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Is your website user-friendly? Most likely, if you’re looking into improving your websites user friendliness you’d like to make it more so. It’s important to ensure your users have a pleasant experience while using your website and be easy to deal with on a day in day out basis. A user-friendly website is one of the most important factors in today’s internet oriented market. I’m going to tell you about an online course that can help you with UX design.

“It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” I couldn’t agree more with Albert Einstein. Almost none of the UX professionals I know started their careers as UX experts-to-be, including most of my friends here at UX studio. We aim to help you find the best UX course online to start off or improve your knowledge as a UX-er.

What made us psychologists, sociologists, teachers, lawyers, and representatives of so many other professions all so fond of the world of UX? You might prove me wrong, but I think we always have that curiosity and a passion for lifelong learning.  I like to think of our blog readers as our kin: You also wake up every day keen to learn something new.

If my assumption holds water, you should really enjoy my little collection of the platforms I regularly visit to feed my curiosity and learn something new every day. I have collected some online courses on UX from my favorite websites. Some of them could truly win the prize of the “Best UX Course Online”.

The tricky part is to find the “Best UX Course Online” for your needs. That is why we listed:

  • the 10 best UX course online in our opinion
  • a short description of them
  • and who we recommend them to

Coursera: Introduction to User Experience Design

About the course

  • Creator: Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Free
  • Duration: Approx. 7 hours to complete

Best UX course online: Coursera logo

As a huge fan of Coursera and academic omnivore, I’ve picked up all sorts of expertise there. Coursera is truly a great learning platform with free online courses as well.

Starting from international humanitarian law, I’ve gone through dispute resolution, and yes, UX too. I remember when I first looked up UX courses at the dawn of Coursera when they had only this one for UX.

An insanely easy-to-understand course that covers the very basics of UX design, it teaches the basic principles as well as the four-step design circle. Dr. Rosa I. Arriaga made her lectures super-easy to follow and the syllabus exceptionally straightforward.

Should I take it?

One of the most theory-based courses out there, it addresses those who would like to learn about the very basics of user experience design. It might not have tons of surprises for those already a couple of months in UX or regular readers of our blog. (Yayyy, thank you!) However, it always merits pairing the practical experience with some theory.

Link to the course –>>

Coursera: UX/UI Design Specialization

About the course

  • Creator: California Institute of Arts
  • Paid – Financial aid available
  • Duration: Approx. four months to complete (one month/course)

Best UX course online: Coursera UX Fundamentals screenshotCoursera created Specializations as a series of related courses to deepen knowledge in a specific field. The UX/UI Design Specialization consists of four courses, a practical four-month introduction suited for those who have never done any UX/UI work before.

The four courses cover a full design cycle, including the basics of user research, from defining a project’s strategy and scope to creating wireframes and sitemaps. Produced by Michael Worthington, the first course (Visual Elements of User Interface Design) focuses more on the UI aspect of UX/UI: the graphic user interface.

It might hold more relevance if you have a taste for designing screens later on, but consider this four-week course essential if you aren’t going to create UI screens but want to be on the same page when working with a UI designer.

Components of the course

The UX Design Fundamentals course leads you through the stages of the UX/UI process:

  • Ideation and articulation
  • Mapping the ideas
  • Creating wireframes and developing UI design
  • Turning the static wireframes into an interactive prototype

While the first two courses concentrate more on the general aspects of the digital design process, in the third and fourth parts (Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture and Wireframes and Prototypes ) Roman Jaster introduces us to the UX process details of the website design where you can further develop your skills by working on a large scale project.

They built each course of this specialization on a project which requires you to roll up your sleeves. In the UX Design Fundamentals course, you have to submit your app idea by the end of the first week, then map it out for the second, create a user journey on the third, and a clickable prototype by the end of the fourth.

Should I take it?

By this point, you see you won’t swiftly click through this specialization in its massive length. It addresses those who have time and dedication to learn, as well as some background in graphic design or visual design about UX but not so much experience.

Link to the course –>>

Springboard: UX Design Course

About the course

  • Paid
  • Duration: approx. three months

Best UX course online: Springboard logoSpringboard doesn’t just collect and share some industry-specific knowledge or a set of skills. It candidly aims to help its subscribers launch a new career. It offers courses in various fields such as design, data science, cybersecurity, and marketing.

Throughout the UX Design course, you’ll build your project. As a result, you’ll have a multiple-page design to add to your UX portfolio. This course will lead you through the whole design process: conducting interviews, building personas, producing wireframes, and eventually building a testable prototype.

You’ll also get a personal mentor who’ll have week-to-week meetings with you and lead you through the course. The mentorship and feedback of a seasoned UX professional seem to take the time and money invested into an online course almost as valuable as real-life training.

Should I take it?

If you already plan to launch a career in UX but don’t have the time or the opportunity to participate in offline training.

