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During Covid, this course will be conducted in an online format with instructor and students together in a live video classroom.

Online insructor-led classes, Mon – Thurs, 6 – 9 pm,  10/5/21 -10/27/21
Online Self-Paced, 9 hours
Instructor-Led Labs 10 am – 5 pm, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30 On Site Brooklyn Navy Yard Lab, with Covid protocols
Includes Online NABCEP PV Associate Exam, (Scheduled at your convenience (2 hours)

72 hours, $1450
A two-part payment plan is available for this class

Note Lab demonstrations available online 24/7. You may view with instructor online or at your own convenience.
Note, Course portal with all materials available for 3 months, extended due to Covid.

Includes Basic Math & Electrical
Includes NABCEP PV Associate Exam

NABCEP Certification Essential Information

The Online NABCEP PV Associate Entry Level Program is a comprehensive, 72-hour course designed for individuals with no prior Solar PV experience who want to demonstrate a knowledge of core electrical concepts,  fundamental PV design principles, installation options and operation of Solar PV systems. This course is for those who wish to enter the Solar PV field and sit for the NABCEP PV Associate exam. It provides a grounding in electric concepts and code and continues on to lecture plus remote hands-on training demonstrations. When safe, 15 hours of hands on training at  Brooklyn Navy Yard Solar Lab will occur.

The NABCEP PV Associate Exam is included in the price for this coursel. A passing score on will count for up to 18 of the total 58 hours of training required for eligibility to take the Certified Installer Exam. For Details about the NABCEP Entry Level Program Visit:


  1. Solar Photovotaic Basics, Sean White,  Required
  2. Photovoltaic Systems, Jim Dunlop Excellent Resource, Suggested

Free Downloads

  1. National Electrical Code 2017, NFPA 70 (NEC) Essential book if you are sitting for the PV Installer Exam
  2. NABCEP PV Associate Job Task Analysis (free download)
  3. NABCEP PV Associate Handbook, (free download)
  4. Become familiar with:
    NABCEP PV Installation Professional Resource GuideCertification Handbook, 2018 (free download)

Interested in solar + energy storage?



This course counts towards the training requirements for taking NABCEP professional certification exams and CEUs for renewing all certifications.

Get NABCEP Certifications

This course fulfills the training requirements to sit for the NABCEP PV Associate exam and HeatSpring is a NABCEP Registered PV Associate Provider.

Get the NABCEP PV Associate Credential


This a bundle of 3 courses taught by Sean White:

If you need 58-hours of Advanced PV Training in order to sit for a NABCEP PV Certification exam there are several different pathways which you should review the pick the correct course.

This training can fulfill the 58 hours of advanced training required to sit for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification exam (as long as you pass the NABCEP PV Associate Exam).

If you pass the NABCEP PV Associate Exam after completing the first course, you receive 18 advanced NABCEP credits. Completing the second course gets you 40 advanced NABCEP credits, for a total of 58. HeatSpring is a NABCEP Registered Provider

Not Included: “Solar Photovoltaic Basics” and “Solar PV Engineering and Installation” Books

The Solar PV Installer Boot Camp course is based on Dr. Sean White’s NABCEP PV Associate Exam preparation book: “Solar Photovoltaic Basics.” The 40-Hour Advanced PV Installer course is based on Dr. White’s NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification exam prep book: “Solar PV Engineering and Installation.” These books are not included in the course price. They can be purchased for about $35 through Amazon or other online booksellers.

Not Included: NABCEP PV Associate Exam Fee ($150)

After completing the Solar PV Boot Camp Training, you’ll need to take the NABCEP PV Associate Exam in order to earn your first 18 advanced NABCEP credits. The exam can now be taken at home via Live Online Proctoring on your own computer or at any of the 1,350 Scantron testing centers in the world. After completing the course and earning a certificate of completion, students can submit a NABCEP PV Associate application and $150 exam fee in the last module of the course. We guarantee that you will pass the exam on your first try, if you don’t we will refund the $150 exam fee or let you take the exam again at no charge. Learn more about NABCEP Exams

Alternate Pathways for 58-hours of Advanced PV Training

If you are not interested in also earning the NABCEP PV Associate credential OR if you are interested in Energy Storage please review our 58-hour Advanced PV Training pathways.

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Check out a free preview of the course by clicking the button below. This is a live assignment from the course and will give you a good sense for what the course will be like.Free Preview – Introducing Bill Brooks!

Part 1: Solar PV Installer Boot Camp Training + NABCEP PV Associate Exam Prep

First, you’ll complete the basic training material to prepare for the NABCEP PV Associate Exam. If you pass the PV Associate Exam after completing the course, which most students do, you’ll receive 18 advanced NABCEP credits toward sitting for the PV Installation Professional certification exam.

Part 2: 40 Hour Advanced Solar PV Installer Training

Next, you’ll get into more complex aspects of solar design and installation. This course focuses on the National Electrical Code (NEC) and preparing for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional certification exam. It is approved for 40 hours of advanced NABCEP training.

70 Question NABCEP Practice Exam

The 40-Hour Advanced Solar PV Installer Training is based on the NABCEP Job Task Analysis and includes sample exam questions for every section.

