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Have you ever considered picking up a new skill or learning something new? Maybe you want to learn how to use a graphic design tool, or learn how to build an app. We’ve created this short film answering the question of what it takes to learn anything online.

Online Courses are becoming extremely popular. A lot of online courses have great training materials, but the thing is, you’ll have to review them over and over again.

Online Course Film is primarily targeted at intermediate filmmakers, although it is applicable to enthusiasts with different levels of expertise. Instructors: Arron Sorkin and Martin Scorsese. Over the course of this exciting course, you will learn how to edit a film and create your own piece of cinematic artwork. To ensure your success in this course, we recommend that you hold an intermediate experience level before diving into this certification.

This online course film making is intended for beginning filmmakers and videographers who want to create wonderful films with their DSLR, Mirrorless or Compact Digital Camera. You’ll discover how to shoot nice cinematic shots on locations and then how to bring them all together into a polished film.

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With our Film Director Course package, you’ll be able to learn at your own pace and achieve everything you need to become a film director. Our comprehensive online package includes step-by-step tuition and guidance on how to become a finest film director.

Filmmaker Satyanshu Singh’s Cinema Lectures For Charity

National Award-winning filmmaker and professor of cinema known for creating the AIB First Draft screenwriting program, Satyanshu Singh is conducting a series of online film lectures to raise funds for those affected by the current crisis. All you need to do to is enrol is make a donation to one of his shortlisted charity funds.

The interactive online sessions are conducted on Zoom to a batch of up to 60 students and he’s currently conducting up to 5 a week on topics such as Writing Dialogue and An Introduction To Film Directing. All you need to do is fill in this Google form to be added to the mailing list. You can alternatively check out his Twitter handle for his latest course dates.

Mark Cousin’s 40 Days To Learn Film

To help aspiring filmmakers and cinephiles, film historian and filmmaker Mark Cousins has uploaded an extensive two and a half-hour lecture titled 40 Days To Learn Film. More a visual-essay style lecture than a typical film course, you can watch it on Vimeo.


One of the world’s leading online course platforms, Coursera is most known for its tie-ups with leading educational institutions. They even offer a range of online degree programs and certifications from renowned universities. While many courses are accessible free of charge, you’ll still have to pay if you want to receive certification. Why not check out some of their promising free courses like The Museum Of Modern art’s Modern Art and Ideas or Michigan State University’s Writing A Feature Length Script For Film?


Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX is another platform with courses from top-ranked universities offering both courses and online degrees. Again, many are free but if you have to pay if you want the certification and access to graded assignments. A number of free film courses that caught my eye include The University of Hong Kong’s Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens, The Smithsonian’s The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture and The University of Pennsylvania’s History of Hollywood


FutureLearn is another leading platform offering a selection of paid online degrees and free courses from leading institutions around the world that’s well worth exploring. The University Of East Anglia’s Introduction To Screenwriting and The Film Distributors’ Association’s Connecting Films With Audiences both seem promising and are free of cost.

The Open University

One of the UK’s most respected online institutions, The Open University has a free section called Open Learn which offers a wide range of courses across disciplines. Why not check out their 12-hour The Business Of Film course created by Pinewood Studios which covers the basics of film production and financing? Again, all you need to do is create an account.


An online platform specifically for filmmakers and creative professionals, MZed has also made a number of their video lessons and masterclasses available for free, all you need to do is create an account. Ranging from cinema sound, to screenplay writing to a variety of cinematography masterclasses, you can check out their list here.

The Hurlbut Academy’s Cinematography Masterclass

With over 5 hours’ worth of video lectures on everything from blocking to the various kinds of lighting, the Hurlbut Academy has made their extensive cinematography masterclass The Illumination Experience available for free. You can check it out here.


One of the most popular online course platforms, Udemy has an extensive library of courses ranging from the academic to the creative, both paid and free. Again, the free courses give you access to all the video lectures, but for certification and interaction with a live tutor, you need to opt for the paid version. Since practically anyone can become a course instructor on Udemy, it’s best to consider the course ratings and reviews in order to make an informed decision. That in mind, it’s well worth checking out their filmmaking and writing sections.


Instead of structured courses, Skillshare hosts a vast bank of videos ranging from 5 minutes to many hours, aimed at teaching specific skills. While they have a selection of free courses, they’re also currently offering a 2-month free subscription to access all their premium content, but you do have to give your bank details with an option of cancelling at any point. You can access all their free classes here.

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