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PUC / 11th Course

PUC Pre-university course  / 11th Course in India

What after 10th ???

It is a turning point in the life of a person, where he now has the option of moving a step ahead towards his dream career. Career should be planned a step ahead before 10th standard. In cases where it is not practically planned prior, there arise confusions. When a student of 10th standard is exposed to the huge bunch of career paths  which will lead to pool of careers, it’s natural to get convinced. Career mostly selected, on the basis of trend / scope. Hence, in future, the slow aversion from the subject /career and dissatisfaction takes place. A career is your trademark. They say if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life. But many of us are not so lucky to be working in the jobs we are happy or is our passion. It is caused of lack of knowledge about self and the career opportunities around.

There are many ways to continue education after 10th, PUC / 11th is just one of the option. The other options are Polytechnic Diploma, I.T.I, Paramedical diplomas, apprenticeship etc.

Bioinformatics MS

11th / PUC:

PUC / 11th is one of the popular and regular systems of education commonly followed by many. This is a 2 year board exam where in second year you will have to face public / board exam. Every stream will have 4 subjects and 2 languages.


Students will get 2 years time to form their realistic goals about their career, where they can evaluate their strengths and weakness and form it as a base. With the new set exposure, students will realize the world around unlike their school days. PUC is comparatively easy for students who completed their 10th from C.B.S.E when compared to State board. This platform forms the eligibility for many jobs. It is also beneficial for those who want to pursue engineering but have not yet decided with the specialized stream. Evening classes are available for those who work during day time.

The various streams of 11th or PUC are generally as follows:

Science– Mostly students who score high percentage is eligible to enroll into science; hence there is an interpretation that all studious students should enroll Science. In this misconception, there are a huge number of students who shift to other streams like commerce & arts in their graduation. Students of science are expected to possess good knowledge and interest in multiple concepts, theories, formulas and experiments. Students should have a high motivation to face challenges and tough competitions, entrance exams etc. These students should have good generalized reading habit and memorization, as only that will help them in various entrance exams. Science students are generally occupied with practical, records, additional coaching classes, seminars etc. with less interval for recreational activities.

The combinations are flexible with subject combination of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Computer Science, Electronics, Statistics, Geography or Home science.

Combinations as: P.C.M.B, P.C.M.C, P.C.M.E, P.C.M.G, P.C.B.H, P.C.B.E

Commerce- Students aspirant to make their career in the field of accounts, business, computer science, management etc select this option. It is comparatively easy when compared to science students. But commerce students should have a strong hold on the numerical, analytical, data, theory. Students should also have a good grasping power and application of the knowledge too. The pressure is not too much unless the students plan to write competitive exams like C.P.T to become CA or take up additional courses like I.C.W.A, company secretary ship or SAP.  Subjects like Business Studies, Accountancy, Math,

Statistics, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Business Maths,

Computer Science, etc.


Arts: Students who plans their career mainly in IAS, Economist and Psychologist etc opts arts. Though students and parents equally consider this stream for those students who are below average. In fact, this stream is for those students who have strong linguist, social, artist and interpersonal intelligence. This stream have interesting subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, Education, Languages, Music, Economics, History, Geography, Political Science, Logic, etc.,


The other Options after 10th are Polytechnic Diploma, Paramedical Diploma, ITI Courses, Job oriented courses, Govt Jobs and apprenticeship.

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