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Are you looking for an online course in medical terminology and anatomy? offers a free, easy to follow online course that gives you up-to-date terminology in various medical conditions. The course includes interactive discussions and quizzes that help you memorize all the terms involved in a particular disease or illness. You can even modify your quiz results and track your progress from the dashboard. This online course helps you to understand commonly used medical jargon, so you can speak intelligently about diseases, medications, and the human body without needing to look up each term separately.

This is ‘Medical Terminology online course, delivering essential training on key medical prefixes, suffixes and word roots. Using word parts provides the knowledge base to understand the meaning of medical terms. Formulas and patterns help with interpretation, and medical charts let you practice your skills. The Online courses on Medical Terminology includes audio pronunciation guides; quizzes; ‘test-yourself’ revisions; an e-glossary

One of the most important aspects of working in the medical field is getting used to the jargon. Like other fields, such as coding, for example, you need to become familiar with the specific language used by others in your domain. 

In order to get better acquainted with the language, it’s a good idea to take an online medical terminology course. This type of medical terminology online course won’t teach you how to become a doctor or land you a job in medicine, but it’s essential to help you navigate your other medicine classes so that you can keep up to speed with the language being used.

These online medical terminology courses are designed to help you master the terminology that will be used in the medical field. Becoming familiar with various terms will help you succeed in your career and various exams you may need to take. 

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What is Medical Terminology?

Medical terminology refers to the language used by people in the medical field to describe things like diseases, the body, procedures, disorders, and more. It’s a specific set of vocabulary that’s common among medical professionals that helps specifically describe treatments, the body, and functions of the body.

The language itself is made up of words that often use prefixes, suffixes, and root works. When combined, they create terms that refer to specific conditions that help medical professionals pinpoint an exact function.

The medical terms we use today can trace their origins back to ancient Latin and Greek. Much of the vocabulary originated from early Latin and Greek scholars and doctors. 

Some of the terms may seem complicated, but when you break each word down into its individual components, we can see how the prefixes, suffixes, and root words work to use an individual word to describe multiple things. 

For example, pancreatitis can be broken down into pancreas (the root word), which indicates the organ being referred to, and itis (the suffix), which means inflammation. This is a relatively simple example, and it gets more complicated once you attach more terms to a condition.

Who Needs a Medical Terminology Online Course?

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine can benefit from taking an online medical terminology course. That means whether you’re studying to be a doctor, nurse, or any other career in medicine, a course covering medical terminology can simply make your life easier. 

Throughout your studies, you’ll come across many different medical terms, and while some may become familiar over time, there are others that are more rarely used but are still equally important to understand. A medical terminology course simply allows you to strengthen your base of knowledge on medical terms so that you’re ready for anything.

5 of the Best Medical Terminology Online Courses

When looking for a class to take, it doesn’t have to be an online medical terminology course accredited by a university. In fact, there are online courses you can take from platforms such as Udemy which do a good job at teaching you all the basics you need to know at an affordable price and good pace.

These five courses offer you just that. Here are our recommendations for the best online medical terminology courses:

1. edX

As the online learning child of Harvard and MIT, you know that this course will cover all you need to know. The edX online medical terminology course is provided by Doane University. There is a $99 charge to get the certificate of completion in order to transfer credits, but if you don’t need this then the course is free. You can expect to spend 5-10 hours a week on this course for a total of 8 weeks. 

edX is another leader in the online e-Learning space. edX was founded by MIT and Harvard and is home to more than 20 million learners. edX’s medical terminology online course is offered via Doane University. The course is available free of charge, but if students want the certificate of completion, they will have to pay a fee of $79. We recommend that students pay the fee of $79 so they can use the certificate to try to transfer credits to their college or university or put the certificate on their resume. 

The course is taught by a Doane University faculty member – Amanda McKinney, MD. The course is estimated to take 8 weeks with students spending between 5-10 hours per week on the course. The course is self-paced, so students can learn at whatever pace works best for them. 

Students will learn how to develop fluency with medical terms and will be taught specific root words, prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations. When students complete this course, they should have developed a basic knowledge of medical terms and be able to communicate with their peers in the field.

10 Best Free Medical Terminology Courses [2022 FEBRUARY] [UPDATED]

2. Coursera

Coursera provides online e-learning with thousands of different courses. The medical terminology class is run through the University of Pittsburgh. The course is 34 hours long, you can start as soon as you sign up and study at your own pace, and it’s taught by professors with PhDs. The cost is only $49 to receive a certificate of completion, and you can transfer the credits to your college if applicable. 

Coursera is one of the leaders when it comes to online courses. The online e-Learning platform has 3000+ courses on many different subjects. Their clinical terminology course is available free of charge to students who wish to read and view all of the content in the course – if students want to receive the certificate of completion and try to transfer their credits to their college or university, they will have to pay a fee of $49. 

The course is provided through Coursera by the University of Pittsburgh. There are two professors who teach the course – both professors have their Ph.D.’s. This course is 100% online and students will have the ability to start as soon as they sign up and learn at their own pace. If deadlines are an issue for you, no worries – students can change deadlines around based on their schedule. 

This course is estimated to take 6 weeks to complete and around 34 hours total. The course is taught in English with the option for Arabic subtitles. It is recommended that students pay the $49 to receive the certificate of completion. Students may be able to transfer their credits for college credit and the certificate will look great on any resume.   

3. Udemy

There are thousands of courses on Udemy for you to choose from in a huge variety of subjects. Udemy’s medical terminology course is $49.99, and you get to access it forever without any limits, which can be very helpful when studying for tests. You get downloadable resources, hours or video, and a certificate of completion. Unlike Coursera and edX, this course isn’t taught through a university.

Udemy is an online course provider with over 5000 courses to choose from. Udemy offers a very solid option for students looking for an online medical terminology course. Udemy’s course is available to students for $49.99. Students will get lifetime access to the course. The course does include a 30-day money back guarantee as well. 

Udemy’s online course includes 26 downloadable resources, 12.5 hours of on-demand learning videos, and a certificate of completion that is included in the price. The course is also mobile friendly so students can access the course anywhere they choose. 

The course is not taught by a specific college or university but was created by Paul Stewart. Paul has graduate degrees in education, psychology, nursing, and public health and has been in higher education for 15+ years. More than 3000 students have taken the course already. 

4. ExpertRating

You can get a certification in medical terminology from ExpertRating for $99. In this course, there are 10 lessons and a final exam that leads to a certificate of completion. In each lesson, you’ll use word association to learn medical terms, which is a great way of retaining the information. The course also gives you extra information for each term, so ExpertRating is a good choice if you really want to deepen your knowledge.

ExpertRating offers their online medical terminology course for $99. The course includes 10 lessons and a certificate of completion after students complete and pass the final exam. Students will learn medical terminology from an anatomical approach by learning root words, the origin, and pre-fixes. 

The course includes word associations as a learning tool for students. The course also provides unusual and interesting information for each term provided – a unique way to learn medical terms and remember certain terms.  


Similar to Udemy, offers plenty of online courses. is another provider that offers a free medical terminology online course. However, there is a catch – students can try it risk free for 30 days but will have to pay after their offer expires. Once the offer expires, students will have to pay $199/month to continue the course. 

The course includes 22 chapters that include detailed video explanations and practice tests to gauge how a student is learning the material. There are 197 lessons available in the course, with each lesson averaging 8 minutes in length. 

The course is eligible for transferable college credit after a student completes the course. Overall, the course is well put together and easy to navigate. It is definitely on the more expensive side of courses that we reviewed.


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