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Pharmacovigilance Certificate courses deal with Drug Safety. After Pharmacovigilance Certificate courses, professionals from this field are tasked with testing drugs to make sure quality standards and national medical standards are being met. 

Pharmacovigilance Certificate courses are taught in a number of Medical colleges in India. Programs are taught under the Pharmacy department. Certificate courses are short term usually completed in a year.

Certificates ProgramsCertificate courses in Pharmacovigilance are taught online and offline.The duration ranges from a few hours to 1 year.Applicants need to be class 10th or 12th pass.Admissions are done on a merit basis.

Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses: Highlights

Type of CoursesCertificate in Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutical Management etc.
DurationFew hours to 6 months
EligibilityClass 10th or 12th
Average FeesFree to INR 90,000
Online CoursesAvailable
Types of Online CoursesCertificates
Top Job ProspectsDrug Safety Associate, Drug Safety Scientist, Pharmacovigilance Associate, Pharmacovigilance Analyst, Pharmacist etc.
Average SalaryINR 2.5-4 LPA

Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses

Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses

Pharmacovigilance courses are taught in certificate courses through specialized courses or Drug Safety related courses. The mode of teaching is online and offline.

  • The duration of certificate courses in Pharmacovigilance is a few hours to 1 year for offline courses.
  • Online and offline universities admit class 10th and 12th pass students on a merit basis.
  • Candidates already working in the Pharmacy industry can enroll in a certificate course to improve the skill base.
  • The average starting salary of a Pharmacovigilance certificate holder is between INR 2.5 to INR 4 LPA.

Online Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses

Online Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses are a quick and efficient way of picking up new skills while one is working. The cost of most certificate courses is free and can be completed in a couple of hours. The following lists a couple of online Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses.

Certificate NameProviderDurationFees
Drug Test CollectorUdemy44 minsINR 4,160
Introduction to European Medicine Marketing AuthorizationsUdemy33 minsINR 3,520
Drug Development Product Management SpecializationUC San Diego, Coursera3 monthsFree Enrolment
Drugs, drug use, drug policy, and healthUniversity of Geneva, Coursera29 hoursFree Enrolment
Drug DiscoveryUC San Diego, Coursera9 hoursFree Enrolment

Offline Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses

Offline certificate courses in any stream are taught through on-campus classes. However, due to the pandemic classes were shifted to online mode. The following universities in India provide offline Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses.

Certificate NameColleges OfferingAverage FeesDuration
Certificate in Pharmaceutical Quality AssuranceJSS Medical College6 months
Certificate Course in Medical RecordDr. D. Y. Patil VidyapeethINR 30,0006 months
Certificate Course in Processing of Prescriptions for PharmacistDatta Meghe Institute of Medical SciencesINR 6,0001 year
Certificate Course in Medical Office ManagementS. R. M. Institute of Science and TechnologyINR 90,0001 year

How are Admissions in Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses Done?

Admission to online and offline Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses are done on a merit basis. There is no fixed admissions structure similar to that of full-time degree programmes in the same field.

  • Applicants who have completed their class 10th or 12th standard examinations successfully from a recognized board of education.
  • A minimum aggregate score of at least 50% and above is sufficient to secure admission.
  • Application for admission including document submission is done online.

Colleges for Offline Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses

NIRF Medical College Ranking 2020Institute NameLocation
20JSS Medical CollegeMysore
24Dr. D. Y. Patil VidyapeethPune
29Datta Meghe Institute of Medical SciencesWardha
31S. R. M. Institute of Science and TechnologyChennai

Job Options after Pharmacovigilance Certificate

What are the Top Job Options after Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses?

As a Pharmacovigilance graduate, jobs are available in various capacities in the Pharmacy industry. The starting salary varies depending on the work experience and skill set of the candidate. The most popular job profiles Pharmacovigilance candidates can work as are as below.

Drug Safety Associate

Drug Safety Associates are responsible for checking and ensuring the quality standard of drugs. Their work is done before the drugs are released onto the market. They take note of the company and national drug guidelines to do their work efficiently.

Starting Salary: INR 2.83 LPA

Skills Required

  • Professional Scientific knowledge
  • Knowledge of local and national drug safety laws
  • Language skills
  • Business acumen

Drug Safety Scientist

Drug Safety Scientists are tasked to check, identify and report on the effects and side effects of drugs. They perform clinical trials with the aim to prevent adverse reactions to the drugs.

