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There are many people who wish to pass their test of Academic sat math 2 but aren’t able to do so. This course has been specially designed to conduct the students through each and every procedure of tests, and help them in providing all the information regarding sat math 2 online course.

Online sat math 2 course is here to help you out and to teach you everything in details. Learn your mathematical concepts with us and make your life better in long run.

SAT Math Level 2 Preparation Course:

Are you planning to study in the world’s best universities in Abroad? If you want to get maximum results in the SAT Test in minimum time, SAT Math Level 2 Coaching / Courses can help.

Check the SAT Math Level 2 Courses for NRI & International students which are about to start below:

SAT Math 2 Preparation Courses DurationCourse Enrollment
SAT Math Level 2 Preparation30 HoursEnroll Now
SAT Math Level 2 Preparation40 HoursEnroll Now
SAT Math Level 2 Preparation50 HoursEnroll Now

If you’re aiming to enroll, Enroll  Best SAT Math Level 2 Courses in Dubai here

Topics Covered in SAT Math Level 2 Preparation Course:

By taking SAT Math Level 2 Coaching / Courses you will learn a few important aspects, that can help to get maximize your SAT Result, Below topics will be covered in SAT Math Level 2 Course-

  • Operations and Numbers
  • Algebra and functions
  • Geometry and measurement (three-dimensional, coordinate and trigonometry)
  • Data analysis, probability, and statics


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SAT Math (Level 2) Exam Preparation Syllabus:

Topics and Subtopics% of Math 2 SAT Subject TestApproximate # of Questions
Number and Operations10-14%5-7
Operations, ratio and proportion, complex numbers, counting, elementary number theory, matrices, sequences, series, vectors
Algebra and Functions48-52%24-26
Expressions, equations, inequalities, representation and modeling, properties of functions (linear, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, periodic, piecewise, recursive, parametric)
Geometry and Measurement28-32%14-16
Coordinate: lines, parabolas, circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, symmetry, transformations, polar coordinates10-14%5-7
Three-dimensional: solids, surface area, and volume (cylinders, cones, pyramids, spheres, prisms), coordinates in three dimensions4-6%2-3
Trigonometry: right triangles, identities, radian measure, the law of cosines, the law of sines, equations, double angle formula12-16%6-8
Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability8-12%4-6
Mean, median, mode, range, interquartile range, standard deviation, graphs and plots, least squares regression (linear, quadratic, exponential), probability


SAT Math Level 2 Course Review:

Here is the detailed demo video lecture of SAT Math Level 2 Coaching. Take a video session to know the tips and tricks + solution methodology for solving the SAT Math Level 2 questions.

SAT 2 (Subject Test) Preparation Course Details:

Check the SAT Online Course / Coaching for SAT 2 (SAT Subject test). SAT Online Coaching is also available for every SAT Subject test.

SAT 2 Online PreparationDurationLevelCourse Details
SAT 2 Math Level 1 Preparation Online42 HrsAdvancedView Details
SAT Math Preparation Online60 HrsIntermediateView Details
SAT Math Level 2 Preparation Online72 HrsIntermediateView Details
SAT 2 Math (L1+L2) Preparation Online90 HrsIntermediateView Details

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SAT Math Level 2 Preparation Course Features:

Have a glance at the course features we offer at TestprepKart:

Live & Interactive:

Fully live and online classes with one on one interaction for SAT Math Level 2 Coaching. All classes are realtime and live with options on 30 hours, 40 Hours, 20 Hours, 30 Hours and more. Supported by Study Material, Test Series, College Board Official SAT Papers Practice, Doubt Removal Classes.

Highly-Qualified Faculty:

TestprepKart brings you a panel of the most qualified and highly experienced SAT Math Level 2 faculty and our outperforming SAT instructors are the alumni of IITs, Harvard, Wharton, Yale, Stanford and Maryland. Our faculty is selected through a rigorous screening process where we keep into account their subject knowledge, conceptual understanding, and their style of teaching.

