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Jquery was actually created in America and was released by the google to be a part of JavaScript. It’s a pure and normal library that can be used by a designer to add some additional value to his web pages with the use of internet explorer and other browsers’ verson compatibility mode. Many people compare Jquery with the libraries currently available in JavaScript only because they were just made to be more like those. They are modern libraries and are mainly used by developers and programmers across the globe.

jQuery is one of the most popular and widely used javascript libraries. Millions of sites use jquery because it makes writing code a lot simpler and faster. But, it is an open source library which means anyone can take this tool, add additional features/options to make it their own. There are hundreds of jquery plugins out there today (many which you might use in your website on a daily or other bases).

Jquery Course is a compact, object-based, user friendly language for web programming. Jquery allows developers to use abstraction layers and create reusable components for the code. This javascript and jquery online coursecovers basic topics such as manipulating DOM elements and creating custom animation effects, to more advanced concepts like communicating with Ajax servers. If you are new to jQuery and wish to learn this library from scratch then this is the course designed just for you. By the end of it, you will be well versed in writing your own custom plugins and using jQuery’s AJAX functionalities to load content dynamically.

This best jquery online course is a complete online video learning course by a leading online learning company. Course description: JQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. With a combination of versatility and extensibility, jQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript. Our Online Jquery Video Learning Course focuses on how to use jQuery to solve real-world problems including selecting elements, manipulating HTML, traversing documents, handling events and creating animations.

JavaScript Devs: Is It Worth Learning jQuery?

best jquery online course

1. Complete JQuery And JQuery UI Course For Beginner

This is one of the latest course to learn jQuery and jQuery UI and a good place to start if you are learning jQuery this year. It has already got more than 9000 students and it’s still free, but may not remain so forever.

The course is divided into two sections, jQuery Introduction, and the jQuery UI introduction.

In the first section, you will learn what is jQuery and how to use it followed by downloading the jQuery library.

In jQuery introduction section, you will learn about essential jQuery concepts like selectors, filters, replacing contents, handling events and some basic animation effects like fading, sliding, toggle, hide and show etc.

The jQuery UI section focuses on essential jQuery UI widgets like DatePicker Widgets, Tooltip Widgets, Accordion Widgets, and Tabs Widgets.

Overall, a good introductory course for anyone who wants to learn jQuery this year. Though, prior experience with HTML and CSS is desired, which you can get by joining free frontend web development courses I have shared earlier.

2. Learn to Use jQuery UI Widgets

If you don’t know jQuery is divided into two libraries, jQuery, and jQuery UI. JQuery is all about validation, selector, and DOM manipulation while jQuery UI provides several cool UI widgets which you can use in your web application.

In this course, you will learn how to use tags, accordion, date picker, and many more widgets. The course starts with an introduction and installing jQuery UI.

After that, it covers different jQuery UI widgets e.g. jQuery Accordion, Tabs, Menu, ToolTip, DatePicker, and Button widgets. After each section, it also contains questions to test your knowledge on that particular jQuery UI widgets.

It’s a short course but it’s really useful and extremely popular on Udemy. More than 32,550 students are already enrolled in this course and it has got more than 700 ratings with an average of 4.3 which is impressive.

3. Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3: Create a Modern Youtube Homepage

This is another free course to learn jQuery by creating responsive websites using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

The course starts with HTML 5 basics and explains the essential things you need for creating websites e.g. images, fonts, links, styling, forms, radio buttons, and checkboxes.

Later it uses BootStrap, a CSS library for styling to style the web pages. BootStrap helps to create responsive images forms, menu, links and using font awesome icons with bootstrap etc.

In the last section, you will learn jQuery to provide animation and targeting page elements using class and id selector.

You will learn about adding and removing CSS classes from a group of elements using jQuery, changing HTML text, closing and targeting parent and child elements etc.

In short, a good hands-on course to learn the practical aspect of jQuery by doing a full project using HTML, CSS, and jQuery. It’s also quite popular and more than 13,300 students are enrolled in this course with 435 ratings at an average of 4.1

4. jQuery and AJAX for Beginners — The Definitive Guide

This is another excellent free course to learn jQuery and AJAX online. You will learn how to make dynamic websites using the jQuery JavaScript library. The course contains 2.5 hours of content and provides full lifetime access to this course for free of charge.

In this course, you will learn jQuery by building application e.g. first creating HTML page then building a dynamic game board, adding styling and moving moles.

5. jQuery Fundamentals

This is a very good course to learn jQuery from scratch. It’s a beginner level course but you will learn most of the things you need to develop a compelling user interface using jQuery.

This course will teach you how to use different jQuery selectors e.g. id, class, and tag selectors to select and manipulate DOM elements, handling events and applying animation to create a responsive user interface.

It also provides comprehensive coverage of jQuery selectors and interacting with DOM e.g. iterating through nodes, modifying individual properties and attributes, adding and removing nodes, modifying style like adding/removing CSS selectors etc.

Apart from API and functions you will also learn how jQuery works and some essential concepts like why using CDN is better for downloading jQuery library and working with AJAX features like loading HTML content from the server and understanding load(), get(), post() and ajax() function.

Btw, if you are new here then let me tell you that I have been sharing a lot of free resources in this blog from quite sometime e.g. free courses and books on Spring, Python, REST, Jenkins, JUnit, Docker, PHP, React, Web Development, and many more. If you are interested in learning those skills feel free to check them.

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