Starting Salary: INR 5.61 LPA

Skills Required

  • Mathematical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Efficiently working in a team
  • Interpersonal skills

Pharmacovigilance Associate

A pharmacovigilance Associate is hired to work on the research and development and testing of new medicines and drugs. They aim to reduce the risk of drugs while ensuring they are safe to consume. Another aspect of their responsibilities is to write up reports on their findings.

Starting Salary: INR 3.52 LPA

Skills Required

  • Meticulous
  • Strong interpretative skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • IT skills

Pharmacovigilance Analyst

Pharmacovigilance Analyst monitor and assess drugs and their effects. The goal of their work is to identify new information regarding the effects of consuming such drugs. Most Pharmacovigilance Analysts maintain a database of their findings and make analyses on them.

Starting Salary: INR 6.63 LPA

Skills Required

  • Flexible and able to adapt quickly
  • Committed to ensuring quality
  • Expert knowledge of drug safety
  • Organized working


Pharmacists are experts on medicine and drugs. They prescribe medicines after consultation of the patient’s condition. They take care of the dosage of the medicines and also have knowledge of Pharmacovigilance.

Starting Salary: INR 2.35 LPA

Skills Required

  • Critical thinking skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Sharp observation skills
  • Good soft skills
Average Salary

Skills Required in Pharmacovigilance

What Skills are Required in Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses?

In any career path, to be successful individuals need to possess skills. These range from essential soft skills to skills directly related to their career. In the online mode, all these skills are available in certificate form. The top skills Pharmacovigilance can look into learning are as below.


Pharmacy courses teach students about different drugs, drug codes, and how much to prescribe to patients. Professionals in these courses are taught in-depth about different drugs and how to properly handle them.

Top Pharmacy Courses

Drug DevelopmentUC San Diego, Coursera10 hoursFree Enrolment
Become a Pharmacy PreceptorTaiwan Society of Health-System Pharmacists, FutureLearn4 weeksFree
Dosage Calculations Mastery for Nursing & Pharmacy StudentsUdemy5 hours 3 minsINR 8,640
Become a Pharmacy TechnicianUdemy4 hours 55 minsINR 6,400

Pharmacy Course Syllabus

Introduction to PharmacyPharma abbreviations
MedicationsDrug Nomenclature
Drug recallsPregnancy categories
Pharma MathPharma Law

Pharmacy Job Profiles

  • Pharmacist
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Pharmacy Clerk
  • Pharmacy Dispenser


Strong written and spoken communication are required at all jobs and industries. People with good body language and communication skills are able to stand out from the crowd. An online course dedicated to teaching tips and tricks to develop good communication skills is easily available.

Top Communication Courses

Improve Your English Communication Skills SpecializationGeorgia Tech, Coursera5 monthsFree Enrolment
Intrapersonal Communication and Development Key TraitsAlison3 to 4 hoursFree
Effective communications skills for businessUdemy32 minsFree
Communication and Interpersonal Skills at WorkUniversity of Leeds, FutureLearn2 weeksFree

Communication Course Syllabus

Introduction to good communicationRequirements for good communication
Body languageLearning from mistakes
Monologue and dialogueCore communication skills
Questioning and feedbackActive listening

Communication Job Profiles

  • Instructor
  • Professor
  • Sales Associates
  • Business Development Executives

Data Management

Data Management is a process in organizations that deals with collecting, cleaning, organizing, and analyzing data. The cleaned and analyzed data is used to create reports which help in creating forecasts and important business decisions.

Top Data Management Courses

Master Data ManagementUdemy2 hours 59 minsINR 3,200
Enterprise Data ManagementIndiana University, edX12 weeksFree/ INR 36,373 for a certificate
Databases: Semistructured DataStanford University, edX2 weeksFree/ INR 3,645 for a certificate
PG Diploma in Data ScienceIIIT B, upGrad12 monthsINR 9,931 monthly

Data Management Course Syllabus

Enterprise dataTypes of business data
Data warehousingMaster data management
Approaches to MDMMDM Maturity model
Building blocks of MDMMDM component layer model

Data Management Job Profiles

  • Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Associate

Medical Writing

Medical Writers are individuals with Medical degrees in knowledge that are hired to write Scientific documents. They create content for websites, journals, magazines etc.