Link to the course –>>

UX Design Institute: Professional Diploma in UX Design

About the course

  • Creator: UX Design Institute
  • Paid: €2,250
  • Duration: 6 months

UX Design Institute offers a university-accredited online UX course that ends with a 2-hour exam. The course is made up of 10 modules that cover topics from user research, design principles, design patterns, to prototyping and wireframing. There is a section focusing on a project and portfolio building. So, by the end of the course, you will get to know the full scope of working as a UX designer and a professional portfolio that will be very useful when you begin looking for jobs. The final exam is made up of 120 questions for which you’ll have 2,5 hours.

To make sure that the course is fresh and aligned with the reality of working in UX, the UX Design Institute set up an Industry Advisory Council, with members like Slack, Intercom, Mastercard, Dell, and Hubspot.

Should I take it?

If you are looking for an online UX design course that gives you a university-approved diploma, UX Design Institute is a great option. On top of learning about the entire design process, your skills will also be tested via a 120 question exam in the end, which is a good way to validate what you have learned.
Link to the course –>>

Skillshare: Introduction to Axure RP for UX/UI Designers

About the course

  • Author: Sarah Khan
  • Paid –  Skillshare subscription (one-month trial available)
  • Duration: 1h 3 min

Best UX course online: Axure screenshotSome of you come across UX for the first time here on our blog. Equally as many seasoned UX researchers and field-trained project managers do, too. (Btw, did you know we wrote a complete guide to the product design book for you?) World-class UX/UI designers also come looking for inspiration in their spare time.

If you fall into the last category, you’re probably looking for a shorter course to broaden your skillset or to get inspired by some short courses. Skillshare perfectly serves that purpose. Creators can share lectures of some minutes to one hour where they specifically focus on one tiny skill to master

Designed for those who have never used Axure before, Sarah’s course patiently and thoroughly leads us through its main features. You’ll learn about adding elements, text properties, layers, and more. It even covers how to save RP files and what to do once it comes to publishing and collaborating with Axure.

Should I take it?

If you don’t have the time or urge to explore Axure for yourself slowly, but need a prototype immediately, go for this course.

Link to the course –>>

Skillshare: Streamline your workflow: The efficient UI/UX design process in Figma

About the course

  • Author: Nicole Saidy
  • Fee: Skillshare subscription (one-month trial available)
  • Duration: 28 min

Best UX course online: Figma screenshotIn as little as half an hour, Nicole will guide you around in Figma. You can learn how to use it to create a consistent and scalable prototype, including interactions and styling your design system.

Should I take it?

If you are about to create and collaborate in Figma, this super-fast track will get you familiar with its basics.  As a UX-er just getting into Figma, this might be the best UX course online for you.

Link to the course –>>

Skillshare: Mobile App Design from scratch with Sketch 1, 2, 3

About the course

  • Paid – Skillshare subscription (one-month trial available)
  • Author: Maxime Cormier
  • Duration: 43 min, 59 min, 1 h 17 min

Best UX course online: Sketch screenshotThis project-based, three-part online class covers the full design circle. It starts from ideation and goes through to creating a prototype and iterating it, including the creation of the app icon. Maxime and Adrian promise not only to familiarize us with Sketch but also learn how to think as a professional designer by the end of the course.

Should I take it?

If you have a Mac around, this course makes a perfect starting point to get to know Sketch. As Maxime also gives a great introduction to the design process, it might help not only designers but art students, entrepreneurs, and product managers as well.

Link to the course –>> Usability

About the course

  • Author: Michal Mazur
  • Paid (periodic sales available)
  • Duration: 3 h 30 min

Best UX course online: Usability screenshotPassionate about sharing his expertise in UX design, Greg Rog launched his educational platform for UX experts in 2017. He made his courses all strictly practical, hands-on guides to particular tools.

His mission: Share up-to-date tutorials for cutting edge-technologies helping fellow designers, his way of giving back to the community. (Nice work, Greg!)

The platform can prove useful for the ever-eager PMs too, as a very high-end info platform informing them of the latest trends and allowing them to always remain on the top of their games.

A UX course for those eager to learn what UX really involves. Author Michal Mazur, touches on basic ergonomics and cognitive psychology in this course, as well as explains the concept of usability.

The 18-lesson course also covers the definition of usability, the best practices of designing interfaces, and the most relevant findings to cognitive psychology to reveal how our brain perceives objects and how it affects our understanding of the world around us.

Should I take it?

Definitely. Whether a developer, a designer, or a product owner, your personal and your team’s success depends on you creating a product people will love. If you are one of the above this might be the best UX course online for you.

Understanding and bearing in mind usability as one of your priorities will most certainly bring you closer to that goal.

Link to the course –>> Flinto

About the course

  • Author: Greg Rog
  • Paid (periodic sales available)
  • Duration: 5 h 37 min

Flinto allows you to create transitions and microtransactions for your prototypes, which will enable you to showcase your project’s functionality perfectly. The course starts with the very basics: introducing the basic working techniques, then animations and microinteractions. In the second half of the course, you’ll see Flinto in action by Greg demonstrating its use on a smart home app.

Should I take it?

This course benefits those with some background in UI design who would like to level up their prototypes. If you want to create artwork UI screens for your clients, you need it.