Study Material:

SAT Math Level 2 Courses comes with full SAT Math Level 2 Study Material for students to focus specifically on what is needed to secure a perfect 800. SAT Math Level 2 Courses comes with official SAT Papers and detailed Solutions for students to practice along with regular live classes. 

Online Test Series:

SAT Live Test Series are tests taken at regular intervals along with the progress in Maths Level 2 course. The pattern will be MCQs of 3 hours just as tests are taken for SAT. You’ll be diagnosing with over 6500 problems during the entire test series.

Assessment Reports:

You are daily assessed on the SAT Math Level 2 topic you’re instructed. You have to take the test before it expires.

Special Query Sessions:

SAT Special Query Sessions (Doubt Classes) encourage students that hesitate to clarify their doubts during the live sessions and also for the students to clarify their doubts after appearing for the SAT Online Test Series.

Accessible Videos:

You’ll be accessed to all SAT Math Level 2 Coaching Video Sessions if you won’t be able to attend the sessions due to any reason.

SAT Prep Downloads:

Prior appearing for the SAT, it’s pretty important to acquaint yourself with the SAT and here’s the general SAT’s repository which covers the SAT E-Books, Practice Papers and College Essay stuff.


SAT Math Level 2 Online Preparation Course Enrollment:

SAT Online Course enrollment process


International SAT Math Achievers:

Have a glimpse on our International SAT Achievers:


Prachi Vohra (Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai)

“Having TestprepKart’s SAT Math Level 2 coaching program for NRIs was an enjoyable SAT experience. Their excellent SAT classes, curriculum design, and prep material assisted me a ton to hit the perfect score in the regular SAT. Special Query Sessions assisted me a lot to on-board one of my prospective colleges.”

Jeevan Patnaik (Arab International Schools)

“Thank you TestprepKart, for always being so helpful and supportive throughout the SAT classes. Your motivation and strategy helped me to prepare and crack SAT General with a concrete score. You are the sole cause for scoring 1560 in SAT, which helped me admitting one of the renowned engineering colleges in the United States of America.”

Akash Garg (Horizon Private School, Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi)

“I enjoyed my journey a ton with TestprepKart SAT coaching classes. It was such a wonderful experience to have the faculty that are fully-equipped with the competencies of different subjects. Their problem-solving ability is spectacular and they taught me the same hacks they’ve known. Those made me ace the SAT with an incredible score. Hope you serve SAT coaching for tons of students like me further.”

Pawan Prajapati (Scholars International Academy)

“TestprepKart’s prep classes were absolutely invaluable to me. I loved their faculty and their attitude to students. That attitude pushed me to aim high and it definitely paid off in the end with the SAT score of 1570. So I would love to recommend TestprepKart for SAT classes as their efforts were highly appreciative.”

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SAT Math Online Preparation Course FAQs:

Q1: What is the registration fee and how to register for the SAT Math?

Answer: The Registration Fee of SAT is 46 USD (Excluding Essay) and 60 USD (Including Essay). You are charged 29 USD more for late registration. Here’s the entire process of SAT Registration (Updating soon).

Q2: Do I need to give essay an in the SAT?

Answer: It depends on the college you wish to apply for. Every college eligibility criteria varies. So it would be better to check the eligibility criteria of the college you are aiming to on board.

Q3: How early will I get my SAT scores?

Answer: The SAT General Sores will be out in 3 weeks after the test. You can get them via email or via hard copy.

Q4: How many times can I take SAT General and SAT Subject Tests yearly?

Answer: SAT is conducted by College Board 7 times a year. For US aspirants, SAT General Test is conducted 7 times a year – August, October, November, December, March, May and June. Whereas, SAT Subject Tests are conducted 6 times a year – August, October, November, December, May and June. For International Students, SAT General Test is conducted 4 times a year – October, December, March and May. Whereas, SAT Subject Tests is conducted 5 times a year – October, November, December, May and June

Q5: What’s the validity of SAT score?

Answer: Yeah, SAT Score validity is 5 years. But you can keep up yourself improving by doing repetitive attempts. Send the best SAT score to the colleges you are aiming to join.

