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S-260 may be delivered as instructor-led (classroom) or self-directed (online) training.

NWCG training materials are being updated to reduce redundancy and conflict among overlapping documents.  Course-specific student workbooks will be replaced by standards-bearing NWCG publications – the documents that actually guide operations.  Instructor guidance will be integrated into PowerPoint presentations rather than located in separate documents.  Instructors may use the instructor guide file (exported from the PowerPoint presenter notes), view the notes in presentation mode, or export the notes into the desired format.

This course is an online/instructor led course. There will be both a classroom room option (15 student slots) and a virtual classroom (30 student slots available). All students will need to complete the online version quizzes and final exam for completion/credit. The online course will have instructor enhancements and direction through each module.

This course meets the general training needs of all positions for which an understanding of interagency incident business management is required. The NWCG Standards for Interagency Incident Business Management, PMS 902, is used as the primary job aid to supplement this course. It provides basic policy and direction for incident business management.

Pre-Course Online Access Trial Run:  January 18, 1300-1700 TMCC S-260 TMCC Canvas orientation and Test Run for Wildland Fire Learning Portal/S-260 Interagency Incident Business Management. 
You will need to access the Wildland Fire Learning Portal [Wildlandfirelearningport.net] and sign up for:

prior to the beginning of the course since you will be completing this course online while attending the course.

Virtual/online Technical Requirements:

  • Computer with internet access, Edge and Chrome web browser.
  • Second monitor (this can be a second laptop screen, monitor, or iPad or Android pad, or equivalent.
  • Recommend printer if you want hard copies of any of the handouts. This is a personal preference, not a requirement.

Note: Virtual students will need this hardware available to them throughout the course.
        In-classroom students will have this hardware provided.

In addition, it is expected that students have some knowledge of the Incident Command System. Recommended: FEMA IS-100 and IS-200 (~2 hrs each). These courses are free through FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute.  It is also recommended that you complete FEMA IS-700 and IS-800. All 4 of these courses are recommended and/or required (agency-specific) for all incident-related field assignments.

How are NWCG courses designed to be delivered?

Most courses are designed to be delivered as Self-Directed (Online) training or Instructor-Led Training (ILT). Some courses are Blended (designed to employ a hybrid of these methods). Self-Directed (Online) NWCG courses are specifically designed for distance learning delivery.

How is the s-260 course delivered?

S-260 may be delivered as instructor-led (classroom) or self-directed (online) training. NWCG training materials are being updated to reduce redundancy and conflict among overlapping documents.

Where can I find the NWCG s-190 course?

Successful completion of S-190, Introduction to Wildland Fire Behavior. Satisfactory completion of pre-selection assessment and pre-course work. Nationally advertised course sessions can be found on the NWCG Wildland Fire Learning Portal (WFLP) . Log on as a guest to search for session offerings of this course and to view other public content.

How do I access NWCG materials without a Learning Portal account?

If you don’t have a Learning Portal account, you can choose to “Log in as a guest” when you go to the link. The current status of NWCG materials is listed here.

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