Earn 58 Advanced NABCEP Credits

If you complete the Solar PV Boot Camp Training and pass the NABCEP PV Associate Exam AND then complete the 40-Hour Advanced Solar PV Installer Training, you’ll have all 58 advanced NABCEP credits needed to sit for the PV Installation Professional Certification exam. The exam is offered at Scantron testing centers and also online through Live Online Proctoring.

Flexible Online Training for Industry Professionals

This online course is self-paced. You can begin instantly upon enrollment.

Access Information and Build Your Training Library

After enrolling, the course materials will remain in your account and be accessible 12 months (1 year) after enrollment. Access can be extended beyond 1 year with a monthly membership. Rewatch videos and review assignments as many times as you want. View updates the instructor makes to the course as the industry advances. Return to your course anytime with online access from anywhere in the world.

Earn A Certificate of Completion

When you complete this course you are eligible for a certificate of completion from HeatSpring. You can download your certificate as soon as you have completed all of the course requirements. Students can easily share their verified certificates on their LinkedIn profiles using our LinkedIn integration.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

Approved for: 40 NABCEP Advanced Credit Hours, NABCEP JTA, NABCEP NEC, NABCEP RE Elective, NABCEP Building or Fire Code, NABCEP PV Associate Renewal, 18 NABCEP PV Training Hours (passing score on the PV Associate exam required).

Approved NABCEP CEU Hours by Credential and Category
NABCEP CredentialAdvanced Hours for ExamRecertification CEU HoursNECJTARE ElectiveBuilding or Fire Code
PV Installation Professional (PVIP) Certification5830630126
PV Associate (PVA) Credential18120000
PV Design Specialist (PVDS) Certification4030630126
PV Installer Specialist (PVIS) Certification2030630126
PV Technical Sales (PVTS) Certification2018020126
PV Commissioning & Maintenance Specialist (PVCMS) Certification4030630126
PV System Inspector (PVSI) Certification066000

Solar Energy International proctors the NABCEP PV Associate Exam in its Paper & Pencil format on select Friday evenings after some of our PV301L- Solar Electric Lab Week (Battery-Based).  After verifying you have completed or are scheduled to complete the prerequisite courses, use the register link to sign up! See below for schedule and details.

You may only register for testing through Solar Energy International if SEI is your training provider. Registration fees for the exam are non-refundable.

To be eligible to sit for the NABCEP PV Associate Exam, students must successfully complete:

The NABCEP PV Associate Exam includes questions on grid-direct and battery-based PV systems.

The NABCEP PV Associate Program is designed for those individuals wanting to get into the solar field; achievement of the NABCEP PV Associate Credential is a way for candidates to demonstrate that they have achieved a basic knowledge of the fundamental principles of the application, design, installation and operation of grid-tied and stand-alone PV Systems.

The knowledge demonstrated by passing this test does not replace the knowledge, skills or abilities of the electrical or other construction trades, or those of other professions or degree programs that require considerably more academic and/or practical experience.

Individuals passing the NABCEP PV Associate Exam should not be confused with NABCEP Certified PV Installers. The latter can only be achieved by highly experienced individuals who have passed a much more rigorous examination and have demonstrated the capability to supervise complete PV system installations, and who have a detailed working knowledge of the electrical codes, standards and accepted industry practice associated with PV installations.

As the market grows for photovoltaics, students achieving this industry-sponsored PV Associate Exam and Credential may find that their employment opportunities are enhanced by starting the job with an understanding of the basic terms and operational aspects of a PV system. However, completing coursework and passing the exam does not qualify an individual to install PV systems.

PV201 is an online, entry-level solar training class, and it provides the  foundation of knowledge for understanding the design and installation of PV systems. Completion of PV201 takes you from beginner to intermediate topics of solar and is the prerequisite to our advanced classes.

Supports NABCEP PV Associate and PV Installation Professional JTAs.

Complete the lessons at your own pace as your work and family schedule allows with 24 hour/7 days a week access. Once enrolled you have 52 weeks to complete the lessons.


Completion of Solairgen training courses will provide the individual with an expanded knowledge and understanding of the construction trade. These courses are supplemental and not primary to become a licensed professional construction contractor.

The course takes approximately 30 hours to complete. It is the prerequisite to our more advanced level courses and the prerequisite to register for the NABCEP Associate Credential exam.  The 30 hours may not be used for NABCEP professional and specialist requirements. A passing score on the Associate Credential exam provides the student with 18 NABCEP credit hours.


After completing PV201 Online, you may register for the Associate Installer Certification Exam.
Solairgen is a registered provider of the NABCEP Associate Credential Certification Exam. Get more information about the NABCEP Associate Credential.

When you successfully complete PV201, you may request free, 90-day access to PV301, our NABCEP Associate Credential exam prep class, a $185.00 value.

Course Outline:

  • Properties of PV cells & performance variations
  • Module design & behavior characteristics
  • PV array design parameters
  • Solar energy and the PV cell
  • PV system site assessment
  • Calculating PV system performance
  • Classification of PV system types
  • Interactive inverter systems
  • Stand alone systems
  • Mechanical integration of PV arrays
  • NEC compliance for PV systems
  • OSHA and safety
  • Maintaining & troubleshooting PV systems
  • Utility interconnection standards & calculations

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