Q6: Will universities give admission on the basis of SAT scores alone?

Ans: No, many renowned colleges in the US offer admission via ACT and the SAT. A few more colleges accept the SAT, ACT and the IB points. Finally, admissions will be allotted solely on the merit basis

Q7: Do I need to have SAT score at the time of applying to universities?

Answer: You don’t need SAT score at the time of applying to universities. Your SAT score should reach the colleges you are aiming to join prior 1 month of the college application deadline.

Q8: Which SAT score is reckoned by the universities if I do the SAT more than once?

Answer: Around 1600 for SAT General Test would be good SAT score to onboard renowned colleges like Ivy League.

Q9: Are SAT 1 classes different from SAT 2 classes?

Answer: Yes, SAT 1 is a SAT General Test and SAT 2 is widely termed as SAT subject test. They are entirely different and the formats as well. SAT Subject Test is given by the students that are willing to join engineering and SAT General Test is mostly given to on board the streams rather than Engineering.

Q10: What are the SAT prep class timings during the day?

Answer: We do arrange all our sessions in the evenings (I.e. after 6PM) to keep yourself away from the school activities. Classes are scheduled on the basis of student’s pace and comfort.

Q11: What are the SAT expert credentials?

Answer: Our SAT tutors are extremely skilled and they have got 10 years of average experience in delivering SAT classes online. They still examine themselves by doing SAT once in every 2-3 years.

Q12: How long will this course generally take to finish the entire SAT General test syllabus?

Answer: It depends on the time availability student has got and the pace of the student. We strongly recommend 72 & 90 hours for the sophomores and 42 & 60 hour crash courses for the junior level students.

Q13: What are the good SAT General Test and SAT Subject Test scores to on board the renowned universities?

Answer: SAT General Test is of 1600 marks and student need to get around 1600 to on board renowned universities. Students with 1500+ scores are likely to admit the top-notch colleges.

Q14: What are the SAT class timings?

Answer: Mostly, our session timings are in between 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Local Time).

Q15: What would be the SAT session duration?

Answer: All classes are about 2 hours and the classes are scheduled thrice a week

SAT Online Course Enrollment

Testmasters BrainPrep™ Subject Test In Math Level 2 Online Course

Course Overview

  • An Intensive Program with 4 Classes of 3 hours each.
  • Exclusively Designed for the SAT Subject – Math Level 2 Exam.
  • A 100 Point Score Increase Guarantee!
  • Unique and Highly Effective Strategies Not Taught Anywhere Else!
  • Highly Experienced, Dynamic Instructors.
  • 4 Full-length SAT Subject – Math Level 2 Exams
  • Over 150 Pages of Course Materials.
  • Online Course Advantages
    • Extended Preparation – Watch Classes for Up To Four Months (120 days).
    • Flexible – Watch Classes Multiple Times and Anytime You Want!
    • High Quality – Classes Stream in High Definition Video.
    • Convenient – Watch Classes from Home.
  • Course Fee: $399

Topics Covered

  • Number and Operations
  • Algebra and Functions
  • Geometry and Measurement
    • Plane Euclidean/Measurement
    • Coordinates
    • Three-dimensional mathematics
    • Trigonometry
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

Register Today and Start Right Away

If we receive your registration by 6PM EST and you live in the continental U.S., we will ship your books via expedited shipping free so you can start the course right away! (If you would like to get started sooner, an upgrade to next-day shipping is available.)

100 Point Score Increase Guarantee

Test Masters guarantees that if you watch and understand every class, your SAT score will go up by at least 100 points. If you do not improve by at least 100 points, then we will allow you to repeat the course free of charge. Our goal is for you to achieve your goals on the SAT Subject Test Math Level 2 exam.

5 Best + Free SAT Math Prep Courses & Classes [2022 FEBRUARY]

Best SAT Math Prep course tutorial class certification training online

SAT Math Courses are necessary for students who wish to obtain admission to the university of their choice. Whether you’re looking for a free or a paid course, you’ll find a program that meets your requirements. Learn from experts and enhance your mathematical skills.