Top Medical Writing Courses

Medical Writing for Healthcare ProfessionalsUdemy3 hours 4 minsINR 2,560
Freelance Medical Writing as a Career ChoiceUdemy48 minsINR 1,280
Foundational Skills for Communicating About HealthUniversity of Michigan, Coursera14 hoursFree Enrolment
Writing in the SciencesStanford University, Coursera30 hoursFree Enrolment

Medical Writing Course Syllabus

What is Medical Writing?Finding work
Getting workUsing the right tools
Presentations and monographsBusiness of writing

Medical Writing Job Profiles

  • Content Writer
  • Medical Writer
  • Scientific Writer
  • Content Creator

Fees and Rating Comparison

Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses Online Fees and Rating Comparison

There are various online courses in Pharmacovigilance and related courses. For a prospective applicant, to avoid confusion among the courses is best. All of the best courses available online have been compared in the table below. Also listed are its duration and ratings.

Drug Test CollectorUdemy44 mins4.8
Introduction to European Medicine Marketing AuthorizationsUdemy33 mins4.3
Drug Development Product Management SpecializationUC San Diego, Coursera3 months4.7
Drugs, drug use, drug policy and healthUniversity of Geneva, Coursera29 hours4.8
Drug DiscoveryUC San Diego, Coursera9 hours4.6
Drug DevelopmentUC San Diego, Coursera10 hours4.7
Improve Your English Communication Skills SpecializationGeorgia Tech, Coursera5 months4.7
Master Data ManagementUdemy2 hours 59 mins3.3
Medical Writing for Healthcare ProfessionalsUdemy3 hours 4 mins4.3

Comparison of Online Platforms

Comparison of Online Platforms offering Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses

Out of all the educational platforms, it is easy to get confused about which to choose and where to invest one’s money in. The top two platforms across all subjects are Udemy and Coursera. Both the platforms have been compared below.

Certificate NameIntroduction to European Medicine Marketing AuthorizationsDrug Development Product Management Specialization
FeesINR 3,520Free Enrolment
Student Rating4.34.7
Duration33 mins3 months
Created byAbhishek TONGIAUC San Diego

Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses: FAQs

Ques. Can I learn Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses Online?

Ans. Yes. There are online certificate courses available through many platforms. Online certificate courses are a popular way of quickly learning new skills while working full time. Graduates are able to secure jobs immediately upon completing the course.

Ques. Which is the best Pharmacovigilance Certificate Courses in India?

Ans. Pharmacovigilance Certificate courses are provided on a number of online education platforms. Each platform has its own benefits and features. The top platforms that provide Pharmacovigilance Courses are as follows.

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Upgrad
  • FutureLearn
  • edX

Ques. What is the duration of a Pharmacovigilance Certificate Course?

Ans. The duration of certificate courses is short and is self-paced, meaning they can be completed at one’s own convenience. Online certificate courses can be completed in a few hours while offline certificate courses can take up to 6 months to complete.

Ques. How much does it cost to do a Pharmacovigilance Certificate course?

Ans. Most online Pharmacovigilance Certificate courses are free of cost while some charge a small fee to issue a certificate of completion. Offline Pharmacovigilance Certificate courses are also quite affordable. 

Ques. Should I go for a Pharmacovigilance Certificate weekend course or should I look for a job in the industry and learn from the experience?

Ans. Since Pharmacovigilance deals with drug safety, it is highly recommended for interested candidates to pursue a course first. One also needs to learn about the legal standards and rules regarding drugs and pharmaceuticals taught at the course level.

Ques. Is it worth pursuing a Pharmacovigilance Certificate course?

Ans. Yes. Pharmacovigilance or Drug Safety jobs are in no shortage. Students are able to secure jobs successfully in the Pharma industry. There is good growth scope provided one is ready to put in the effort for the demanding job.

Ques. What is the average salary after completing a Pharmacovigilance Certificate course?

Ans. The average salary one can earn after a Pharmacovigilance Certificate course will depend on the industry the job is in. Also factors like the skillset of the applicant and the previous work experience. 

Ques. Do I get a scholarship to pursue a Pharmacovigilance Certificate Course?

Ans. Yes. Websites like Coursera do have scholarships on certain websites. Other websites like Udemy provide regular discounts on their course fees.

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