can use classes such as these toward their Spanish majors – since they’re taught in Spanish – and toward other graduation requirements.

Below we detail a handful of the full range of Spanish courses on offer this year, with the possibility of 3 US college credits, taken in 45 contact hours over less than a month.

Oral Survival in Spanish

Would you like to communicate in Spanish when you visit Spain or Latin America? Do you want a head start on discovering Spain’s culture and way of life through the Spanish language?

With this course, you can learn Spanish from home. This Spanish class explores real-life situations that you may encounter during your stay. This dynamic language class focuses on conversational skills. It offers you the opportunity to practice Spanish online with native speakers and will help you to express yourself more fluently, and use a more comprehensive range of vocabulary and colloquial expressions, only used by Spanish speakers.

Prerequisite: 1 semester of intermediate college Spanish SEE SUMMER PROGRAMAPPLY NOW

Foundations of Spanish Culture

This course focuses on Spain’s historical and cultural development today, from its foundations into the 21st century. Students study Roman colonization and Moorish conquest from Franco’s dictatorship to today’s democracy.

Using Seville’s unique resources and its surroundings, students experience Spain’s past and present in music, art, architecture, and popular cultural expression, including flamenco and film. Throughout Seville, virtual excursions illustrate the topics and themes discussed in class to provide a truly unique learning experience.

Prerequisites: 2 semesters of intermediate college SpanishSEE SUMMER PROGRAMAPPLY NOW

Spanish for the Health Professions

Online Spanish Course2 800px

One of the most popular courses in our Seville study abroad program, the course is designed to help students develop language skills for health-related professions. Students participating in this course will learn how to communicate more effectively with Spanish-speaking patients and their families and how to consult with other health professionals.

Medical health terminology, patient interviewing skills, and cultural factors affecting health care delivery will also be studied. A particular emphasis on epidemiological terms in light of COVID-19 will prove useful to students for understanding media reports published in Spanish about the pandemic.

Prerequisite: 1 semester of intermediate college SpanishSEE SUMMER PROGRAMAPPLY NOW

Splendor by the Guadalquivir: Baroque Art in Seville

This course offers a virtual tour of Baroque Seville, which takes you back in time through the city’s architectural legacy, cultural traditions, images, and paintings by the masters of the Sevillian school. Through these artists’ eyes, we will study society, culture, politics, and daily life of the time. The course is particularly appropriate for students who wish to study abroad but cannot do so.

Sevillian Baroque art is presented in 10 lessons, with numerous activities and virtual visits. Students will explore emblematic buildings such as Miguel Mañara’s Charity Hospital and Seville’s historical convents while becoming acquainted with artists including Martínez Montañes, Juan de Mesa, Zurbarán, Pedro Roldán, La Roldana, and Murillo.

It’s an excellent option for students who want a taste of life in Spain without studying abroad.

Prerequisites: 2 semesters of intermediate college SpanishSEE SUMMER PROGRAMAPPLY NOW

International Business and the European Union

This course provides an in-depth introduction to the European Union’s political and economic aspects and a detailed analysis of how they affect international business. The EU’s monetary, fiscal, and labor policies and the economic differences among member states will be examined.

Students will also study the EU’s principal businesses and companies, their management, relations with Spain and the US, and their role in the globalized economy. An update on Brexit and how it affects commerce and the job market in Spain will also be studied.

Prerequisite: 1 semester of advanced college SpanishSEE SUMMER PROGRAMAPPLY NOW

Spain in the 21st century: Nationalism, Populism and Social Movements

The course will focus on Spain and Europe’s political transformation in the first decades of the 21st century. The rise of nationalist and populist forces across Europe is shaping the political landscape. The holding of electoral contests with more uncertain results than ever has sparked an interest in politics in the academic world and the overall population in democratic societies.

Thus, there is a great demand for expertise in political and electoral analysis. This course emphasizes theoretical knowledge and practical skills, incorporating a range of contemporary political situations, debates, and electoral strategies to help the students understand and analyze current political realities.

Prerequisite: 1 semester of advanced college SpanishSEE SUMMER PROGRAMAPPLY NOW

Intensive Intermediate Spanish & Culture

Intermediate Spanish is an intensive course that includes review and expansion of the four language skills and grammar. Writing and speaking will be improved through composition assignments and online discussions of Spanish cultural and contemporary issues. Students will enhance their oral skills through dynamic role-playing exercises.

Prerequisites: 2 semesters of beginner college SpanishSEE SUMMER PROGRAMAPPLY NOW

Reading Seville: a literary journey

The city of Seville has long been a backdrop and an inspiration for literary creation. From Cervantes’s time to today, novelists, poets, and playwrights have shown their vision of their city and their emotional connection to it.

In this course, we will read and analyze these artists’ works to better understand the city through the eyes of classic authors and the lyrical representation of poets as well as the perspective of current literature.

Prerequisites: 2 semesters of intermediate college Spanish

Next steps: enrolling for online Spanish classes

Spanish Studies Abroad has made the enrollment process simple, and you can join a class up until the day before it starts. Once you’re sure that a course meets your needs and fits your schedule, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or begin to set up your profile by clicking here.

We have helpful staff members who can walk you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. They will also work to send your transcripts after you’ve completed your course(s).

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