Link to the course–>> Zeplin

About the course

  • Author: Greg Rog
  • Paid (periodic sales available)
  • Duration: 31 min

For the designer or PM who’s ever experienced the “joy” of writing specifications, most likely you’ll also find Zeplin one of the best things that could have happened to the handover process.

This course gives an excellent intro to using Zeplin. You’ll learn the basics of how to use it for developer hand-off. Greg will also introduce you to the secrets of working with resources from Sketch as well as handling version history.

Should I take it?

Designers, developers, team leaders, and all who want to make the process smoother when it comes to designer-developer handoff can make great use of this. To them, this might be the best UX course online.

Link to the course–>>

+1 Google Search: Source of all knowledge

Yep. Obvious today, but I still remember the day years back when I realized Google didn’t just search keywords but also gave answers to properly posed questions.

Because even if you are looking for the best UX course online, you start the search in Google (this is not sponsored by Google it is just a fact).

Best UX course online: Google is your friend notebook
“Google is your friend”

More often than not, you don’t need a whole online course to move on with a task, just a quick answer or a quick hint to move on. In this case, I always have a neat, clean little Google page open.

Most times I get stuck with something, I’ll find a blog post (even our UX blog could answer some of your questions) or a short video in an instant.

The list goes on, but you get my point. If you have some spare time, check out the ones I collected or let me know what online courses you’ve liked recently.

The best UX courses online

To sum up, you can find the best UX course online out there, even as a newbie at UX and as a skillful designer seeking inspiration. I have far from completed my collection but wanted to give you the gist here. Our choices:

For even more tools, head over to Interaction Design Foundation (IDF), a 17-year-old Danish NGO dedicated to making design education accessible through free-to-access resources, online UX design courses, and an international design community of 456 local groups spread across 92 countries.

5- day Product Design Course in Budapest

In recent years, we realized that many of our clients are in need of a holistic understanding of what UX is. This is why we decided to hold an offline UX course in the heart of Europe – in Budapest. Should you want to improve your team’s UX approach in a couple of days – you are welcome to check out the course details.

Take the next step to improve your website’s UX

UX studio has successfully handled 250+ collaborations with clients worldwide.

Is there anything we can do for you at this moment? Get in touch with us, and let’s discuss your current challenges.

Our experts would be happy to assist with the UX strategy, product and user research, and UX/UI design.

9 Free UX Design Courses That You Can Complete Online

Looking for tips and tricks on UX Design?

1. Hackdesign

Hackdesign is an easy to follow design course for creative people. The lessons are created by some of the world’s top designers who worked (or work) at companies like Airbnb, Tech Crunch, and TED. By signing up you will receive weekly lessons and get access to design challenges, tools, and other helpful resources.

2. Invision

InVision offers great educational resources and allows you to prototype websites easily. Like the Hackdesign course, you will get weekly lessons after signing up. There’s a total of nine free lessons.Principles of UX Design – a free e-course | InVisionDiscover how and why you should become a UX champion in this free e-course from InVision, by Best Buy’s Timothy…

3. Figma — Learn Design Pilot

Figma offers one of the best design tools out there. They also created free online design content for beginners. The course covers a variety of subjects including design thinking, ethics, accessibility, inclusion, research, and typography.Learn Design with FigmaEach of these lessons and design exercises can be taken alone, or together in whatever combination you want. However…

4. Coursera

Coursera has both paid and free courses. You can enroll and take classes for free if you don’t want to spend $49 for the certificate. The free version gets you full access to videos, reading material, discussions.Introduction to User Experience DesignOffered by Georgia Institute of Technology. The focus of this course is to introduce the learner to User Experience…

5. Future Learn — Digital Skills: User Experience Course

Among the hundreds of free online courses provided by Future Learn, you’ll find this awesome UX design course created by Accenture. It’s a 3-week course with an estimated effort of 2 hours a week. The course covers the foundations of UX design, tools, and testing.User Experience Basics – Online Course – FutureLearnHi, I’m Jack, and I work in digital and analytics. And welcome to the User Experience Module. In this model, there are…

6. is another amazing website that offers hundreds of hours of free content. There are plenty of helpful product designing contents including the basics, the design workflow, UI design, and prototyping tools.Get ahead in UI/UX Design – Video Courses – learnux.ioA while ago I was encouraged to start with UX and UI design and get early access to I wasn’t sure how to…

7. General Assembly

If you go to the website and scroll down on the Free Learning Resources page you’ll find a list of free live streams offered on a weekly basis. They cover topics like Intro to UX Design, Visual Design, and some useful tips on design interviews.Free Resources | General AssemblyGeneral Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand skills…

8. Gymnasium — UX Fundamentals Course

Gymnasium offers a variety of courses for design and marketing professionals. The 6 lessons cover topics like User Research, Information Design, Wireframing, Prototyping, and more.UX FundamentalsUX Fundamentals will teach you how to apply user-centered design principles in order to improve your website and mobile…

9. Lynda UX Design Courses

Actually, Lynda isn’t free. But you can challenge yourself with a 30-day trial. Whether you take advantage of this period or take the paid route, it is another amazing learning resource.– LyndaAll the same content you know and love Plus, personalized course recommendations tailored just for you All…

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