Best + Free SAT Math Prep Courses & Classes [2022 FEBRUARY]

1. SAT Math Test Prep (

The SAT Math Test Prep courses will teach you topics like pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry. The program includes quizzes and final examinations that will help learners test their knowledge. Learners who wish to learn beyond a SAT textbook can opt for the course. The program is ideal for students looking for an affordable program.

Key USPs –

Background lessons can help students view previous lessons and learn at their pace.

-Every lesson has a diagnostic pre-test that helps students know their current knowledge level.

-Students can benefit from detailed grade reporting and tracking.

-The program is completely online, which helps students save time and study according to their schedule.

Duration: Self-Paced

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

You can Sign up Here

Review: Thank you for the subscription. It was very helpful for the SAT! -Dallin Geis.

2. Test prep SAT courses (Khan Academy)

The test prep SAT courses by Khan Academy include topics like algebra, data analysis, advanced mathematics, and problem-solving techniques. Students will learn about strategies that they can follow to ace the mathematics component in the SAT examination. Understand the best ways through which you can prepare for the examination. The courses are free for all learners.

Key USPs-

-Students can benefit from asking questions in the community and clarifying their doubts.

-Mathematical examples are divided into categories based on the difficulty level.

-Students can practice questions in the Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy.

-The program includes SAT lesson plans for teachers.

-Learn from articles that teach students about time management skills and how to avoid careless errors.

-Understand the best practices that you need to follow while using a calculator.

Duration: Self Paced

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

You can Sign up Here

3. New SAT Math Course (Udemy)

The NEW SAT Math Course by Udemy includes topics like linear equations, cross multiplication, data analysis, graphs, and geometry. The program is designed for learners who are struggling with algebra. It includes a 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee for students who are unsatisfied with the course content.

Key USPs-

-Students have lifetime access to the study material in the modules.

-The program is compatible with both a mobile phone and a television screen.

-Learners will receive a certificate after completing the program.

-Know how to solve mathematical problems quickly and remove redundant steps in calculations.

-Learners can preview sample videos in the modules before deciding to pursue the training program.

-Examples help students better understand the concepts in the course.

Duration: 2 hours of video (Self-Paced)

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

You can Sign up Here

Review: I think this course is very good. There were a few errors in few questions in the quizzes and miscalculations in a few videos. Overall, this course really helped me. -Mauricio Torres.

4. SAT Math Prep (Live Class) by Debra Bell

The SAT Math Prep course includes topics like algebra, data analysis, problem-solving skills, and advanced mathematics. Students will learn practice-test-taking strategies that will help them improve their score in the SAT examination. The program starts with a practice test. Learners will receive a personalized study plan by the instructor, Kathryn Gomes, for the remaining six weeks of the course. Students need to complete quizzes on Canvas and Khan Academy. They can communicate with the instructor through Canvas. School students (Grade 8-Grade 12) must opt for the program. They need to purchase the Official SAT Study Guide. (2020 edition)

Key USPs:

Students can receive feedback during live sessions that will discuss different approaches to solving problems.

-Personalized assignments will help learners test their knowledge of the concepts in the course.

Duration: Approximately one month 

Rating: 5 out of 5

You can Sign up Here

5. The Ultimate SAT Math Online Course (EffortlessMath)

The Ultimate SAT Math Course includes topics like fractions, decimals, mixed numbers, algebra, probability, and trigonometry. It helps learners understand their strengths and weaknesses. Learn from worksheets and step-by-step solutions to mathematical problems. The program is free for all learners. Learners can complete a free practice test to know their current knowledge level before pursuing the course. Students can purchase mathematics e-books from the website as well.

Key USPs:

-Learners can read articles on topics like common mathematical questions and study applications.

-Learn from a combination of notes, videos, exercises, and activities.

-Students can benefit from a list of mathematical formulas that is available at a single location.

Duration: Self Paced

Rating: 4.3 out of 5

You can Sign up Here

Enroll in the above SAT Math Courses and receive an excellent grade in the SAT examination. We hope that you discovered the course that you wanted.

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