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Have you been looking for a clever way that can help you become better at your job? Most people today enjoy learning new things. If you are an employee, this will ensure that you can be more successful in the future. There is no better way to learn new things than by taking classes. There are many different schools that offer online courses. This can make it difficult to choose which one is the best option.

NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development – The Center for Transforming Teaching and Learning (CTTL) is offering a new online course on edX: Education Reimagined. This graduate-level course explores the challenges in education today and the opportunities that technology offers to reinvent teaching and learning.

Why We Stand Out


NYU’s online offerings are designed by the same faculty that create our in-person programs. From Occupational Therapy to Bioinformatics, K-12 Teacher Education to Corporate Valuation, NYU has the expertise to craft high-quality, highly flexible
online programs.

the World

NYU is global, and our online courses and degrees are as well. Undergraduates in Shanghai and Abu Dhabi study together in a virtual classroom, students pursuing a Master’s in Writing study from home with short intensives in Paris, while students pursue a Master’s in Global Health in Africa.

Professionally Focused

NYU’s professional degrees have a reputation for excellence the world over. Through our online programs, students may pursue degrees from many of our schools wherever their location.

Graduate Degrees

We are making it possible for you to earn an NYU degree or certificate and advance your careers while studying from anywhere. The opportunity to pursue an NYU degree and continue one’s professional advancement is seen as a great advantage for a wide range of students.
Online Graduate Degrees

Undergraduate Experience

See how credit-bearing, online courses can enhance your NYU experience by letting you study abroad and still graduate on time.
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Online Degrees and Certificates

Discover all that we have to offer online, whether you are joining us for a new degree from afar or taking courses to stay on track while being abroad – just like NYU Stern’s new Certificate in Coding + Visual Analytics
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NYU Innovates in Online Education

NYU is a campus without borders – online courses, degrees, and certificates allow faculty, programs, and the University to reach new learners across the U.S. and around the world. Our investment in online education is expanding opportunities for successful degree completion, program growth, and educational research. Thanks to technology and innovative teaching techniques, students like you can study with us at the level of academic quality, rigor, and student engagement that are hallmarks of the NYU experience.

We are investing in diversity for our online efforts. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Because each discipline and community has their own needs, our online courses and programs take many different approaches. Each course and program is crafted by faculty at our individual schools and customized for the students who attend. Throughout the process, our educational researchers improve our courses and programs through data analytics on student engagement and new pedagogic practices. 

Growing Online Offerings

NYU is a large institution with 59,000 students, nearly 8,000 full-time faculty, and over a thousand kinds of degrees and certificates. We are diverse in where our students come from, and where they go when they graduate. We are investing in our online presence to continue the tradition of that diversity. Online courses, certificates, and degrees let us expand the diversity of our educational approach and offerings for new groups of students. 

Online education is a way to take what is marvelous about NYU and expand it, enrolling new people in new places that we couldn’t welcome into the NYU family any other way.
Andrew Hamilton, NYU President

Online Degrees

NYU is famous for its professional degrees in everything from education and health to law and business. We have invested time, effort, and resources in building some of the best Master’s degrees any university offers online.
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Online Certificates

Online learning is more flexible than traditional degrees, allowing us to create many online certificates which are awarded for a course of study larger than a single course, but smaller than a whole degree.
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Online Courses

With over a hundred online courses and more added every semester, the easiest way to understand our offerings is through our public course search.
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Online Degrees


School of
Global Public Health

Graduate School
of Arts and Science

Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

School of Law and NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

School of Law

School of Professional Studies

Steinhardt School of
Culture, Education, and Human Development

Stern School of Business

Tandon School of Engineering

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School of
Global Public Health

School of Law

Stern School of Business

Online Courses


NYU offers a variety of online courses for students to learn asynchronously via innovative online tools and instructional methods.

Big Ideas Course Series

NYU’s Big Ideas course series provides a unique academic experience featuring faculty experts from across the University. Courses are available to all students, regardless of school or department.

Learn more about NYU’s Big Ideas Course Series »

Graduate Degrees

Location No Longer
Limits Access to Quality Education

NYU’s two dozen graduate degree programs offer flexible study options while pursuing a degree. From studying Occupational Therapy in Mississippi to pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Health as a working professional in Malawi, NYU students now span the globe.
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My work in the online program is, in my experience, ‘better work’ and has informed my in-person classes.
Erin Embry, Professor
Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development

Online Degree Profile

  • Our online Master’s degrees are the fastest growing part of NYU’s enormous degree portfolio, increasing in enrollment by 35% in the last year.
  • Master’s degrees have also been designed with working people in mind. The majority of them offer a part-time track.
  • Degree pathways are designed so students always know their path to degree completion. Careful degree maps created for online programs help to keep students focused.
  • Many degrees involve short, intensive workshop sessions at our New York City campus, bringing together students and their instructors at least once during a program.
  • Where field work is required for jobs involving teaching or various forms of therapy, NYU maintains a list of partner institutions across the United States for students to work with.

Online courses have enabled people to reach an affordable way to pursue a certificate or degree at the College of Global Public Health.
Joyce O’Connor, Director and Professor
School of Global Public Health

NYU is committed to the same standards of course design, program design, and admissions in our online programs as our traditional ones. We have two dozen online Master’s degrees and more on the way.Find Your ProgramThere are many online graduate degree and certificate programs at NYU. Find yours.

Undergraduate Experience

Freedom of Movement

The undergraduate experience goes beyond acquiring learning and a credential. It is a formative experience where students become better scholars, workers, and more engaged with each other and the world. As an NYU undergraduate, online courses enhance your experience and offers additional opportunities.

Our online courses allow travel to any of our 14 global locations while taking key courses to keep you on track with your major. They also facilitate a global dialogue among your fellow undergraduate students during the semester.

Example Courses

  •  Professor Todd Meyer’s course on the sociology of fraud has enrolled students in both Shanghai and Abu Dhabi campuses simultaneously.
  • Gallatin School of Individualized Study’s “The Art of Travel” allows undergraduates studying abroad to reflect analytically and creatively on their experiences of travel.

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